Know Your Planets – Mercury

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

Mercury is a direct signifier of wisdom coming from the rational thinking of the mind, communication skills, command over speech, wittiness, diplomacy, analytical ability and good intellect among other things. So people blessed and influenced by Mercury are intellectually very sharp and are usually very good and effective with their verbal skills and speech power. They know exactly what to say in a particular situation and in front of a particular person or authority in order to gain favors or get their job done. Such people are very hard to win over with arguments and debates as they are most of the times many steps ahead of the other people and before a person even puts a question to them, they may have already sensed that question coming and so they are ready with the answer as soon as the question is asked, which often leaves the people arguing with them speechless very soon. In short, it is very difficult to win an argument or debate against a person who has been blessed by a strong Mercury. They are so sharp and intellectual that they can easily make the truth look like a lie and a lie look like the truth and so they can be rightly called the Devil’s Advocates if they choose to act naughty.

                                                                                People primarily ruled by Mercury can be found in the fields which require wisdom, speech power, communication skill, quick calculations and wits. Mercury signifies people and fields like, people dealing in any kind of advisory roles like financial advisors, career consultants and other such fields, people working with media like reporters and journalists, lawyers who are usually very good with their arguments, people dealing in any kind of analytical and research work, people dealing in marketing strategies, people dealing as mediators or people working for commissions for their mediation, salespersons, people in marketing field, accountants, software engineers, diplomats, politicians, businessmen and especially the ones who deal in trading businesses instead of manufacturing ones, teachers, preachers, writers, astrologers and so many other people and fields. In general any field of work which includes wisdom, speech and communications skills, diplomacy, fast calculations and analytical power among some other things, is primarily ruled by Mercury. It can be easily made out seeing the fields signified by Mercury that this is the planet that most of people would not want to do without as it is representing so many of the most dynamic professions in today’s world.

                                                                              Mercury is considered as a Neutral planet by many astrologers and it is considered as a female planet by some astrologers for astrological purposes. It primarily represents Vata or Air element in the body but it also represents Kapha and Pitta elements in the body, which makes it represent all the three elements though it primarily deals with the Vata element. It gains maximum strength in Virgo which is its sign of exaltation as well as its own sign. It is also considered very strong in Gemini which is again its own sign. People influenced by a strong, unafflicted and well placed Mercury in their horoscope mostly choose the fields where they can get the most out of their wisdom, communications skills and analytical abilities whether it is their profession or their hobby or recreation. And though such people are very dynamic by personality and nature, they prefer to do things with their wits and wisdom instead of rushing into things or using the muscle power which is usually the case with people strongly influenced by Mars. People ruled by Mercury are usually very cool minded and very good diplomats and they know how to handle the matters with their skills and diplomacy and so they are often found very successful in whatever they do though they may not be liked by many people for being so shrewd most of the times and can sometimes be named as selfish, money-minded or business oriented. But such people are not bothered by any negative opinions and notions people may have against them and instead they keep on moving on their set path and lines and keep on achieving milestone after milestone depending upon the other important factors in their horoscope.

                                                                              Mercury becomes weak in some signs and it is the weakest in Pisces which is its sign of debilitation and is ruled by Jupiter. It can also become weak due to its placement in certain specific houses in a horoscope or due to strong afflictions coming from negative planets in a horoscope.  Serious weakness or afflictions to Mercury from negative planets can result in disorders of the nervous system as Mercury is the direct ruler of the nervous system and so any afflictions to this planet can cause problems with the nervous system of the native. The problems can also be felt in the stomach region and especially with digestion which may cause excessive wind in the stomach thereby leading to constipation and other such problems. Weakness of Mercury can also affect the functioning of intestines which can give birth to diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome in which a person suffers from alternate attacks of constipation and diarrhea for a period of many years. So many other diseases can also be caused by serious afflictions to this planet in a horoscope. These diseases may include Asthma as Mercury also deals with the ability and ease to breathe, skin problems and skin allergies as this planet deals with the skin cells also, problems in throat region, insomnia which is commonly known as sleeping disorder and many other kinds of psychological as well as physical diseases as Mercury is a general signifier of overall health of a person. Apart from these general significances ruled by Mercury, the specific significances ruled by Mercury in a horoscope would also be affected adversely in case Mercury is afflicted by negative planets in that particular horoscope. For example, if Mercury is ruling court cases and litigations in a horoscope as one of its particular significances, any serious afflictions to Mercury in that horoscope can make the native suffer from many court cases and litigations for a very long period of his life.

Himanshu Shangari