Conception Problems

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Book Your Consultation at AstrologerPanditji.comThis is again one of the most delicate, and bothersome problems that a person may face in his life. Let’s look into this problem due to which either a female is not capable of conceiving or a male is not capable of providing sufficient and strong enough seed to the female so that she may conceive. We’ll discuss both the Medical as well as Astrological aspects of this problem.

                                                                         Starting with the medical aspect, there is either some medical defect in Male or in Female or in some cases they both are suffering from medical defects due to which they are not capable of producing children. And it is the job of an astrologer to detect those defects and then prescribe the astrological remedies for them so that the couple may be able to have a child. And because some astrologers are unable to detect the medical reasons from the horoscopes which are the cause of delay of a child birth, so they usually say that the time is not right or this Yoga is not good, wait for a good time or a good Yoga, which according to them is commonly 2 to 3 years later. So the couple may just wait for another 2 years or so and the astrologer is relieved for the same period. In the mean time many people consult the doctors also and if the cause is detected by the doctors and the treatment is successful, the couple is able to produce a child. And then the same astrologer may say that this child has taken birth due the remedies prescribed by him. The remedies for the problems he actually did not know about. Doesn’t that sound odd. Well to me, it does. And it should sound odd to everyone. The incomplete knowledge of some astrologers is a major fact due to which it has become very difficult for the people to believe astrologers now a days. But all the astrologers are not the same. There are many astrologers who have Oceans of knowledge and Years of experience and can detect and predict the problem exactly as your doctor would tell you and are able to treat it with astrological remedies much faster than your doctor could do it medically. And it is a pleasure meeting such astrologers not only for a client but also for the astrologers, as they can share their experiences and gain a lot form each other.

Coming back to the point, here are some of the defects which prevent couples from having children. Let’s consider the case of females first. In most of the cases where the defects lie within the females, many such females are having irregularities with their Periods medically called Menstruation. In case of healthy females, there Ovaries release eggs which are transferred to their Uterus by means of Fallopian Tubes. The egg is deposited in the Uterus where the Male sperm fertilizes it and the process of reproduction starts. And if the egg is not fertilized due to one reason or the other, it causes the menstruation to start once again and the process keeps on repeating itself until a female experiences Menopause or end of periods. When the defects are lying within the female body, there Ovaries may not be able to release the eggs at proper time, or may delay the eggs for a long period, or the eggs released may be weak which are not able to survive the process of fertilization. And when an egg being weak does not support the fertilization process or the area of Uterus holding the egg being weak is unable to process the fertilized egg to the next stages of reproduction, the conception does not occur or a miscarriage occurs. These are generally the medical problems that a female may face if there are medical defects in the reproductive system of her body.

In case of males, the study is comparatively simple. The role of male is to ejaculates billions of sperms inside a female body with each ejaculation, and out of these sperms, almost all of them die while trying to reach the egg and fertilize it. On the other hand if a sperm is able to survive the hostile atmosphere inside the female body and reaches the egg, it then fertilizes the egg and the process of reproduction starts. Now as per the part of males, there are commonly two problems which can prevent them from playing their proper part in the process of reproduction. The first being a low count of sperms which would simply mean that some males release a comparatively lesser number of sperms and so the chances of a sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it also lesser. And the second one being the lack of potency in the sperms which would mean that a male may be able to release a proper number of sperms inside the female body, but the sperms are not strong enough to survive inside the female body and thus are unable to reach the egg and fertilize it. Some of the males face only one of the problems while others may face both the problems and hence it becomes difficult for them to fertilize an egg inside the female body.

In this way if any of the partners involved in the process of reproduction is suffering from the above mentioned medical defects, the process of reproduction is delayed. And in some cases where both the partners are having medical defects, there it becomes very difficult for the couple to produce a child without further treatment.

All explained and told, now the question arises, where does astrology come in. Well it was never out of the picture and very much there all the time. The horoscope of a person is like an X-Ray report or an Ultrasound Scan of the entire body of a person and an astrologer can read it and predict such problems even at the birth of a person while the doctors may be able to detect them only when they appear. But the most important factor here is that the astrologer should be able to read the horoscope and detect the problems, otherwise it is of no use. Showing an X-ray or an Ultrasound report to a person who does not know how to analyze it, will not get you anywhere, while showing it to the proper doctor solves your problems in most of the cases. Same is the case with astrology and astrologers. As an X-ray report in itself is not a solution but only a medium through which the problem can be detected and the remedy can be prescribed. In the same way a horoscope is only a way to detect the problem and not the solution in itself. And once the problem is detected, the remedies are prescribed. And talking about the remedies part, let me tell you a secret that you may not know. Many cases of Progeny issues or Conception issues can be treated successfully with the help of Astrological remedies. The application of Gemstones has given magical results in this field and the problems in many cases have been rectified faster than any doctor would have imagined.

Himanshu Shangari