Spiritualism and Astrology

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Book Your Consultation at AstrologerPanditji.comMany of my clients as well as my readers have asked me so many times to express my views about Spiritualism and the relation between Astrology and Spiritualism . So here I am writing this article about the relation between Astrology and Spiritualism and how can one make Spiritual progress or advance in Spiritual progress with the help of Astrology in my opinion.

                           Spiritualism ! This word has been defined in many different ways by many Saints and Scholars and still so many new things are being heard about this word. Well, according to me, Spiritualism is the process through which a person can purify his mind and soul in such a way that they become in Harmony with Nature and every creation of the all powerful God Almighty.  And along this journey, all the secrets of Nature start revealing themselves one by one to the person depending upon the stage of Spiritual advancement he has reached. And once this stage of Harmony with Nature has been accomplished, the person is very much in Harmony with the God himself as being in Harmony with the Nature created by God is about the same thing as being in Harmony with God and the Vice-Versa is also true which means that once you have reached a stage of spiritual advancement where you start experiencing that your mind and soul are becoming  more and more in Harmony with God with every step of advancement; you’ll also feel yourself more and more in Harmony with Nature created by God. And the things which once appeared as either impossible or miracles to you, start becoming very much possible and very much normal to you because Miracle is only a name for an event whose exact mechanism of taking place is not known. And once you know that exact mechanism behind the working of that event, it is no longer a miracle for you whereas it will still remain as a miracle to the people who are still at a point where you once used to be and so they still don’t know the mechanism unlike you who now knows the mechanism behind that event. For example, the people who are not as good with Astrology as I am, often think that it is only by some kind of miracle that I am able to tell so many things about their Past, Present and Future whereas it all seems very normal to me as I now know some secrets about the mechanism of Astrology that they don’t know. So it all depends upon what you know and what you don’t know.

                                     Having discussed a few things about Spiritualism, let’s now discuss a few things about the Spiritual Progress of a person as seen from his horoscope. So many times, I have been asked by my clients about the status of their spiritual progress in this birth and whether they would witness any significant spiritual progress in this birth. The answer to this question can be found in a person’s birth horoscope when analyzed properly. And here I would like to mention that some Astrologers and many people interested in Astrology think that the spiritual progress of a person can be seen only by looking at Jupiter and Ketu and no other planets are needed to be seen, this is just a misconception in my opinion and experience and each one of the nine planets is equally capable of blessing a person with spiritual interests and advancements though different individuals may choose different paths or beliefs depending upon the planet or planets which are responsible for their spiritual interests. And though Jupiter and Ketu can be considered as general signifiers for spiritual advancement and progress in other paranormal sciences, but they alone are not usually sufficient and responsible for such things in many cases. Taking my own case for example, there are four planets in my horoscope which are responsible for making me interested in Astrology and Spiritualism and they are Rahu, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. And out of these four, Rahu and Moon are contributing much more than the other two in my opinion and that is why I have mentioned them first. So in your case also, it can be any planet or more than one planet or there can be no planet at all which brings such interests to you, in which case you are very likely to get through this life without having any significant spiritual interests or progress.

                     Getting to the part where I should mention a few things about how to decide the planet or planets which are responsible for bringing spiritual and paranormal interests in a person, the placement and combinations of the Lords of 5th, 8th and 12th houses with other planets and houses are to be considered very carefully. And then the placement of planets in 5th, 8th and 12th house are also to be considered if they are making any effects on these houses whether positive or negative. Then the placement and combination of Jupiter and Ketu with other planets are also to be seen. Apart from these, there may be a few more factors which carry importance and which vary from horoscope to horoscope.

                           And once we know the planet or planets responsible for a person’s spiritual and paranormal progress, the strength of these planets as well as the strength of any yogas made by these planets which may result in major spiritual or paranormal gains, is to be seen. And then the times of activation of these yogas are to be seen in order to predict the age after which a person is likely to make better spiritual or paranormal progress.  Such planets and yogas can be strengthened with the help of astrological remedies like Gemstones, Poojas and Mantras in order to get more out of these planets and yogas. For example wearing a specific Gemstone in certain cases can help the person with better meditation and better concentration which in turn brings better results. 

Published on : 26-06-2010

Himanshu Shangari