Fourth House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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                                                                    Fourth house of the horoscope is called Matru Bhava in Vedic Astrology which literally means house of Mother. This is a very sensitive house and any bad influence on this house along with Moon will result in the formation of Matru Dosh. So this house needs particular attention in a horoscope. This house is studied in order to know the contribution and influence of a person’s mother in his life as well as a person’s relationship with his mother. Upbringing of a person by his mother during his childhood is also studied from this house and this house also has a say regarding the primary education of a person.

Fourth house of the horoscope represents happiness, peace of mind, domestic comforts, good or bad atmosphere in house, comforts, luxuries, vehicles, house, home, immovable properties and so many other things which are very important aspect of a person’s life. That is why this house is also known as Sukh Bhava in Vedic Astrology as it deals with luxuries, comforts, happiness, peace of mind and many other very important aspects of a person’s life. The stronger and cleaner the fourth house is, the better are the chances that the native will be blessed with comforts, luxuries, happiness and other significations of this house. On the other hand, weakness of this house or bad influence of negative planets on this house will adversely affect the luxuries, comforts and happiness in the native’s life.

This house represents the body parts like chest, lungs, breasts, heart and rib cage. Bad influence on this house can cause problems like chest infections, tumors in chest or breast region, lunacy, partial or complete madness and so many other diseases which are either affecting the chest region or are related to mental aspects of one’s life. The people with a strong fourth house and a well placed strong moon usually have very good peace of mind and are not disturbed easily. This house also deals with houses and real estate and carries supreme importance while predicting houses and immovable properties which a person may have. It also helps predicting whether a person will gain from real estate business or not along with some other factors. This house also tells about the peace of mind and atmosphere that a person enjoys or suffers inside his home. Weak or badly influenced fourth house would indicate a person who usually finds it very hard to relax or enjoy within the boundaries of his house whereas he may be comparatively relaxed once he steps out of the house. This house also represents the relatives and any bad influence on this house would indicate bad relations with relatives or losses incurred due to relatives of the native.

Himanshu Shangari