Second House of Horoscope

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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                                                                        Second house of horoscope is called Dhan Bhava in Vedic Astrology and it is a very important house which needs proper attention before predicting a horoscope. It tells about wealth including saved money, metals, ornaments etc. of a person and that is why it is called Dhan Bhava literally meaning House of Money. But the second house of a horoscope is not limited to the wealth matters only and signifies much more than just wealth.

This house represents a person’s family and education also. Education here generally means the primary education which is received till teenage. If this house is strong and free from bad influences, the native is usually considered to be good in primary education.  This house also tells about how a person is brought up in his family during his childhood. Many important things that happen to a person during childhood are related to this house which makes it a very important house to study.

This house also tells about the married life of a person and particularly indicates the aspect of married life in which a person lives and co-ordinates with his family as a whole rather than a person. Though the second house does not directly predict as to when a person will marry, but it is a very important house in predicting the continuance of marriage once it is done. This house also indicates about separation and divorce to some extent and it tells about the second marriage of a person. So it is an important house to study while predicting the married life of a person.

Second house of a horoscope is a direct indicator of speech and communication skills of a person. It also represents face and its organs among the body parts of a person which include eyes, nose, throat, tongue, mouth and teeth. A strong second house with no bad influences is a must in order to have all of the above mentioned organs to be in proper shape and work properly. This house also tells about the eating and drinking habits of a person and bad influence of a negative Saturn on this house can make a person consume alcohol in considerable quantities. In the same way, bad influence of Rahu in particular on this house can make a person drug addict. So this again is a very important house.

This house also represents the earning capacity and financial position of a person. It also tells about the movable assets and financial fortunes of a person, money in cash, precious metals and gemstones to be possessed by a person. This house also represents vision along with speech. Bad influences of negative planets on this house can make a person suffer from speech and vision related problems, throat, eyes, teeth or tongue related problems and can also make a person suffer from debts and loans the person is usually not able to pay on time.

Himanshu Shangari