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Let’s analyze the working and logic behind the three techniques which have been and which will keep on driving the Universe for ever and ever. These are Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. Here is a brief definition for each of them to start with.

Yantra : A Yantra is a device designed to get some specific results. For example Telephones, Mobiles, Automobiles etc. are the Yantras which we have designed to get specific benefits from them. In the same way Astrological and Spiritual Yantras are made to get benefits from them.

Mantra : A Mantra is a set of words used in a specific configuration and chanted with a specific rhythm and tone to get desired results. For example Voice Command Softwares and Voice Recognition devices which operate only after hearing a specific set of words in a specific rhythm and tone which simply means that they would operate after a voice password spoken by a particular individual who possesses that specific rhythm and tone in his voice. In the same way Mantras can be used to get Astrological and Spiritual benefits.

Tantra : This word is commonly mistaken in Hindu religion as some bad word. But the meaning of Tantra would simply mean System or to do a specific set of things in a specific order to get a specific result. For example the conception of a child is a Tantra which involves the Fertilization of an Egg inside a Female body by a Male Sperm which fertilizes the egg and the process of reproduction starts. In the same way depositing money in a bank, cooking food, booking a movie ticket etc. they all include a fixed system to get desired results. Astrologers also make use of Tantras to get specific benefits for a specific person by doing a specific set of things.

                                                                        Moving on with the topic, Tantras and Yantras are very commonly used techniques in day to day life of humans while the Horizons of the Mantra technique are still being explored by scientists and inventors. But expert Astrologers already know the importance and principles of working behind these techniques and use all of them effectively to get desired results for their clients.  GemStones and other devices like Sidh Yantras, they all fall in the category of Yantras and do their job automatically once they have been installed properly on a human body. The common remedial measures like performing some specific charities to some specific persons or places on a specified day and time, these are all Tantras and they definitely work if the Astrologer prescribing them knows the exact codes of the Tantra behind a specific Remedy. For people who doubt the importance of doing Remedies in a specific way, let’s consider an example. Suppose you want to catch a Saturday flight to some other city and you reach a bank or a hospital on Saturday at the time of Boarding of the flight. What will happen? It is obvious that you will miss the flight because in order to catch a flight you are supposed to go to the Airport and not to a bank or a hospital. Now again consider catching the same Saturday flight by going to the airport on Friday or Sunday. You will again not be able to board the flight. In the same way, the astrological remedies work best when they are done within a fixed Tantra which only an Astrologer would know. As a doctor knows which medicine is to be prescribed for a particular disease and at what time during the day it should be taken, in the same way an Astrologer prescribes the remedies for you.

Now moving on to the Mantras, first thing I would like to mention is that never underestimate the power of Mantras. This is a very powerful technique and can do many such things which can not be done by using Yantra or Tantra techniques. When you dial a Number on your Mobile phone to talk to someone, a specific set of vibrations or waves are sent to a Satellite or a Mobile Tower which recognizes them and accordingly forwards them to the Mobiles Phone which is uniquely able to receive those vibrations, waves or codes sent by your Mobile. So you connect and talk while sending waves and vibrations constantly. Same is the case with Mantras, when you chant a specific Mantra in a specific rhythm and tone, it is carried in the form of waves and vibrations having a fixed code, it then locates and reaches the holder of the code and communicates with it and tries to get the desired result. This is again a very advanced stage of science which may sound odd to some scientists today who can not imagine that any communication can be made with planets, stars and other astronomical bodies with the help of Mantras. But 50 years earlier who would have thought about the possibility of Mobile Phones, Internet, Wireless Communication, Satellite and all the other such things. So it is only a matter of time. What today seems impossible and illogical is very much possible and logical in the future. This has always been the case in the history of Mankind. Thus a specific set of words or a Mantra is prescribed to be chanted in a specific rhythm and tone for a fixed number of times each day to get the desired result from the planet which owns the code of that Mantra. So an expert Astrologer makes use of all the three techniques namely Yantra, Mantra and Tantra to get the desired results for his clients.

Himanshu Shangari