How to Wear Gemstones

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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How to Wear GemstonesAfter you have been prescribed to wear a particular Gemstone, the question arises; What is the proper way to wear this Gemstone? Here is the answer to this question. Though the proper procedure to wear a Gemstone is a bit lengthy and I will explain all the steps, but you can skip the last step which includes Mantras if you are not comfortable with it. Let’s first take a look at the best days for wearing different Gemstones.

Ruby :                      Sunday

Pearl :                      Monday

Yellow Sapphire :    Thursday

White Sapphire :      Friday

Red Coral :              Tuesday

Emerald :                Wednesday

Blue Sapphire :       Saturday

Hessonite :             Saturday

Cat’s Eye :              Saturday

As you get your Gemstone fixed in a Ring, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the Ring should have an open base so that the gemstone may touch the skin of your finger. This way you can get best results from a Gemstone. Once you get the Ring ready, try it first on your finger so that if it is tight or loose, you may get it fixed before continuing with the next procedure.

The gemstone is then purified and energized in the next step. This procedure when done properly can increase the positive potential and effects of a gemstone to great extent. However this procedure can be done only by the Pandits specializing in this field, so people interested in getting this step performed should avail the services of an expert in this field. Through this step which is called ShudhiKaran and Praan Pratishtha of the gemstone, any negative energies which may surround the gemstone are removed and the gemstone is then energized with the help of some specific procedures including Poojas and Mantras to produce better results.

Once you get the purified and energized gemstone, the next thing to do is to keep it immersed in GangaJal or Holy Water or Unboiled Milk for about 12-24 hours in a small bowl and after this step, your gemstone is ready to wear.

In the next step, the Gemstone is worn on the day prescribed and the time prescribed. A generally good time for wearing Gemstones is the time just before the Sunrise which is also known as Bramha Muhurata. Take a bath and then Sit or Stand at a clean place, put the bowl in front of you and Chant 108 Mantras for the planet for which the Gemstone has been prescribed. For example, if you have been prescribed a Ruby or Manik, you will be generally advised to wear it on Sunday and the Mantra will be OM SOORYAAY NAMAH which should be Chanted 108 times. Same is the case with other Gemstones. By doing this step we are asking the concerned planet to bless us. After this you can wear the Gemstone. Read the article  Navagraha Mantras for getting the Mantras for all nine planets or NavaGraha.

If it is difficult for you to chant the Mantras, you may simply go to some temple and ask the priest to get it blessed from the Gods and wear it then and there. In case you do not believe in Gods and Mantras, you may simply wear the Gemstone on the prescribed day and at the prescribed time.

Important Note: Though some Astrologers may prescribe some particular Gemstones like Blue Sapphire ( Neelam) to be worn during the night time when wearing them for the first time, I strongly recommend wearing all the Gemstones during the daytime and the morning time is particularly the best time to wear a gemstone when wearing it for the first time. This is because, in case a Gemstone causes some Medical Side Effects which usually appear in 20 minutes to 8 hours after wearing it for the first time, if there are any, at least you are awake and can remove the Gemstone from your finger.  On the other hand, if you are sleeping and the Gemstone causes some Medical Side Effect, it may cause much more damage because you are asleep. So I always advise to wear Gemstones in the morning or during the daytime when wearing them for the first time. However it should be noted that once a gemstone suits you, you can safely wear it during night time also and in fact you should wear it all the time during day and night to get optimum results from the gemstone.

Himanshu Shangari