Eighth House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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                                                                     Eighth house of horoscope is known as Mrityu Bhava which literally means the house of Death and accordingly it represents the age and longevity of a person in the horoscope. As age and longevity are probably the most important aspects of a person’s horoscope and life, so this house carries a great deal of importance and no important prediction can be made about a person without going through this house. A strong eighth house along with a strong first house and some other factors would generally indicate that the native would be blessed with a good lifespan or age whereas a weak or disturbed eighth house along with some other factors indicates mild to serious concerns about the longevity of the native depending upon the strength of the planets causing bad influence on this house. So this house should be checked very carefully in order to predict the most important aspect of a person’s life which is life itself.

This house also represents married life and continuance of married life. This house represents the sexual compatibility between the partners and it also represents the sexual desires and urges of a person. Bad influence of a negative Rahu, Saturn or Shukra on this house would generally indicate that the native is sexually very active and can take extreme measures in order to fulfill his sexual urges depending upon the strength of such planets and the strength of their influences. Such measures may include extra marital affairs or even regular visits to professional sex workers in order to fulfill the sexual urges. Whereas a clean eighth house would usually indicate that the native is having a balanced sexual life and is usually content with one partner he is living with in order to fulfill his sexual desires.

This house tells about the fortunes one can make from wills, insurances and inheritance, sudden and easy gains or easy money which means the money which has not been earned by the native with hard efforts but it has come as an offering to take and the native did not have to do any significant efforts to earn this money. This house also represents the mystic powers and the science of the occult. Interest or involvement of a person in paranormal activities is usually seen from this house along with some other factors present in a horoscope. This house also represents sudden problems like accidents, hinderances, obstructions and many more things that can affect the native’s life.

This house represents the body parts like Anus and excretory organs and some other organs in the same region. Bad influence of negative planets on this house either by placement or by aspect would indicate disease related to these organs like, Piles, Urinary infections, Fissures and many other diseases which are usually related to the above mentioned body parts.

Himanshu Shangari