Ninth House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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                                                             Ninth house of horoscope is known as Dharam Bhava which literally means the house which accounts for the religious Karmas or deeds done by the native and this house is also directly related to the results of Karmas done in the previous lives which are going to fructify during the present life. For this reason this house is also called Bhagya Bhava which means the house of Luck as luck is nothing but the sum total of resultants of good or bad deeds done by a person in his previous lives according to Vedic Astrology. This house further represents many aspects which are related to a person’s previous lives and the Karmas done in those lives and it also gives some idea about the progress of a soul in its journey towards salvation. So this is a very important house when it comes to Karmas and their results.

Ninth house also represents the family line of a native and is called the house of Pitras or Ancestors. The good or bad influence implied by a person’s ancestors on him can also be seen from this house. As this house is directly related to the Ancestors of a person, so it is also directly related to the formation of one of the most important and serious defects in Vedic Astrology which is known as Pitru Dosha. Bad influence of any negative planet on this house either by placement or aspect would result in the formation of Pitru Dosha which practically means that the ancestors of such native have done some bad deeds and the native has to pay for those bad deeds. Pitru Dosha can be mild to very serious one depending upon the strength of bad influences on this house. A Pitru Dosha formed by bad influence on this house instantly affects the general luck of the native as this house stands for Luck also, and so the native finds it difficult to find any support from his luck and sometime is not able to achieve any significant results despite his best planning , execution and hard work depending upon the strength of Pitru Dosha. This defect keeps on causing troubles for the native throughout his life until it is rectified with the help of remedies and poojas mentioned in Vedic Astrology.

This house also tells about a person’s interest towards religious deeds and his tendency to visit holy places of religion. Good influences of positive planets on this house would make the native very religious and such natives are seen visiting holy place much more frequently than the others. Good influence of a positive Jupiter, Sun or Moon on this house is particularly considered very good and can result in very good religious deeds done by the native which can bring very good luck for his descendants. This house is directly related to spiritualism and the spiritual interests and progress of a native can be seen from this house. This house also tells about the journeys to foreign lands and settlement in foreign lands on permanent basis.

This house represents body parts like hips, thighs, thigh bones and some other parts in this region. Bad influence of negative planets on this house can result in diseases related to blood like anemia and other diseases related to blood and particularly to the low productivity of blood, problems in hips or thighs region and some other diseases.

Himanshu Shangari