Conception and Pregnancy Problems

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Conception and Pregnancy Problems

The problems related to conception and pregnancy are among some of the most significant ones that a person or a couple may face in their lives. It is a delicate issue which can cause so much tension, disturbance and depression in the lives of a couple. Let’s look into this problem due to which either a female is not capable of conceiving or a male is not capable of providing sufficient or strong enough seed to the female so that she may conceive. We will discuss both medical as well as astrological aspects of this problem.

Looking at the internal process of a female first, a female is born with all her eggs reserved in her ovaries. A female has two ovaries as well as two fallopian tubes which attach each one of these ovaries to the uterus. At a certain age say between 14 to 16 years, she may start ovulating which means her ovaries start releasing eggs which then travel to the uterus through fallopian tubes. During the process of mating, the male sperm may fertilize an egg and such fertilized eggs is deposited to her uterus. The female gets pregnant, the uterus holds and nurtures this egg which soon turns into fetus and then with the passage of time, a child is developed and it is delivered by the female, provided there are no issues or complications during this process.

Looking at the issues, a female may not be able to ovulate properly or she may not ovulate at all, due to various reasons; many of which are related to ovaries. Some other females may have problems with their menstruation cycle due to which they may not be able to conceive. Yet some other females may have various types of problems with their uteruses due to which, they may not be able to hold the pregnancy for long or at all. Though there may be some issues related to the fallopian tubes also in some cases; but the majority of issues are found in the three sections mentioned earlier.

When it comes to men, there are primarily two issues which can prevent the conception from taking place, from their end. Looking at the first issue, some men may have low sperm count due to which their chances of getting a female pregnant may reduce. During the process of mating, a male releases millions of sperms into the body of a female where these sperms try to fertilize the egg released by her ovaries. The atmosphere inside a female’s body is naturally hostile for the sperms and it tries to kill them all. This measure is in place to ensure that only one of the strongest sperms is able to reach the egg and fertilize it, so that the male delivers his best contribution towards the child. As the hostile atmosphere inside a female body tries to kill male sperms and as the sperms try to reach the egg; two factors become important. One of them is the overall sperm count as already mentioned and the second is the quality of the sperms. When the overall sperm count is low, it means fewer number of sperms are released into the body of a female by such male; thereby reducing the chances of conception. Looking at the second factor, some males produce sperms which may not be good enough to cross the hostile atmosphere inside the female body and fertilize the egg, so that conception may happen.

Therefore, if one or more than one of these issues are there with the female or male who are trying for a baby; conception may either not happen or it may not hold. With progress and development in medical field, many new techniques have been developed which can help a female conceive. One of the most famous techniques is IVR which means In Vitro Fertilization. During this process, the doctors take out an egg from the female body, they take sperms from male body; they manually fertilize the female egg with male sperm and then they transfer the fertilized egg to the uterus of the female. The female then gets pregnant and if all goes well, she delivers a child. This technique can help with low sperm count as well as with the quality of sperm to significant extent. Regarding females, this technique can take care of problems like ovulation problems, fallopian tubes problems and some other problems. However, even with this technique, the quality of female egg and the strength of her uterus are major roadblocks since they can spoil the results of IVF. If the quality of egg is not good, IVF may not take place whereas if the uterus has issues, the IVF may take place but the uterus may not sustain the pregnancy and the child may get aborted.

While doctors around the world are doing their best to find and provide solutions for more and more problems which prevent conception and which cause failed pregnancy; astrology has its own part to play. The horoscope of a female outlines each organ as well as its working in a detailed way. It means the underlying problems in a female’s body which can prevent her from conceiving can be detected from her horoscope. Whether something is wrong with the ovaries, with the periods or with the uterus; all these issues can be detected from the horoscope of an affected female. Whereas the medical science can find and describe these problems after the female has reached a certain age and she is trying to conceive; Vedic astrology can detect such issues right at the time of birth of such female. It means an astrologer can find it in the horoscope of a girl child that she is likely to have difficulties conceiving or holding pregnancy; due to problems with her ovaries, eggs, uterus or some other problems.

Similarly in case of males, an astrologer can find out if the sperm count is likely to be low or if the quality of the sperm is not likely to be good enough to fertilize an egg. Vedic astrology is not only equipped with the tools to detect these problems at any age; it also blesses us with the remedies which can treat and cure most of these problems in majority of such cases; provided the natural factors are not against one such native. For instance, if a female has reached a stage of menopause which means her periods have stopped, primarily because all her eggs have been released and there are no eggs left to ovulate; there is nothing that can be done in this case, even with the help of Vedic astrology. The menopause generally happens between the age of 50 and 60 though it may vary in some cases. This is a natural factor and Vedic astrology may not offer any solution for it.

However, if the female still has eggs and her periods have stopped; the remedies from Vedic astrology can help her in ways that her periods may restart, she may ovulate and she may conceive. Likewise, if there are issues with the quality of eggs or the uterus is not strong enough to hold the pregnancy; these issues can be fixed with astrological remedies in majority of the cases. Looking at the male part; low sperm count and quality of sperm can be fixed in most cases, with the help of astrological remedies. Let’s now try to understand the remedial approach in a logical manner.

In Vedic astrology, human body is divided into twelve major zones. Each one of these zones deals with different parts of body as well as with their functions. Similarly, the planets among Navagraha represent body parts, organs and their functions. When medical problems are there, say the ones related to conception and that too in the body of a female, such problems will appear in her horoscope. Whereas the general signifiers for such problems remain the same, the specific signifiers change from horoscope to horoscope. For example, Venus and Moon represent the reproductive organs of a female, as well as their functions in general. Looking at the specific signifiers, fourth and fifth house deal with reproductive organs, ovulation, menstruation cycle; and with other important functions in a female’s body. Therefore, if in the horoscope of a female, Moon, Venus, fourth house, fifth house, the lord of the fourth house or the lord of the fifth house is afflicted; the female may face problems related to her periods as well as those related to pregnancy. Let’s try to understand this concept with the help of an example.

Suppose, Aries is the ascendant rising in a horoscope, benefic Moon is placed in sixth house of this horoscope in Virgo along with malefic exalted Mercury; benefic Venus is placed in seventh house in Libra, malefic Saturn is placed in fourth house in Cancer, benefic Sun is placed in fifth house in Leo and the rest of the horoscope varies. Analysing this case, it can be seen that Moon being the lord of the fourth house is troubled, whereas Venus, fifth house and Sun are healthy; assuming none of the remaining planets trouble them. In this case, the female native may not be able to ovulate properly and there may also be some issues related to the quality of her eggs as well as with regularity of her periods. As a result, she may experience problems related to conception and she may have to avail medical help. Since Venus and Sun are healthy in this horoscope; she may be able to conceive after medical intervention. In astrological language, this horoscope indicates delay and problems related to conception but such problems may not be high in quantum; and there is no denial of children.

Let’s consider another case. Suppose, benefic Moon is placed in fourth house of a horoscope in Cancer, a malefic combination of retrograde exalted Mercury, Sun and debilitated Venus is placed in sixth house in Virgo and the rest of the horoscope varies. In this case, Moon as well as the fourth house is showing good health but Venus as well as the fifth house is troubled. It means the quality of eggs and functions of ovaries are good but the process of monthly periods and the uterus is troubled. This case is more difficult than the first one. This female native may experience monthly periods which are shorter in duration and which come with excessive pain or excessive bleeding or both. The periods of such female may typically last for three days during most occurrences, instead of running for 5 days. Even medical help may not resolve this problem easily since the uterus of this female is weak as well as troubled. It means that even if the doctors try to use techniques like IVF, this native may get pregnant but she may not be able to hold this pregnancy for long. In this case, more medical treatment, more patience and more effort may be required before the native is able to hold pregnancy and she is finally able to deliver. It means this female native may witness abortions before delivering a live child.

Considering another example, suppose malefic debilitated Moon is placed in eighth house of a horoscope in Scorpio, malefic debilitated Venus placed in sixth house along with malefic exalted retrograde Mercury; a malefic combination of Sun and Saturn is placed in in fifth house in Leo and the rest of the horoscope varies. In this case, Moon, Venus, Sun, fourth house and fifth house are all troubled and that is what makes it a very difficult to handle case; unless there are some supportive factors in the horoscope. This female native may suffer from problems related to the quality of eggs, ovulation, the process of periods and she may also have issues with her uterus. Since all the important organs as well as their functions are troubled; this female may not be able to get pregnant and deliver; even after the best possible medical help. In cases like these, the female native typically experiences menopause between her age of 30 and 40 which means she won’t be able to conceive after this period. Even if IVF technique is tried on this female and she gets pregnant; many complications may arise and the child may either get aborted on its own or the doctors may have to do so; owing to serious medical problems the native may develop due to such pregnancy. It means her reproductive organs may simply not be capable of bearing the load of pregnancy and unless something is done to strengthen them; she may not be able to deliver a child throughout her life.

After we have discussed the medical problems related to conception and pregnancy from astrological viewpoint; let’s see what can be done with the help of remedies. When it comes to a problem like this; only gemstones and Poojas can help the native; as no other remedy may be able to deliver results within a fixed window of time. Gemstones come with the limitation that they can be used for positive planets only and they can’t be used for negative planets. A gemstone simply increases the strength of its corresponding planet and it is incapable of changing the working nature of that planet, which restricts their use for positive planets only. As far as Poojas are concerned, they can provide strength to positive planets and they can also pacify the negative planets so that they may reduce the quantum of problems being created by them.

In the first example, where Moon is troubled and Venus is healthy, we can use the gemstone for Moon which is Pearl, to strengthen Moon so that it starts doing its job in a better way. When that happens, the problems related to the quality of eggs and ovulation are likely to reduce in quantum in a matter of weeks and months; making this female native more capable of conceiving and delivering. At the same time; we will need to perform Poojas for malefic Saturn placed in fourth house so that it may reduce the quantum of problems it is creating inside her body. By doing these remedies and by doing some other remedies if the rest of the horoscope suggests so; this female native should get pregnant and deliver without any major issues.

Looking at the second case, the situation is more complicated. We will need to handle the troublesome combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus with the help of remedies, where we can use gemstone for Venus and Poojas for Sun and Mercury. Since Moon is functioning well, not much is needed to help it. Moving to the third case, this is the most difficult one. This is because none of the gemstones for Venus, Moon and Sun may help in this case since they are all either malefic or trapped in troublesome spots. The only potent channel of remedies open in this case is that of Poojas. Even with the help of Poojas, this female native may take longer to get pregnant and deliver; since the quantum of problems is high and available channels of remedies are fewer. However with continuous application of Poojas, this female native may get pregnant and deliver; when the running time is supportive.

This brings us to another important factor called running time; which affects each and every sphere of our life; positively or negatively; depending on the horoscope. Planets among Navagraha take charges of certain phases of time through Mahadashas, Antardashas, transits and through some other phenomena; with Vimshottari Mahadashas and Antardashas being the most important factors. To have an idea about this concept, if Saturn Antardasha is in effect for a year or two, in case of first and third example; it may become difficult for these female natives to get pregnant and deliver during this time, even with the help of astrological remedies. This is because Saturn is causing problems in childbirth and it commands the running time. It means that the problems created by Saturn will increase in quantum during this phase of time and hence conception may become difficult to achieve and pregnancy may become difficult to sustain. For the first example, the female may be able to conceive and deliver during this period also, with the help of remedies since her problems are not high in quantum, though more remedies may be required to achieve results.

However in the third case, the female native may have to wait until the period of Saturn passes since Saturn is very troublesome in this case and there is not much help from Moon, Venus and Sun also. It means if remedies with regular strength are done in this case; the native may either not be able to conceive or she may witness abortions as she may not be able to sustain pregnancy, until this phase of Saturn is in effect. The first advice in such cases is to wait for this troublesome phase of Saturn to pass. When that is not an option as the native may be pressed on time and this phase may be as long as three years; potent remedies are required. A series of relevant Poojas needs to be engaged in this case on regular basis; until this female conceives, holds pregnancy and then delivers a child. Since this approach needs much more resources for the Poojas to run regularly for a specific period of time; it puts extra financial burden on such native. This is why it is recommended to wait for such time to pass.

Looking at it from the opposite angle, if in the first case, a period of Venus or Moon is in effect for a year or two; the native may be able to conceive and deliver with fewer remedies. This is because the running times will empower Moon or Venus, they will gain more strength and it becomes easier to obtain desired results. It means that though astrological remedies can help in most cases related to childbirth; the amount of time and effort required may vary from case to case; depending on the overall horoscope of the female native as well as on the running times. It is easier to walk to a destination when wind is blowing at your back, giving you an extra push to move faster. However, it takes more time and effort to reach the same destination when strong wind is blowing against you. But then, regardless of the direction of wind; the one who keeps walking will almost always reach.

Similarly, the issues with males, like low sperm count and quality of the sperm can also be diagnosed through their horoscopes. Once the root causes of these issues are found; appropriate astrological remedies can be done to fix them. Therefore, by finding and fixing the issues in the horoscopes of a couple, Vedic astrology can enable them to have children, in majority of such cases.


Himanshu Shangari