Tenth House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

                                                                        Tenth house of horoscope is known as the Karma Bhava which means this house that tells us about the successes and failures in professions and careers we are likely to take up in this life. This house stands for the extent of success or failure that a person can face in his professional life. A strong tenth house with good influence of some positive planets on it either by placement or aspect would mean that the native would be blessed with a good livelihood and would not face any major problems in his professional life. On the other hand, a weak tenth house with bad influence of negative planets on it would mean that the native would not get very good results when it comes to earning livelihood or profession. Good influence of two or more positive planets on this house either by placement or by aspect can bless the native with very good professional successes. Such natives can be very successful businessmen or can hold very high salary posts in some very good companies.

This house also tell about the fame or defame a parson can get in his life. A person can be famous to very famous and notorious to very notorious depending upon the strength of good or bad influences of positive or negative planets on this house either by placement or by aspect. This house also tells about the benefits and losses one is likely to face in the house of Government or the King. Public reputation of a person is also measured from this house along with some other factors. This house tells as to how ambitious a person can be and depending upon the other factors in the horoscope, whether those ambitions can be fulfilled or not. A father’s relationship with his children, particularly adult children is seen from this house and it is also seen from this house whether or not a person’s children would bring happiness for him and it also gives some idea about the happiness and success achieved by the children themselves.

This house represents body parts like Knees, bones and joints and some other body parts in this region. Bad influence of negative planets on this house can result in problems like joint pains, arthritis, broken knees, general weakness in the body and some other problems related to these body parts.

Himanshu Shangari