Know Your Planets – Rahu

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple fall down to the ground from an apple tree and suddenly it struck his mind as to why this apple and all other things fall down to the earth and why don’t they fly up in the sky. This thought gave birth to the theory and law of gravity and so many new theories and laws have been established since then. But our point of discussion here is that what was the force that produced this thought in Newton’s mind, a thought which he had never read about or heard about anywhere before that moment. A thought that suddenly came to his mind out of nowhere and a new and very important theory was born. It was definitely a strong influence of Rahu on Newton at that time which brought such thoughts to his mind. So this is the first and most important significance of this planet. Call it sudden thought, call it intuition or some special and sudden visions, they are all caused due to the influence of Rahu on a person. Accordingly most of the inventors and successful scientists, people giving out theories which are very new but at the same time very right are under the strong influence of this planet called Rahu.

                                                          This planet is the ruler of mysteries and their sudden solutions, it rules sudden and quick gains from lottery, gambling, horse racing and likewise activities and it also rules sudden losses in all such fields. It can make or destroy a person in a matter of days and months. Taking current times examples, people who are making tons of Dollars from a website or websites which they launched some time back and never knew that these websites will be huge successes and will bring them uncalculated and unthinkable profits in a matter of few years, all such people are definitely blessed by this planet called Rahu among any other planets. Such is the power and magic of this planet that it can make or break fortunes in a matter of days and months. One day you’re just an ordinary man and the very next day you come to know that you’ve won a lottery or Jackpot worth many millions and suddenly you’re a very rich guy within a day. Ever wondered what planetary influence can be responsible for such sudden and huge gains. Well it’s none other than this planet which is called the ruler of mysteries and magic and is named as Rahu.

                                                          The major significances and people ruled by Rahu are places of gambling or fortune making and the people dealing in such places like, lotteries, jackpots, casinos, horse racing, stock markets and all other such activities which can bring sudden gains and losses to a native, Scientists and particularly Inventors who find out something very new and unique out of a sudden and become very famous by virtue of these inventions, professional dealing in IT and internet, computer software, internet service providers, hackers, gamblers, people dealing in tobacco industry,  diplomats and manipulators who can do magical things by virtue of their manipulative abilities and in fact most of the biggest manipulators are strongly influenced by this planet among some other planets, people who go to foreign lands and make fortunes there, people working in foreign lands and authorities deputed in foreign lands like Ambassadors and High Commissioners, drug dealers and smugglers, thieves, prisoners, people in exile,  engineers, pilots, computer programmers, politicians and particularly the ones who become successful by virtue of their manipulative abilities and their quick wits, cheats, frauds, deceivers, conmen, people working in jobs like sweepers, plumbers, garbage collectors, toilet cleaners, electricians and some other likewise fields. Rahu also signifies In-Laws and particularly Father in Law and Brother in Law. It also signifies birds and crows in particular.

                                                          A strong, clean and well placed Rahu in a horoscope can also make the native become successful in fields which require paranormal or occult powers or black magic or any kind of magic at all. In fact most of the magicians we see performing in shows and on stages are capable of performing these tricks successfully due to blessing of this planet. People dealing in paranormal phenomenon and people engaging in black magic are also under the strong influence of this planet. A strong and well placed Rahu blesses the native with very innovative mind and very sharp reflexes and wits. Such people can win even very difficult arguments by supplying some astonishing facts and by speaking some magical words or lines which even they did not know before that time and they often wonder afterwards as to what could have made them speak such wonderful words or lines. It is all due to influence of this planet.

                                                          Rahu is a shadow planet and it represents Vata or Air element in the body and is considered as a Male planet by some astrologers and a female planet by some astrologers for astrological purposes. A strong and well placed Rahu blesses the native with the ability to learn foreign languages easily and also blesses the native with visits to foreign lands. On the other hand weakness or affliction to this planet primarily affects the intuition and reflexive power of the native among other things. Afflictions to this planet or negativity of this planet in a horoscope can also make the native suffer from sudden losses and sudden problems coming out of nowhere. Such natives may earn lots of money but it is usually spent and wasted here and there and no significant amount of it is saved to acquire some assets or valuable things. Serious afflictions to this planet can also result in severe skin diseases, mental or neurotic problems, insomnia, nightmares, fears or phobia from some specific things and many more such things. A negative alliance of this planet with some specific planets in a horoscope can also make the native seek for sexual pleasures on extreme levels and such a native may  spend a considerable part of his money or wealth in pursuit of such pleasures and in some particular cases such natives can also get afflicted with Venereal diseases which may even prove to be fatal in certain cases depending upon some other aspects of the horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari