Gemstones and Aura

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Gemstones and Aura

Gemstones transfer energies of their corresponding planets into the body of the native who wears them. Hence such planets may gain extra strength in the body/aura of the native. If one such planet is benefic in his horoscope, it may gain strength through its gemstone. Hence it may provide more benefits and it may be in better position to deal with afflictions. Malefic planets may cause such afflictions due to conjunction with such benefic planet or through direct aspects.

Let’s see how the energy transferred through a gemstone creates results. To understand this concept in a better way, let’s first try to understand the concept of aura. Every native has an aura which surrounds him and it is invisible to our eyes.

The aura consists of many types of energies. Almost all good as well as bad things happen to us due to the effects of the auras around us. Everyone has a unique aura; depending on the good and bad karmas done by them in their past and present lives; as well as depending on other factors. The aura of a native is the sum total of positive and negative energies gained by that native through his good and bad karmas; as well as through some other ways. This topic has been discussed in details in the first part of the book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

The aura is formed by energies of particular strengths and particular characteristics belonging to particular planets. Some of these planets as well as energies may be benefic and some others may be malefic.

As a native is born at a place on earth; planets, signs and nakshatras register and store their positive or negative energies in different energy centers present inside the body of such native. These energy centers then start emitting energies or combinations of energies; registered and stored in them. The sum total of all these energies is called the net energy equation or the aura. It means all these positive or negative, strong or weak, active or passive energies registered in different energy centers of body start interacting with each other and they form a net equation of energy, which is called aura.

This aura keeps changing continuously, depending on different time periods in the life of a native and depending on the good and/or bad karmas done by the native; as such karmas keep adding more positive and/or negative energy to the aura. Positive karmas add positive energy to the aura and negative karmas add negative energy to the aura. This topic has been discussed in details in the first part of the book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Let’s see how the aura works and how it brings good or bad things to us. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner. Let’s look the concept of volcanic eruption. When a volcano erupts; the lava flows out of it and it gradually starts cooling down due to the atmospheric conditions. The lava proceeds towards the formation of volcanic rocks.

As lava cools down and it goes through the process of changing into rocks, it registers some important things going around it at that time. This is because the lava contains some magnetic minerals which are capable of recording magnetic properties of the atmosphere at that time. In simple language, this lava records the orientation and strength of earth’s magnetic field as it settles down to form a volcanic rock.  The impressions recorded on it may remain within it as signatures; for the rest of its life. Layers and layers of lava keep erupting from volcanoes and they keep depositing fresh layers of volcanic rocks over the already formed rocks.

Each and every layer of a volcanic rock formed through such process records the orientation and strength of earth’s magnetic field at the time of its formation. Scientists have been studying these signatures present inside different layers of some ancient volcanic rocks for various purposes. Some of these rocks are as old as the volcanic rocks found on the north shore of Lake Superior in North America; which date back to about 1 billion years.

From these signatures, the researchers have been able to predict the strength and orientation of earth’s magnetic field as well as some other atmospheric conditions at different times in the past. Doesn’t it seem amazing that the signatures recorded at the birth of a volcanic rock remain intact within that rock, even after 1 billion years?

Coming back to astrology, similar concept is involved in the formation and working of auras around people. The aura once formed around a native, keeps its signatures intact and then different layers of changes in planetary energies are deposited on the already formed layers and the process goes on. The scientists can dig out the older layers of rocks and interpret the signatures. Similarly, it is possible to read different layers of the aura of a native. This study can tell about the events that happened to him in this life as well as the ones that happened to him in his past lives; going back to as many of his past lives as many may be there.

However, only a spiritually very advanced native may be able to do so, and the scope of Vedic astrology is not this vast; since astrology takes a different approach. When a native is born, the resultants of his good and/or bad karmas are contained by his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind then emits this equation of energy and this outward expression is called the aura. The aura contains all good and bad energies contained by the subconscious mind. Hence the aura of a native represents his net equation of energy at any given point in time.

Taking an example, if the native engaged in bad karmas related to the domain of Saturn in his past life, the energy of Saturn may appear negative in a relevant energy center of this native’s body in this life. If he engaged in good karmas related to the domain of Jupiter in his past life, the energy of Jupiter may appear positive in a relevant energy center of this native’s body in this life. This way, all energies whether positive or negative are registered in this native’s body. They interact with each other and the final energy equation comes out in the form of aura.

These energy impressions can be drawn in the form of a horoscope; knowing the birth details of a native. Hence a horoscope is the graphical representation of the aura of a native. Through the horoscope, the impact of benefic and malefic planets at the time of birth of the native is studied. Through detailed study of the horoscope, future probabilities are drawn for the native. Placements of various planets in various houses, signs, nakshatras and navamshas of a horoscope are all based on karmas and resolutions of the native; during his past life or lives.

Moving on, every native continuously receives and emits energy-rays which are the characteristic energy-rays of different planets. In case of a malefic planet, the energy-rays absorbed and emitted may be negative. Hence the outcomes may be troublesome. Taking an example, suppose Mars is malefic in a horoscope and it affects marriage of the native. It may delay or disturb his marriage; based on his overall horoscope. In this case, each time a marriage proposal is considered for that native, malefic influence of Mars, which is constantly being emitted in the form of energy-rays, may adversely affect the mind of the other party. Hence the other party may back out from the marriage proposal; due to various reasons.

Even when the marriage of this native takes place eventually, due to influence of benefic planets, malefic influence of Mars may continue. It may influence both partners to quarrel with each other or it may create other types of problems; depending on the exact nature of energy of Mars. This process may go on until some outer forces are applied to weaken the impact of malefic influence generated by Mars. These outer forces are called astrological remedies. In the same way; problems related to mother, father, children, friends, relatives, profession, authority, recognition and fame may be explained on the basis of this theory.

Going deeper, positive and/or negative energies contained by the aura of a native put their signatures on the things touched by the native as well as on the people he interacts with. For example, if Mercury deals with the house of government in the horoscope of a native, it may affect him positively or negatively. Such impact depends on benefic or malefic, strong or weak and active or passive energy of Mercury, registered at the time of his birth; and it also depends on some other factors like planetary periods.

If Mercury is benefic for the native, this is what may happen. As he fills documents, say an application form for some contract with some government department, he may be influenced by Mercury to fill up the form in a good way. As he fills the form, benefic impact of Mercury may also be registered on the papers. This impact may influence the concerned authority positively, where the strength of such impact depends on the strength of Mercury in native’s horoscope; as well as on other relevant factors.

In case no other natives is able to register a stronger impact for the same contract; the native may get the contract. As the concerned authority goes through all the forms; he may be influenced the most; by natives’ form. Hence the native may get the contract. On the other hand, if Mercury is malefic in native’s horoscope; negative energy of Mercury may register its impact on such papers. Such energy may influence the authority adversely and native’s application form may be rejected.

It may seem hard to believe that the impact of planetary energies can be registered on a paper and it may last for weeks, months or years. If an impact recorded by a volcanic rock can last for a billion years; the impact of planetary energies should have no problems when it comes to sustain for some weeks, months or years. The impact of each and every type of energy, left on anything or anybody, can last long or very long; depending on the strength of such impact.

This is why people having religious and/or spiritual knowledge may tend to visit holy places more and more. They know that strong impacts of presences of some very powerful saints or some very good deeds were recorded there, which may still be capable of influencing everyone who visits such places, in a positive way.

That is why the places where incarnations of Gods; or powerful saints used to stay, meditate and/or preach, are considered most sacred. Powerful signatures of highly positive energies represented by these highly advanced spiritual souls may have been registered there. This energy may be highly positive and it may have such great strength that it may easily last for thousands of years. Hence people visiting these places may benefit from this highly positive energy by absorbing some of it. The concept of transfer of energy through people and places has been explained in the first part of the book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Coming back to aura, if a planet is benefic in nature but weak in strength, it may radiate positive energy with weak strength. This means that it may lead to the beginning of some good things which are not likely to be accomplished as the planet as well as the energy-rays emitted by the planet are weak. Hence they may not be able to get the native through, though they may get him started. Therefore, the native may initiate efforts to achieve good things related to some specific spheres, at different times in his life. However, most such efforts may not succeed as the planet ruling those spheres may be weak and hence it may be incapable of blessing such efforts with fruits.

For example, if benefic Sun is placed in the tenth house of a horoscope in Cancer, it may not do much for the native; despite being benefic. This is because Sun is weak in Cancer. Hence Sun may try to bless the native with good results related to his profession. However due to weakness, it may only be able to bless the native with limited amount of professional success. Hence most of his big projects may not materialize, unless other benefic planets change this result.

The native may begin various professional ventures from time to time in his life, under the impact of such benefic but weak energy of Sun. However, many of these projects may not succeed since Sun may not be strong enough to see them through. Hence the native may achieve success in relatively small projects or jobs and he may fail when it comes to big projects or jobs. This is where Ruby may prove useful. As Sun gains extra strength through Ruby; the overall energy of Sun may increase in native’s aura. Hence the native may witness better results and he may achieve success in bigger projects and/or jobs.


Himanshu Shangari