Know Your Planets – Jupiter

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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India is a country well known for Saints, Spiritual Healers, Holy Places, and colorful religions and almost all of these significances are ruled by the planet which is considered as the most sacred and beneficial planet in India and Indian Astrology. It is none other than the Jupiter which mainly signifies the Saints, Spiritual Healers, Spiritual Gurus, Holy Places, Holy Rivers and Holy Waters, Religions and teachers. It also signifies Astrologers, Philosophers, Bankers and people dealing in other financial institutions, Physicians, People in public dealing fields and management fields, high officials in government and politics, administrators, some writers and actors and so many other people and things.

                                                                                 Jupiter is a moist and warm planet and is considered as a male planet for Astrological purposes. Jupiter also rules the Kapha or water element like the Moon but in a more healthy way. It gains maximum strength in Cancer which is its sign of exaltation and is ruled by the Moon. Jupiter is also considered very strong in Sagittarius and Pisces which are its own signs. People having a strong and clean Jupiter in their horoscope have strong physical constitution and are usually healthy depending upon the other important factors in their horoscope. Such people are usually very kind and considerate towards the others and humanity on the whole. They are usually very intelligent and can understand even the very difficult things or topics easily. People with strong positive Jupiter are usually keen to do noble and good deeds for the benefit of people around them and are therefore respected very much by the people. Such people make good philosophers, teachers, astrologers and spiritual healers and work for the betterment of society and people. They are financially well established generally and do not face any major financial issues for long durations of time periods in their lives.  Jupiter blesses a native with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude to enjoy the life and take things in their due importance which means that such people are fun loving and they don’t take undue pressure from any unfavorable circumstances that may come to them from time to time throughout their lives. They have an optimistic view towards life and are usually not shaken by even the most upsetting things they face in life and instead they keep on moving with their lives and enjoy each and every moment as they can. They like to communicate with people and makes friends with good people. They are usually very generous and helpful to their friends and relatives and people are easily attracted to them by virtue of the positivity flowing out of their personality and their Aura. They have very good chances of making spiritual progress in their lives and especially in the later years of their lives depending upon some other aspects in their horoscope.

                                                                                 A strong positive Jupiter also makes the native like and enjoy good foods and sweets in particular and such people may tend to eat more than an average person at many occasions and due to this habit they may put extra weight especially in the later parts of their lives. Such people are interested in Religious deeds like going to religious places and praying to their respective Gods and they also have a very good tendency to do charity and help the poor and weaker section of the society as and when they can. However most of the significances stated above are observed in their true sense only if Jupiter is Strong, Positive and free from any kind of afflictions made by a negative planet.

                                                                                 Jupiter becomes weak in some signs and it is the weakest in Capricorn which is the sign of debilitation for Jupiter and is ruled by Saturn. It can also become weak by its placement in certain house of the horoscope or due to afflictions from one or more negative planets. Jupiter faces the worst affliction when it is present in Capricorn with a negative mars as Jupiter is already weak due to its placement in its sign of debilitation and Mars on the other hand, is exalted in Capricorn and so the affliction by Mars in this case becomes very strong. The afflictions from negative Rahu, Ketu and Saturn can also do significant damages to the general as well as specific significances ruled by Jupiter in a particular horoscope. A weak and badly afflicted Jupiter can make the native suffer from diseases like diabetes, becoming overweight or underweight as Jupiter primarily rules the fat tissue in the body, problems in the region of pancreas and gall bladder, hearing problems and diseases like jaundice among other diseases. Serious afflictions to Jupiter from a negative Rahu can make the native non spiritual and non religious to extreme limits whereas serious afflictions to Jupiter from a negative Mercury can make the native money minded to the extreme limits. Such people don’t care about any principals, morals or relations with the people around them and all they are looking for is a way to make money even if it comes by cheating the people very close to them. Similarly, serious afflictions from different negative planets to Jupiter would result in different kind of problems.

Himanshu Shangari