Know Your Planets – Mars

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

Mars is considered as the signifier of masculinity and energy and rightly so. It represents the physical as well as mental strength for every person, and mental strength here would mean the fighting spirit and the ability to make decisions on the basis of logic and then being firm on those decisions and not being double minded most of the times whether to do a certain thing or not.  People with strong and well placed Mars in their horoscopes usually take most of their decisions using their brain and logic and they often do not have any issues executing their decisions once taken. Such people usually do not give up to any kind of pressure and it is very difficult to make these people do something by applying pressure or force on them as they usually do not succumb to the pressures and so they can be handled better by talking logic to them and convincing them.

                                                                    Mars usually signifies the fields requiring courage, mental and physical effort and the people dealing in these fields like, people in police force, military and para-military forces, fire-fighters, sportsmen dealing in the sports which require great physical effort and energy like football, tennis, boxing, martial arts and other such sports which need and take a lot of physical effort on player’s part. It also signifies the gangsters especially the ones who deal in or make use of arms or sharp edged weapons, technical people who make use of tools to do their jobs like mechanics, doctors like surgeons and dentists who again make use of metal tools to do their jobs and many other such fields and persons. Mars also signifies brothers and especially younger brothers in case of males and females and male friends in case of males especially the ones who are very good or best friends and can be considered as brothers.

                                                                     Mars is a Dry and Fiery planet and it is considered as a male planet for astrological purposes. It mainly represents the Pitta or Fire element in the body and it also represents Kapha or water element in the body to some extent as it is a direct signifier of the blood in the body. It gains maximum strength in Capricorn which is its sign of exaltation and is ruled by Saturn. It is also considered very strong in Aries and Scorpio which are its own signs. People having a strong and unafflicted Mars in their horoscope are full of physical energy and courage. Such people have a great fighting spirit and they are usually brave and vigorous. They are usually fast in acting and believe in actions more than the words. They usually do not give up to failures and keep on trying till they succeed. They usually have well defined muscular bodies and posses very good physical strengths depending upon some other important factors in their horoscope. People strongly influenced by Mars are usually very bold and daring and they are usually very good at taking initiatives and so they make very good debaters, lawyers and speakers especially the speakers with revolutionary words and ideas. They can make others follow them and are capable of bringing about revolutions by virtue of their speech and actions. Most of the war heroes are often blessed by a strong and well placed Mars in their horoscope which gives them extreme courage and luck as well to emerge as heroes.

                                                                    Weakness of Mars either due to placement or due to afflictions from negative planets in a horoscope can bring about great physical as well as mental problems and troubles for the native. Mars becomes weak in some signs and it is the weakest in Cancer which is its sign of debilitation and is a watery sign ruled by the Moon. It can also become weak due to its placement in certain specific houses in a horoscope or due to strong afflictions coming from negative planets in a horoscope. Serious weakness or afflictions to Mars can bring many problems for the native on the physical as well as mental level. A weak or afflicted Mars makes the native lack in physical strength as well as mental strength and courage. Serious afflictions to Mars from strong negative planets in a horoscope can make the native suffer from diseases which can affect his blood thus causing the native to suffer from blood diseases, skin allergies caused due to excessive heat in the blood, accidents and wounds which may bring some serious physical concerns and the native may lose some part of his body and may have one or more operations performed upon him. An afflicted Mars usually makes the native suffer from headaches or migraines, general weakness in body, lack of decision making power, getting angry quickly or quick mood swings in some cases. Apart from these general significances, the specific significances ruled by Mars in a particular horoscope are also affected adversely if Mars suffers weakness or afflictions from negative planets in that particular horoscope.

Himanshu Shangari