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Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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In many cases the planets or Yogas in the Horoscope of a person are not as bad as they are predicted. Many people are told that there are very Bad Yogas in their Horoscope like Pitru Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Sarpa Dosha and some other ones. All these Concepts of Vedic Astrology have been Misinterpreted from time to time by some astrologers who were not aware of the true details of these concepts of Vedic Astrology and how to judge them properly in a Horoscope. So I will analyze some very important concepts of Vedic Astrology and their true effects as I have found them in actual practice.We will also have a look at Vedic Astrology from Scientific point of view.

                                                                      Therefore my first advice to everyone reading this article is that don’t be afraid that you are not fit for marriage just because of the fact that some Astrologer has told that you have Kuja Dosha in Your Horoscope, Don’t be afraid that there are concepts like Sade Sati and Sarpa Dosha and some other Bad Yogas like Pitru Dosha and in Your Horoscope and you will not be able to achieve success in Life, Marriage, Romance, Profession, Education and so many other spheres of life. It simply does not work like that. God Almighty has blessed most of the people with talents and Good Yogas. So instead of being afraid of the Bad Yogas in your Horoscope, which may actually not be there, All you need to do is, find out about the good Planets and Yogas in your Horoscope with the help of Vedic Astrology and know how to take advantage of them to make your life Happy.

                                                                       There are surely some Planets or Yogas in most of the Horoscopes which are not favorable to the native like Sarpa Dosha, Kuja Dosha and Pitru Dosha and thus they cause Setbacks, Losses, Diseases, Delays and Misfortunes in Life. But in many cases the bad effects of these Planets or Yogas can be Controlled or Reduced to great extents with the help of Vedic Astrology by means of specially prescribed Astrological Remedies which usually involve donating some specific things to some specific persons or places and offering specifically told things to specifically mentioned Gods and Goddesses which reduces the bad effects of Malefic Planets. And in some extreme cases some Mantras are prescribed to the affected person according to Vedic Astrology which should be chanted a specific number of times everyday to reduce the effects of some very bad Yogas like Sarpa Dosha and Kuja Dosha.

                                                                       On the other hand there are some Planets or Yogas in most of the Horoscopes which are favorable to the native and thus they can give Mild to very Positive Results depending upon there Strength and Placement in the Horoscope. These planets do not bless the native with their full fruits if they are weak, afflicted, or Badly Placed. In such cases, these planets are made strong with the help of Gemstones which can absorb particular wavelengths of different planets and transmit them into your body and thus strengthen a weak planet. A Gemstone can do wonders for a person if the right Gemstone and the right Weight of Gemstone is chosen for the native with the help of Vedic Astrology by analyzing his horoscope. The powers of Gemstones are far above and beyond most of the other measures taken to strengthen the planets in Astrology. But the most important thing to notice is that Gemstones should always be worn on the advice of an Expert Astrologer who knows very well as to which gemstones are suitable for a person according to his horoscope and who also knows exactly which Gemstone is required to produce a particular effect for a person. For example a particular Gemstone may get you married if your marriage is being delayed or it may bring happiness to your married life if you are already married but the same Gemstone may not be able to bring you Success in Professional matters or Education. For that you may need some other Gemstone.

                                                                     So it is the job of an expert astrologer practicing to prescribe the right Gemstone for you depending upon your problem in question. However it should be noted carefully that Wearing a Gemstone which is not suitable for you can do very bad things to you in all spheres of life. It can even bring about some very serious diseases, disturbance in Marriage, Financial Losses and so many other undesired effects. So never wear Gemstones on your own. Always consult someone who is an expert in the field and can prescribe the right Gemstones after analyzing your Horoscope.The bad effects of planets working negatively in your horoscope and the effects of any strong dosh like Sarpa Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Pitru Dosha can be reduced with a combination of Gemstones and astrological remedies like charities, mantras and poojas. Astrological remedies are also necessary along with the gemstones to reduce the effect of a dosh when it is very strong and particularly if it is Sarpa Dosha.

Himanshu Shangari