Know Your Planets – Saturn

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

Saturn is without any doubt the most feared planet in Indian Astrology and most of the people interested in Indian Astrology are usually worried about the working and effects of this planet whether they are positive or negative. Saturn is called Shani or Shanidev in Indian Astrology and is considered as the planet which can do damages on extreme levels if it goes negative in a horoscope and makes a defect. The importance of this planet in Indian Astrology can be judged from the fact the number of Shani Temples are increasing in India with every passing day and month and the so is the number of people visiting these temples. Many people can be seen going to Shani temples particularly on Saturdays. These people offer some specific things to Saturn and bow in front of Shani Dev in order to get the blessings of this planet.

                                                               And though many astrologers blame many negative events happening in a person’s life on Saturn which are actually caused by some other negatively working planets in a horoscope, but still this planet deserves to be revered and feared perhaps more than any other planet in a horoscope. Saturn in my experience is perhaps the only planet which can change the entire nature of a horoscope on its own and accordingly a native’s life depending upon whether it goes positive or negative in a horoscope. A positive Saturn making good Yogas in a horoscope can easily counteract the bad effects of a couple of bad yogas formed by some other negative planets which may vary from horoscope to horoscope while on the other hand a negative Saturn making a serious defect in a horoscope can do damages on large scales and of great intensities even if there are a couple of good yogas present in the horoscope. The significances destroyed by a negative Saturn in a horoscope can not be rectified significantly by wearing any gemstones for other positive planets or doing some other remedies and significant reliefs can only be seen by reducing the negativity of this planet in that horoscope with specifically directed remedies in most of the cases. So Saturn carries a great weight in deciding the functional nature of a horoscope and the events happening in the life of the native.

                                                               Saturn signifies the people engaged in labor industry, workers doing routine jobs to earn their livelihood like construction workers and other kind of labor workers, people dealing and working in real estate business, people dealing in and driving or operating heavy machinery like Road Rollers, Cranes, Ditch Machines and other such equipments used in construction of buildings, roads and bridges among many other things. It also signifies beggars, crippled persons, blind persons, butchers, carpenters and other people dealing and working in wooden goods and crafts, leaders rising from the masses and having a big support from common people dealing in ordinary jobs to earn their livelihood, scientists, analysts and researchers, IT professionals, engineers, Judges and some administrators requiring the ability to Judge and decide,  people possessing paranormal powers and dealing in the science of the occult and many more things, professions and people. Saturn also signifies qualities like, discipline, meditation, spiritualism, sincerity, the ability to analyze facts in great details, the qualities like detachment and dutifulness among many other qualities.

                                                               Saturn is considered as a Neutral planet by many astrologers and it is considered as a male planet by some astrologers for astrological purposes. It primarily represents the Vata or Air element in the body. Saturn gains maximum strength in Libra which is its sign of exaltation and it is also very strong in Aquarius and Capricorn which are its own signs. People blessed with a strong, clean and well placed Saturn in their horoscopes are likely to be scientists, analysts, researchers, IT professionals, HR professionals, political leaders ruling with the support of masses, Real Estate owners and developers, people dealing in Paranormal and Spiritual fields like, Astrologers, Psychics, Supernatural or Spiritual healers and people dealing in many more fields signified by Saturn. People strongly influenced by Saturn are usually very analytical, hard working, disciplined, consistent and focused on their Job. They almost always have a strong sense of dutifulness and do justice to their duties and jobs.

                                                                Saturn becomes weak in some signs and it is the weakest in Aries which is its sign of debilitation and is ruled by Mars. It can also become weak due to its placement in certain specific houses of a horoscope and due to afflictions by some negative planets in a particular horoscope. Extreme weakness by placement or serious afflictions to this planet can make the native suffer from diseases of joint pains, arthritis, paralysis, bone fractures and other disease relating to bones, some nervous system related diseases and many other problems and diseases to the parts of body and mind ruled or signified by Saturn. Serious afflictions to Saturn from very strong negative planets in a horoscope may also result in overall bad health and decreased lifespan of the native as Saturn is a general signifier of Longevity or lifespan of a person.

                                                                  Apart from these general significances, the specific significances ruled by Saturn in a horoscope will also be affected negatively due to any strong afflictions coming from negative planets. For example, if Saturn is signifying marriage as its particular significance in a horoscope, afflictions to Saturn from negative planets would mean delay or disturbance in marriage and married life of the native. The quantum of these problems would depend upon the strength of Saturn and the Strength of afflicting planets and some other things.

Himanshu Shangari