Fifth House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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                                                                     Fifth house of the horoscope is called Sut Bhava or Santaan Bhava in Vedic Astrology which literally means House of Children. By children here we mean progeny, i.e whether a person is capable of producing children of good health and at proper time or not. But once the children are born, their co-ordination and relation with the person is not seen from this house alone. As children are an important part of a person’s life, so this house becomes important in predicting a horoscope. A strong and clean fifth house would normally mean that the native will be able to produce children at proper times and without any difficulties depending upon some other factors. On the other hand, a weak or disturbed fifth house would indicate a delay in producing the children or the children produced may not have good health. So the progeny related matters are usually seen from this house. But this house is not limited to progeny related issues and represents so many other things also.

Fifth house is the house of intelligence, creativity emotions and mental capabilities. It is also the house of creative intelligence, financial prosperity that comes from such creative intelligence, knowledge that a person posses and higher education. Whereas 2nd and 4th house represent the basic education of a person, 5th house represents the higher education of a person and then conversion of that higher education to a good profession. People with a strong fifth house are more likely to be successful in higher education and get benefitted from it than the people having a weak or badly influenced fifth house.

Fifth house is also a door to a person’s love life, spiritual life as well as the past lives, particularly the very recent past lives. Placement or aspects of different positive or negative planets in the fifth house help predicting the spiritual progress of a person in his previous lives and also gives an idea about the general trend of his soul which means it indicates whether the soul of a person is on an incline or decline in its spiritual journey. This house also tells about the love life of a person and about the kind of love relation or relations he may be having. A strong and clean fifth house would indicate a person with a tendency to be loyal in his love affairs and also be lucky at the same time which means attracting a loyal love partner. On the other hand, a weak or badly influenced fifth house would indicate disturbances and heartbreaks in the love life of a native or in the worst cases no love life at all despite the person wanting it so badly.

This house represents the body parts like liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, spinal cord and some other parts of the body. Reproductive organs in case of females also belong to this house to some extent which decide their ability or disability to produce children. Men or women having medical defects which prevent them from producing children are mainly monitored from this house. A weak or badly influenced fifth house can cause diseases like diabetes, ulcers, anemia, stones in gall bladder and so many other health related problems.

Himanshu Shangari