Know Your Planets – The Moon

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

The Moon is considered to be the second most important planet in a horoscope after the Sun in Astrology. And in case of Vedic and Indian astrology, the Moon is considered first even to the Sun for reading and predicting many important spheres of a person’s life from his horoscope. For example, the Janma Nakshatra or Birth Constellation of a person as per Vedic Astrology is the Nakshatra in which the Moon is present at the time of birth of a person and accordingly the name of the person is suggested depending upon the Alphabet or Alphabets for that Nakshatra.  The daily, weekly and monthly forecasts for the people are also made on the basis of their Moon Sign which is also known as their Rashi unlike such forecasts made according to Western Astrology which are mainly based on the Sun Signs and the dates or months of birth. In traditional Indian Astrology the Match Making for marriage is also done by a system called Gun Milan which is totally based on the calculations done by observing the placement of the Moon in specific Nakshatras and Signs at the time of birth of both the Boy and the Girl. It is considered according to Vedic Astrology that a marriage is the union of two minds more than anything. And as the Moon is a direct ruler of the mind more than any other planet, so all the calculations for Match Making are done by observing the position of the Moon in the horoscopes of the Boy and the Girl at the time of their birth. And then there are some other important concepts in Vedic Astrology like GandMool Dosh and Ruling Periods of Planets which are also based on the placement of the Moon in a horoscope at the time of birth of the native. So the Moon is indeed the most important planet in Indian Astrology.

The Moon is a cold and moist planet and it is considered as a female planet for Astrological purposes. The Moon signifies the mother and the mind in the horoscope of a person above all the other significances. As both the mother and the mind are very important factors in a person’s life, so the placement, strength and nature of the Moon in a particular horoscope is of great importance. It also signifies Queens, authorities dealing in public relations, people with healing and psychic abilities, people dealing in hotel business that provides comfort to the people, Large bodies of water and the sailors, Nurses and other people in medical profession who take care of the patients and so many other things and people. In general the moon mainly represents the people and places related to public communication, public services and water bodies.

The Moon is a very important planet when it comes to define a person according to his horoscope as it rules the mind, the emotions and the senses. It is the strongest when present in Taurus which is its sign of exaltation and it is also very strong when present in Cancer which is its own sign unless it is afflicted by some negative planet or planets or is weak by its placement in the horoscope. People with a strong Moon in their horoscope are usually caring in nature, pleasant in speech and very sensitive and emotional at the same time. Such people usually don’t have to work very hard to get luxuries in their lives and they are likely to enjoy the easy gains like a Queen who herself does not have to work hard for the luxuries but she gets them by virtue of being the wife of a King who bears most of the responsibilities which come as a cost of those luxuries. So there is a very clear difference between the people blessed by the Sun and the People blessed by the Moon. People primarily blessed by the Sun usually elevate to high positions by virtue of their efforts or they do hard efforts to maintain those high positions in case they get them in inheritance whereas the people primarily blessed by the Moon elevate to high positions with little effort and they don’t have to do much to stay at those positions. So the Moon spells easy gains when it blesses someone.

As the Moon rules the mind and the emotions, people under the strong influence of the Moon are usually very emotional and can be easily hurt. Such people are romantic as well as very sensitive. They usually care a lot for the people around them and expect the same in return and may get hurt easily when they don’t get what they expect. But they easily forgive others and can keep on caring for a person even after getting hurt by him many times. The Moon blesses people with artistic talents like poetry, pubic performances and other artistic talents which bring out the potentials of the mind. The Moon also blesses people with psychic, astrological and spiritual abilities and such people are very good at communicating with people and healing them through their communication skills and healing powers.

The Moon represents the Kapha or Water element in the body and so it controls the percentage, strength and flow of the fluids in the body of all the human beings. People with a strong Moon in their horoscope are likely to put on weight either by retention of water or by means of their laziness and their tendency to sleep more than usual which may bring heaviness to their body especially in the later years of their lives. Such people are prone to colds more than the other people and can easily develop phlegm inside their chest. In general the diseases caused by virtue of Moon are usually watery or mental in nature.

A weak or afflicted Moon in a horoscope can mean very bad things to the native, especially mentally and in terms of enjoying luxuries and comforts. The Moon is the weakest in Scorpio which is its sign of debilitation and it can otherwise become weak by placement in some particular houses or by afflictions of one or more negative planets. The Moon is also considered negatively affected when it is placed in some particular Pada or parts of some particular Nakshatras thereby giving birth to a defect named GandMool Dosh which may affect the general as well as particular significances of the Moon in a particular horoscope. The worst afflictions in case of the Moon come from Ketu and Rahu and then the Saturn. A strong affliction from Ketu to an already weak Moon can very well make the native suffer from Mental and Psychological disorders and such people may spend many years of their lives in a mental hospital. Afflictions to the Moon disturb the peace of mind of the native and the native may also suffer from insomnia which is commonly known as sleeping disorder. Such people experience difficulties in having a sound and natural sleep. Apart from these general significances, the particular significances ruled by the Moon in a horoscope are also disturbed if the Moon is weak or afflicted in a horoscope. For example, if the Moon is representing Marriage or Married life in a particular horoscope, any serious afflictions to the Moon in that horoscope can cause Delay in marriage of the native and major disturbances in the married life which may ultimately lead to a separation or divorce depending upon some other factors in the horoscope of the native and his spouse.

Himanshu Shangari