Number 7 in Numerology

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Number 7 is one of the most extreme and unpredictable numbers in numerology and many natives under the strong influence of this number may live their lives on one type of extreme or the other. Vedic Jyotish associates number 7 with Ketu among navagraha and accordingly many positive as well as negative characteristics of Ketu are transformed to number 7. Ketu is known as a planet associated with the concepts like occultism and mystery according to Vedic Jyotish, and these characteristics of Ketu are passed on to number 7 in numerology due to which the natives coming under the strong influence of number 7 are seen to have interest in fields like paranormal and spiritual fields and many number 7 natives keep connected to these spheres on one level or the other. Some natives under the strong influence of number 7 and having some specific combinations in their horoscopes, can actively engage in fields like paranormal and spiritualism and some of these natives may accomplish various kinds of achievements in these spheres. Some number 7 natives can also be seen practicing as professionals dealing in spiritual or paranormal spheres which is again due to fact that number 7 comes under the influence of Ketu and Ketu is considered as a planet in Vedic Jyotish, which is strongly connected to the realms of paranormal and spiritualism. In some cases, where the influence of number 7 is very strong on the native, such a native may become an established and renowned name in some faith or practice related to paranormal or spiritualism. But whether number 7 natives actively practice in the spheres of paranormal and spiritualism or not, but many of these natives are interested in such spheres and most of them keep in touch with such things on one level or the other.

                     Ketu is considered as a planet related to physical energy, aggression, bravery, anger and warfare in Vedic Jyotish and all of these characteristics of Ketu are displayed through number 7 in numerology, due to which various natives coming under the influence of number 7 may represent some of these characteristics on different levels. Number 7 natives are generally full of energy and enthusiasm and it is not difficult for them to take on a seemingly difficult job and start working on that job and in fact, many number 7 natives are good at taking up challenges or difficult task and then accomplishing such tasks. For this reason, number 7 natives can become good pioneers in many spheres as these natives can dare try the things which many other kinds of natives do not even think of trying and this is the characteristic of number 7 natives which gives them edge over many other types of natives as number 7 natives are good at undertaking and accomplishing things which many other people are not capable of doing. The aggressive nature of number 7 natives supplies the fire required to take up difficult tasks and then to do and complete those tasks and due to this aggression, such natives can take early initiatives on various types of issues and they can many times engage in activities which are considered unsafe or risky by many other types of natives. Number 7 natives are adventurous and they are also good at taking calculated risks and in fact they can some time take uncalculated risks also and due to these characteristics, such natives can try to accomplish risky and unsafe tasks and many of these natives end up completing those tasks which gives them success as well as recognition and praise.

               Due to the inherent aggression, physical energy and bravery associated with Ketu, according to Vedic Jyotish, number 7 natives tend to do better in professional spheres which require the above mentioned qualities in order to succeed and for this reason, number 7 natives can become successful in Army, police force and other defense related services, sports and particularly the sports which involve great physical energy and an element of risk or danger. Some of the present day’s wrestlers, boxers and other types of fighters are also likely to be under the strong influence of number 7 which supplies them with sufficient physical energy and aggression to engage in such activities and to become successful in such spheres. Vedic Jyotish relates Ketu with spiritualism also and this characteristic of Ketu is also relayed through number 7 in numerology and as a result, some natives under the strong influence of number 7 may have strong tendencies to engage in spiritual spheres and some of these natives can devote a long period of their lives or their whole life for the cause of spiritualism. It should be noted here that most of number 7 natives engaging in spiritual spheres are likely to form a pattern where they can practice their meditation and other things away from the noise and distraction of the world and these natives are not comfortable with their families or many other people around them as silence, quietness, aloofness and detachment are the characteristics that are strong in these natives and accordingly they want to make spiritual progress quietly and away from the world. Some number 7 natives can be very advanced in the sphere of spiritualism but these native may not disclose this fact to most of the people around them due to the fact that these natives believe in keeping their spiritual progress secret in order to save themselves from unwanted questions and problems posed by other people.

                Looking at some negative traits of number 7 natives, Vedic Jyotish associates Ketu with violence and hatred and these characteristics of Ketu can sometimes be displayed through number 7 in numerology due to which some natives under the strong negative influence of this number may engage in acts of violence and hatred and they can cause harm to the society and mankind. Some number 7 natives can become criminals and in some cases, these natives can engage in acts of mass violence or mass destruction and they can cause serious harm to the mankind. Number 7 natives can also exhibit a tendency to take excessive risks and they can act without thought many times in their lives, due to which these natives can put themselves in serious troubles or even in a life threatening condition. Number 7 natives should keep a check on their aggressive and rash nature and they should take some time to reach all the important decisions of their lives as doing so can save them from committing to many unwanted and risky jobs which can otherwise make them end up in trouble. Many number 7 natives may have a tendency to doubt most of the people around them including even their nears and dears and their closest relatives, due to which such natives may not enjoy their relationship with many people, on a healthy level and their habit of doubting people can sometimes spoil good or very good relations and therefore these natives should try to work on their doubtful nature and they should slowly work towards trusting people on various levels. Due to detached nature of Ketu as per Vedic Jyotish, some number 7 natives may also have a strong tendency to remain detached and aloof from the world and this tendency can cause various kinds of doubts and psychological disorders in these natives and hence number 7 natives should learn the habit of being and enjoying in the company of other people and they should learn to connect to various types of people in the world as doing so can help these natives come out of their state of aloofness and possible depression in some cases.

Himanshu Shangari