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Match Making and Manglik Dosh
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Horoscope Matching

Horoscope matching or Kundali matching is an important aspect of astrology as it can predict the compatibility of a couple on various levels. However, so many questions have been raised about the relevance of this concept in the recent times that it seems to lose its value now. Whereas most people in the west generally don’t believe in such things, many people in the east have experienced such bad things through match making that they have lost their faith in this concept. I mean, when an astrologer tells you that the compatibility between a couple is perfect and the marriage fails miserable within a year of it happening, on account of serious issues of compatibility between the couple, what else can you do but lose your faith in this system.

However, the fact that many matches which are predicted to be good or very good fail miserably, shouldn’t make people put a question mark on the relevance of this concept, and this question mark should be put on the knowledge and understanding of the astrologer they have consulted. When carried out in a proper way and with due procedure, match making is still as effective in predicting the compatibility of a couple, as it used to be in the past. Just because a doctor has failed to treat your problem doesn’t mean that there is no such thing as medical science. It only means that you need a better doctor.

The study of astrology is vast like an ocean and there are so many calculations that even an expert astrologer can miss out on some of them. Whereas some astrologers may not know all the procedures which should be carried out during match making, some of them may know most of these procedures but they may miss out on some of the calculations, given the vast and complex scope of this science. However, the number of astrologers who actually don’t know much about all the important aspects of match making and who depend on one or two simple and software calculated procedures is increasing, and this is what is bringing more and more bad reputation to the concept of match making as well as to the science of astrology on the whole. It is but natural for people who have suffered serious problems despite match making to say that this concept as well as this science doesn’t hold ground any longer.

This is why I have chosen this topic for discussion so that people having faith in astrology should become properly aware of what to expect when they are consulting an astrologer for match making. Knowing about the important aspects of match making can put you in a better position and you can judge whether you can rely on the guidance of an astrologer or not. Before looking at the important concepts required for match making, let’s first check some commonly practiced methods for match making, in the east as well as in the west.

Starting with the West, Sun Signs are given great importance in the west when it comes to match making or compatibility check. The concept of compatibility on the basis of Sun Signs has become so popular in the west that even common people may be found making gossip about the nature of different people based on their Sun signs. Many people have typed most people around them to a general nature based on their Sun signs; and they look at these people possessing that specific nature only. For example, if a person has his Sun placed in the sign of Gemini in his birth chart, which means he is a Gemini in common language, he is considered to be very chatty in nature. Similarly, if a person is born with Sun in the sign of Capricorn, he is considered as reserved and fixed in nature.

Whereas the placement of Sun in a specific sign can certainly give some specific traits to the people having such Sun signs, it can never give you the complete picture and you may easily be misguided if you have ignored the rest of their horoscopes. For instance, a person having Gemini Sun sign should be very chatty in nature, but this may not be true in all the cases and the situation may become different or even opposite in some cases. For example, the placement of Saturn in the same sign along with Sun or the placement of Saturn along with Mercury in a not so verbally expressive sign like Cancer may change the entire situation. This native may not talk much despite having Sun in the sign of Gemini and he may express his feelings through the art of writing or he may not express them most of the time, based on the overall tone of his horoscope.

Similarly, if a person has Capricorn as his Sun sign and Rahu or Moon is placed in the first house of his horoscope in the sign of Libra, this native may not be reserved at all and on the contrary, he may be very friendly and liberal in approach. However, if Moon or Venus is also placed in the sign of Capricorn along with Sun, the situation may become even stronger than commonly guessed. This person may be even more goal oriented and fixed than generally predicted. He may speak only when he finds some benefit in doing so and he may not be interested in idle talking or talking for fun, at all. Here again, the placement of Rahu in the sign of Libra in the first house of this horoscope and the placement of Mars in the ninth house of this horoscope in the sign of Gemini or in the first house of this horoscope in the sign of Libra along with Rahu can once again make this native a chatty and social person.

The native under the combined effect of these opposite streams of energy may become very reserved when he is at home and he may become chatty and social when appearing in public. It means that being reserved may be what he may like when he has a choice but he may also be adept at the art of socializing and he may know when his silence or reserved nature can be considered as a negative trait. Hence this person may be a mixture of both these traits and he may behave as a chatty as well as a reserved person, as per the demand of the situation. You see, how everything can change with some simple changes in the horoscope of a person and this is why you should not rely much on the calculations based merely on the concept of Sun signs as they may be deceptive in many cases and incomplete in most cases.

Let’s now move to the east and let’s see what practices for match making are carried out in the country called India which is the originator of Vedic astrology, one of the most complete faiths in astrology. Though Vedic astrology is the richest system of astrology in today’s world; as per my knowledge, the situation in India is not much different from that in the west. Here also, many astrologers as well as people interested in astrology rely on a single planet to make predictions about the nature of a person as well as about compatibility between two people. The only difference between the west and east is that the former puts emphases on Sun signs and the latter uses Moon signs for calculating and knowing everything.

Moon is considered as the most important planet in Vedic astrology and its importance can be realized from the fact that most of the important concepts of Vedic astrology are connected to Moon. For example, the sign of placement of Moon in the birth horoscope of a native is called his birth sign and the nakshatra of placement of Moon in his birth chart is called his birth nakshatra. The system of Vimshottari Mahadasha which is a system that represents planetary periods which influence us during different phases of our lives is also based on Moon. Similarly, many other concepts of Vedic astrology are based on the placement of Moon in a specific sign or a specific nakshatra in the birth chart of a native under consideration. This is why the system named Gun Milaan, widely used as the only necessary procedure for match making by many astrologers practicing in Vedic astrology, is based on Moon alone.

Gun Milan is a system which calculates compatibility between two natives based on a set of calculations which are made on the basis of placement of Moon in specific signs and specific nakshatras in the horoscopes of these natives. In order to understand this concept in a better way, let’s first have a brief look at the ingredients which are used in this system. The word Gun simply stands for point and the word Milan stands for matching. This means that the system of Gun Milan is a compatibility test where a score based on points is calculated for a couple, out of a total number of points available. Vedic astrology considers eight important koots or aspects which form the core of this system named Gun Milan and here are those aspects for your brief reference. We will deal with these aspects in details, in the coming chapters.

Varna :                          1 Point

Vashya :                        2 Points

Tara :                             3 Points

Yoni :                             4 Points

Graha Maitri :              5 Points

Gan :                            6 Points

Bhakoot :                      7 Points

Nadi :                             8 Points


Points or Gunas are assigned to each of these eight koots as mentioned above. The koot of Varna is considered as the least important in this system and hence it carries 1 point. Moving down the point table, the koot of Nadi is considered as the most important koot and hence it is assigned 8 points in this system. The remaining six koots carry 2 to 6 points based on their importance. The total points come out as 36 when the points for all the koots are added up. Hence in this system of Gun Milan, the total score is 36 and the score that a couple under consideration gets out of this total score decides the strength of compatibility between such couple.

A score below 18 is considered bad for compatibility and it gets worse as it moves down to 1. The score above 18 is progressively considered better and a score of 36 out of 36 is called a perfect match. Hence, if a couple registers a score of 26 out of 36, the match is recommended with some cautions and some remedies for the missing Gunas. However, if a score of 10 or below is found, the match is not recommended at all, even with remedies. This is how the system of Gun Milan works and knowing the brief working of this system, let’s know look at its relevance in actual practice.

The system of Gun Milan works on the basis of Moon alone, and no other planet is taken into consideration while making calculations through this system. All the eighth koots have been named on the basis of placement of Moon in the birth chart of a person, in a specific sign as well as in a specific nakshatra. For example, the koot named Yoni stands for the species to which a specific nakshatra among 27 nakshatras relates to. To simplify, the first nakshatra Ashwini is associated with horse yoni, and the placement of Moon in this nakshatra in the birth chart of a native will make him have horse yoni, according to the system of Vedic astrology.

Similarly, the koot of Graha Maitri which carries 5 points in this system is calculated on the basis of presence of Moon in specific signs in the birth charts of the natives being considered for match making. If the lords of the signs of placement of Moon in the birth charts of the two natives being considered for match making are same or friendly towards each other, 5 out of 5 points are assigned.  For example, if both natives have their Moon signs as Libra or one of them has Moon sign as Libra whereas the other one has the Moon sign as Gemini, 5 out of 5 points are assigned. In the first case, both the Moon signs belong to the same planet Venus whereas in the second case, the lords of these Moon signs being Venus and Mercury are mutually friendly towards each other.

Going to the other extreme, if the lords of the Moon signs of the two natives being considered for match making are enemies towards each other, 0 out of 5 points are assigned for this koot called Graha Maitri. For example, if the Moon sign of one native is Leo and the Moon sign of the other native is Aquarius, 0 out of 5 points is assigned for Graha Maitri koot. This is because the lord of the sign Leo and the lord of the sign of Aquarius, which are Sun and Saturn respectively, are mutual enemies. Hence 0 out of 5 points is assigned.

Similarly, the points for all other koots are also assigned and finally a score is calculated by adding up all those points. As already mentioned, if the score finally achieved is good, it is called a good match. However, if the score is bad or very bad, the match is not recommended. We will deal with the detailed working of all these 8 koots in the coming topics, in order to have yet better understanding of how the core of this system called Gun Milan works.

Coming back to the topic, as it can be clearly observed from the above discussion, the system of Gun Milan is based on the placement of Moon and Moon alone, in specific signs and specific nakshatras of the natives being considered for match making. Hence this system is also not complete in its own, just like the system of calculating compatibility on the basis of Sun signs, though it may certainly be more effective than the latter one. This is once again due to the fact that no single planet can govern the overall tone of a horoscope as well as the compatibility factor between two natives, even if that one planet is Moon or Sun, the two most important planets in any faith of astrology. Hence this system also doesn’t hold ground, just like the system practiced in the west.

Considering an example, if a boy is born with Moon in the sign of Gemini and in the nakshatra of Punarvasu; and a girl is born with Moon in the sign of Libra and in the nakshatra of Swati, the system of Gun Milan assigns 28 points to this match, and hence the compatibility should be very good. However, it may be far away from the truth and here is how.

The signs Gemini and Libra as well as the nakshatras Punarvasu and Swati are considered to complement each other in relation to most koots and hence the compatibility score comes out very good. The lords of the Moon signs namely Mercury and Venus are friendly, the nakshatras are compatible with each other and hence there should be no problem in this match. As easy and pleasant it may look though, it may not be the case in reality. Let’s add some more variables to these horoscopes and see what may happen to his compatibility.

Starting with minimum possible changes, let’s assume that the boy is born with Cancer ascendant and the girl is born with Libra ascendant. As Moon lies in the twelfth house of boy’s horoscope in the sign of Gemini and it lies in the first house of girl’s horoscope in the sign of Libra, this small fact changes a lot. The boy with Moon being the lord of ascendant placed in the twelfth house of his horoscope in a nakshatra like Punarvasu is likely to be a person of spiritual interests with less focus on materialistic achievements. This native is generally content with what he gets and he is not in a hurry to achieve one goal after the other.

Looking at this girl’s horoscope, Moon being the lord of the tenth house is placed in the first house in the sign of Libra. It means that this girl is likely to be highly ambitious and she is likely to keep working hard for one achievement after the other. The boy loves to enjoy his moments being alone or being in the company of the people very close to him, whereas the girl loves to be in the company of more and more people and she wishes to be the center of attraction among a large number of people. The boy may love visiting scenic places or spiritual places whereas the girl may love to visit places with ultra modern facilities.

You see, there is a great contrast between the lifestyles of these natives and this contrast will start pulling them apart, soon after their marriages. Whereas the boy may want to settle at a certain level of professional as well as person growth and enjoy it, the girl may never be satisfied and she may want more and more, as Libra is the sign of ambitions and the placement of a planet like Moon in this sign, and that too being the lord of the tenth house which demands high visibility, can make is almost impossible for this girl to feel satisfied with what she has, at any point in her life.

As a result, the girl may keep running and the boy may even stop walking as he may want to sit and relax. Hence the distance between the boy and girl may keep increasing and at one point in time, the girl may seek a divorce from this guy. This is because she may feel that this guy is the biggest obstacle in her path to achieve the goals of her life as he may not support her; in her pursuit of goal after goal. On the contrary, he may try to preach her how not to be so ambitious and how to be content. The girl may feel choked and restricted in this marriage; and she may walk out of it.

In some of these cases, the girl may be dominant and she may keep pulling the boy with her from one achievement to the other, despite his strong unwillingness to do so. In such a case, the boy may seek divorce at a point in time, when the pace of events may become too fast for him to handle. Whether this girl asks for a divorce of the boy does so, the result is the same, which is a broken marriage. You see, how a small change in variables can change everything, though the system of Gun Milan may indicate a very good marriage.

Making another change to this boy’s horoscope, if a malefic combination of Venus and Mercury is placed in the fourth house of his horoscope in the sign of Libra when Moon is placed in the twelfth house in the sign of Gemini, the situation may change once again. This boy may not be much inclined towards spiritualism or he may not be much content but the marriage may still break. This boy may have high sexual urges and he may engage in more than one extramarital affair. One or more than one of these affairs may come to the knowledge of his wife and this marriage may break due to such extramarital affair.

Considering one more possibility, let’s ignore the combination of Venus and Mercury in the recent change and let’s make another type of equation. Let’s assume that in boy’s horoscope, Moon is placed in the twelfth house in the sign of Gemini along with malefic Ketu; and malefic Rahu is placed in the sixth house in the sign of Sagittarius along with Jupiter. In girl’s horoscope, Moon is placed in the first house in the sign of Libra and a malefic combination of Jupiter and retrograde Mercury is placed in the seventh house in the sign of Aries. The marriage may once again break. This time, the native and his wife may have very bad equation of compatibility and the two of them may engage in heated arguments, verbal abuse and even physical abuse. Hence the marriage may ultimately break, and even the divorce may be finalized after much trouble and drama.

You see, how the score of Gun Milan remains the same in each case but the marriage may break in each one of these cases on account of different reasons depending on the overall tone of the horoscopes of the two natives in question. Similarly, many other such combinations are possible which can break this marriage on account of many other reasons, though the score of Gun Milan may remain the same. What is the relevance of this system of Gun Milan if everything can change in a direction which is opposite to the one predicted by it?

The answer to this question is that the system of Gun Milan does hold its relevance and the system of calculating compatibility on the basis of Sun signs also holds it ground, but not in the way many people think. These systems are parts of the whole equation of match making which is much bigger and which includes many other variables; and these systems are not complete equations in themselves, as they are commonly considered to be.

The complete equation of match making is a very comprehensive and complex study as well as matching of two horoscopes in question; and I will explain the most important aspects to be duly considered during this process, in the conclusive chapter named Horoscope Matching. However, from the discussion highlighted in this chapter, it should be understood that the concept of Sun signs, Gun Milan and all other such concepts are parts of the big process of match making and they are not the complete processes in themselves.

Hence their relevance is relative to other variables in this process and this is how they should be understood. When Gun Milan is predicting a good match and the overall tones of the horoscopes of the two natives are also supportive for a good marriage, the results will definitely be favorable. However, when Gun Milan is indicating a good marriage but the overall horoscopes are showing destructive results, the marriage is very likely to fail miserably. Though the matching koots in Gun Milan may try to save it for some time by introducing some common grounds between the two natives, it may all go in vain in the end.

It should be understood that the overall equation of a horoscope is derived by considering all the planets, their strength, their placement, their working nature, their level of activity and their interactions with one another; among many other important factors like the influence of nakshatras, running time and transits of major planets. Gun Milan or Sun sign matching may contribute from 5% to 10% in this whole equation at the most; and nothing more than that.

Though this factor of 5% to 10% may certainly prove helpful when it bends in your favor, it may never control the rest of the 90% to 95% which consists of various other factors in each case of match making. Hence the systems like Gun Milan and Sun sign matching should be seen as complementary as well as contributing systems in the process of match making, and not as the controlling factors or the process itself.

Match making is a detailed study of two complex human personalities and their possible interactions with each other. Accordingly, it takes each planet, many signs and many nakshatras; running time and many other factors in both horoscopes to reach a possible conclusion about the future of a marriage. Hence the process of match making should be given its due importance in its proper and elaborated form; and no quick conclusions should be drawn from software calculated systems like Gun Milan or Sun sign matching.


Himanshu Shangari