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Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Venus is the first planet which comes to mind when we talk about love affairs and love life. Whether it is a short time affair or a long lasting live-in relation or a marriage, the role of Venus is very important. Venus is the main signifier of love life and physical pleasures above all the other planets. Venus signifies the lover, the love, the conjugal pleasures and the matters of heart and is a must to study when one of these fields is the cause of concern. It also signifies the wife in case of a male and the husband in case of a female though the role of Jupiter is equally important in case of females. So a thorough study of this planet is a must in order to predict any of these fields which are very important fields of life for most of the people.

                                                                               Venus is also known as the Goddess of Beauty and accordingly the main significances ruled by this planet are the things which relate to beauty, luxury, comforts, entertainment and artistic displays. It mainly signifies people and the fields like cinema, fashion industry, modeling business and other kinds of show businesses, theatres, painting and other kind of performing arts, professional dancers, advertising agencies, businesses which include selling Perfumes, new and stylish designer clothes and dresses, hotel business and other such businesses which deal in providing luxury to their clients and many more things and people.

                                                                              Venus is a moist and warm planet and it represent Kapha or water element in the body like the Moon and Jupiter do. But Venus controls this element in a more specific way and accordingly the features, shape and overall looks of the native are decided. Venus gains maximum strength in Pisces which is its sign of Exaltation and is a Watery sign ruled by Jupiter. It is also very strong in the signs Taurus and Libra which are its own signs. A strong, unafflicted and well placed Venus in a horoscope blesses the native with charming physical beauty and an Aura which is capable of casting spells on the others by virtue of that beauty. Such people are generally of the most beautiful and well maintained types. They look very good, they dress very well, they smell very good and their whole appearance is charming or magical in general. Females with such kind of Venus in their horoscopes are stunningly beautiful and they always attract a large number of Males wherever they are or wherever they go. People strongly and positively influenced by Venus usually make good fortunes in the fields like fashion, modeling, movie industry and other such industries which require physical beauty and charm as a primary element to succeed. However the success in any such field cannot be predicted by Venus alone and the other important planets and aspects in a horoscope need to be considered as well before making any predictions. But such people definitely have better chances of succeeding in the industries which require beauty and charm as a key element and if the other factors in their horoscope also support their success, they can become stars or celebrities in a very short duration of time.

                                                                            Venus also rules the sense of physical pleasures and the matters of heart when it comes to love affairs, love life or conjugal life. A strong Venus makes the native romantic in nature and they are also very sensitive with their attachments though this aspect would depend upon the other factors also. But people under the strong influence of Venus are very much inclined towards enjoying beautiful things and physical pleasures no matter what the other aspects of the horoscope may say. Venus also signifies the genitals in the body of males and females and it represents the reproductive system also in case of females and weakness of Venus or afflictions from negative planets to Venus in a horoscope can cause disturbances with these aspects.

                                                                            Venus becomes weak in some signs and is the weakest in Virgo which is its sign of debilitation and is ruled by Mercury. It can also become weak by its placement in certain houses of the horoscope and due to the afflictions caused by one or more negative planets. Any serious afflictions to this planet bring very serious disturbances as this planet signifies some of the very important fields of a person’s life. Strong afflictions from negative planets to Venus can cause serious problems in love life and married life of the native and it can cause severe mental disturbances due to these problems. Serious weakness or afflictions to Venus in the horoscopes of females can adversely affect their reproductive system and as a result they may experience irregularities in periods, improper formation of eggs and a weak Uterus which may not be able to hold the fertilized eggs for proper durations. In these cases, it becomes difficult for a female to conceive and hold a conception and unfortunate incidents regarding pregnancy can be witnessed.

                                                                            Serious afflictions of a strong and negative Rahu to Venus can cause the native to indulge in sexual pleasures excessively which may result in loss of physical as well as reproductive energy and in extreme cases the native can get infected with some venereal disease which may even prove to be fatal depending upon the other important factors in his horoscope. Apart from these general significances ruled by Venus, the particular significances ruled by Venus in a horoscope would also be affected negatively in case Venus gets afflictions from negative planets in that horoscope. For example, if Venus is representing profession and money earned from profession in a horoscope, any afflictions to Venus would disturb the professional life of the native which may result in changing jobs regularly or being jobless many times in life or incurring losses through business.

Himanshu Shangari