Gemstones and Misconceptions

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Wearing gemstones is without any doubt a concept that dates long back in the history and perhaps no one knows when and where the first gemstones were worn and who wore those gemstones? The only thing we do know is that people have been fascinated by the beauty of gemstones and they have worn them since ancient times and many of them have worn these gemstones even without knowing the good or bad effects that these gemstones may bring to them. Even to this date, there are some people who wear gemstones only because they are attracted or fascinated by some particular gemstones whereas there are many other people who wear gemstones to get benefits from them.

When it comes to the benefits given by gemstones, there are many different concepts regarding which gemstone or gemstones are suitable for a person. There are a number of beliefs, methods and techniques in astrology and every astrologer generally recommends the suitable gemstones for his client depending on the kind of astrology and belief he is practicing in. As different theories or techniques of astrology use different methods  to prescribe gemstones, it is quite possible that a person may get different kinds of recommendations from different astrologers depending on the method of astrology they follow and also depending on the extent of knowledge they posses, irrespective of the method of astrology they follow. So let’s discuss some common concepts and misconceptions practiced by many astrologers in prescribing the gemstones.

Let’s start it with the Sun Signs. Many astrologers are prescribing gemstones on the basis of Sun Sign of the person seeking gemstone recommendation. According to this theory of finding suitable gemstones on the basis of Sun Signs, all the people born in a particular period of about a month are supposed to wear the same gemstones. Many astrologers pay importance to Sun Signs only, even when predicting the nature or luck of a person, which in my opinion is absolutely wrong because if the Sun Sign alone is to decide everything in the horoscope of a person, then there will be only 12 types of people in this world which is not found in actual practice as there are millions of different kinds of individuals having different natures and different lucks.

So this theory does not hold ground in my opinion. I’ve been strongly recommending my clients as well as some of my fellow astrologers that they should not pay attention to the Sun Signs alone as there are a number of Signs, Constellations, Planets and other important aspects in a horoscope and they result in so many different permutations and combinations which make people different from each other. Doesn’t it all seem very funny and strange at the same time that all the people born across the globe during a particular period of time every year, have the same nature, same or similar luck and the same gemstones are suitable for all of them?

It means that the gemstones suitable for a person can be recommended even before his birth, according to this theory. For example, a person born during the first half of April every year will have his Sun Sign as Aries and hence the same gemstones will be suitable for all the people born or to be born during this period of time every year. Astrology has never been this easily predictable and it will never be, so don’t pay much attention to this concept. Hence in my opinion, no predictions should be made from the Sun Signs alone and no gemstones should be prescribed seeing the Sun Signs alone.

Then there is this concept of wearing gemstones based on the date of birth alone. According to this concept, all the people born on a particular date, month and year should wear the same gemstones as they are supposed to have the same lucky gemstones, which indicates that they may somehow have the same luck also. This concept also does not sound convincing as it will again restrict the number of permutations and combinations to a small number, which are the backbone of astrology. Different people born on the same dates can be and they generally are quite different from each other with different natures and different lucks.

For example, there were many people born on the same days when some of world’s greatest people were born from time to time, but none of the people born on the days common with the days of birth of these great people, had the same greatness or even the same luck. This is due to the reason that there are millions of planetary combinations possible during a single day due to which different people born even on the same day have different nature, different luck and accordingly, different gemstones suit them. So wearing the gemstones based on the date of birth alone is not a good idea and hence it should be avoided too. In fact gemstones worn based on such theories can cause great damages to the wearer if they are not suitable according to the horoscope of the person wearing them.

Then there are some astrologers who believe that the safest way to prescribe a gemstone is to find out the Ascendant in the birth chart or horoscope of a person and then prescribe the gemstone belonging to the ruling planet for that Ascendant. For example, if the Ascendant in someone’s horoscope is Aquarius, which means that the sign Aquarius falls in the first house of his horoscope, Blue Sapphire is the safest gemstone for this person. These astrologers believe that as Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, so Saturn becomes the Lord of Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant can never bring bad results to the native according to these astrologers.

On the contrary, I have personally witnessed many cases where people wearing gemstones based on the above mentioned concept have suffered huge financial, physical and emotional losses after wearing such gemstones. The lord of Ascendant can be positive for some people and it can be negative for some other people due to which the gemstones recommended based on this theory can be good for some people whereas they can be disastrous for some other people. Hence the practice of recommending gemstone for the lord of Ascendant in a horoscope should also be avoided.

Some astrologers even believe in prescribing the gemstones based on the birth nakshatra or constellation of a person. The birth constellation of a person is the constellation in which Moon was present during his time of birth. Once this birth constellation is found, the lord of this constellation is checked and then, the gemstone corresponding to that lord is recommended. For example, if someone is born with Moon in Pushya nakshatra or constellation, Pushya becomes his birth nakshatra and Saturn being the lord of Pushya nakshatra becomes a benefic planet for this native, according to this theory. Hence a Blue Sapphire is considered as the best suitable gemstone for this native.

This is again a theory with very limited scope and it needs very little knowledge on the part of the astrologer to assign a gemstone to some person based on this theory. All you have to do is enter the birth details provided by a person in software, get a horoscope on your computer screen in matter of seconds, look at the Ascendant or the birth constellation and assign the gemstones. Recommending gemstones is not this easy and there are a number of important aspects which are to be analyzed properly before predicting anything from a horoscope and before prescribing any gemstones. Hence this practice of prescribing gemstones on the basis of birth constellations should also be avoided.

There is one more belief among some astrologers practicing in Vedic Astrology and these astrologers recommend gemstones based on the ruling periods of planets irrespective of the fact whether they are working positively or negatively in a horoscope. For example, if a native is running under Saturn’s main period and Jupiter’s sub period, such astrologers will prescribe him a Blue Sapphire and a Yellow Sapphire without even bothering to know whether both these planets are working positively or negatively in the horoscope of that native.

Gemstones worn according to this theory can be the most destructive ones compared to all other theories, if one or both the planets having their ruling periods are negative. A planet gains additional strength in its ruling periods whether it is positive or negative. In case of a negative planet, the strength of a negative planet is already at very high levels during its ruling period and you’re just adding more to its strength by wearing the gemstone for that planet. Imagine the kind of damage it can do when it is already at its worst and you are supplying it with additional energy. On the other hand, if the planets having their ruling periods are positive, wearing gemstones for them will further enhance the benefits coming from them. So it is of foremost importance to check the nature of a planet before prescribing gemstone for that planet.

And last but not the least, there are some astrologers who believe that gemstones should be worn for the planets which are working negatively in your horoscope and not for the planets which are working positively in your horoscope. They believe that the nature of the planets acting negatively in your horoscope can be changed by wearing gemstones for them. Some of them even go further and say that they have especially charged these gemstones so that they may transmit only positive radiations to your body even if those planets are working negatively for you.

This is just a misconception and nothing else as the functional nature of planets is decided by your past life karmas and then changed by your present life karmas. It means that the only thing that can change your benefic planets to malefic planets and your malefic planets to benefic planets are the bad and good karmas done by you respectively. Gemstones work in a scientific way and they only transmit the energy of the planet they belong to, into your body, which means that they can only strengthen the energy of a planet inside your body and accordingly, they change the strength of the radiations of that planet emitted by you.

Gemstones are not capable of changing the functional nature of their respective planets and hence it is very bad idea wearing gemstones for negative planets as the increase in strength of a negative planet by virtue of wearing the gemstone for it, is only going to cause more problems for you and nothing else. Hence the practice of wearing gemstones for negative planets in order to change the functional nature of these planets should be strictly avoided. The effects of negative planets can only be reduced with the help of some specific astrological remedies like Mantras, Yantras, Poojas and Charities; and the use of gemstones is absolutely prohibited for the planets indicating negative results in your horoscope.

In the coming chapters, I am going to discuss some of the concepts mentioned in this chapter in more details in order to bring more clarity to these topics.



Himanshu Shangari