Seventh House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ्ने के लिए यहॉ किल्क करें

                                                                     Seventh house of horoscope is known as Yuvati Bhava which literally means the house of the Wife and generally means the house of the spouse. This is the most important house when it comes to making predictions about marriage and married life. This house covers the most important aspects of marriage and married life which include timing of marriage, major problems in getting married which means delayed marriage, major disputes with spouse, separation, divorce, physical harms like diseases or accidents implied to the spouse, accidents or even death implied to the spouse in a horoscope. So this house is the most important house to make predictions about marriage, divorce, separation or even widowhood. A strong and clean seventh house would generally indicate a happy and balanced married life depending upon the other factors in a horoscope, whereas a weak or disturbed seventh house of horoscope can indicate delay, disturbance, separation, divorce or even death of the partner depending upon the weakness of the seventh house and the strength of bad influence caused by negative planets on this house either by placement or by aspect. The more disturbed this house is, the more difficult it gets to live a happy married life for the native.

This house also indicates long lasting relationships which can be compared to marriage and it also represents partners in business and partnerships in business. This house also tells about the moral nature and conducts, passion, pleasures and comforts for the native. This house tells about Vitality, Potency and Fertility and bliss of married life which means the extent to which a person will enjoy his married life. This house also tells about the love affairs which are likely to convert into marriage or which are likely to be there for a very long period of time. This is the house to look for when checking whether a person is likely to settle in a foreign land and particularly on the basis of his marriage.

This house represents most of the sexual and inner reproductive organs in case of females like, ovaries, uterus, and other reproductive organs and it also tells about the functioning of these organs. It represents sexual organs in case of males also. Bad influence of negative planets on this house would indicate problems in menstrual cycle of females or problems with the reproductive organs or their working and it would also indicate diseases like Venereal diseases, Impotency, Urinal problems and so many other problems which are usually associated to the sexual organs or reproductive organs.

Himanshu Shangari