Gemstones and Dreams

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Gemstones have proved their importance and worth as astrological remedies over a period of past few years. They have become the fastest acting and they are among the most valuable remedies mentioned in Vedic astrology. However the increasing use of gemstones by more and more people has also given birth to many misconceptions as well as questions and doubts related to the use of gemstones. Accordingly many people keep asking their astrologers about these doubts and questions which are sometimes not replied properly due to lack of knowledge of the astrologer on the particular subject.

One such subject is related to the dreams that various natives may experience after wearing different types of gemstones associated with navagraha and this is a question that has been asked by many of my clients again and again in the past few years. There is much mystery and state of confusion related to the interpretation of various kinds of dreams which may be experienced after wearing different gemstones. Some astrologers are not able to interpret such dreams and some of them may interpret them in the wrong sense due to which the early and subtle signs of judging the possible working of gemstones may be missed which could otherwise be used as a help to decide the future course of action for various natives wearing those gemstones. Let’s discuss a few important things related to the ability of gemstones to cause various kinds of dreams and let’s also take a look at certain good and bad indications associated with the interpretation of such dreams.

To start with the discussion, let’s first try to look into the fact whether the impact of wearing gemstones can cause certain specific dreams or not, and if yes, then how can different gemstones cause different types of dreams for various natives? All planets among navagraha behave exactly like human beings and in fact, the influence and behavior of planets is responsible for different behavior patterns of various human beings which means that it is we who behave like the planets among navagraha. Each planet among navagraha can influence our conscious as well as subconscious mind in a good or bad way to achieve certain objectives.

Positive planets can inspire or motivate us through dreams and other media, to inform us about the good things coming ahead in the future and to make us do good karmas whereas negative planets can influence us through dreams and they can confuse us, thereby stopping us from doing certain specific good karmas or such planets can even provoke us to engage in some specific kind of bad karmas which can bring bad results for us. Subconscious mind is a very powerful medium for both positive and negative planets to connect with us and to influence us in a positive or negative way.

This connection can result in good signs and guidance for future or it can result in misleading signs and bad events coming in the future depending on the positive or negative nature of the planets that influence our subconscious mind. Hence the impact of various positive as well as negative planets among navagraha is an important aspect of Vedic astrology and different kinds of dreams caused due to the influence of various kinds of planets can convey very important messages and guidance for the future. For this reason, specific dreams caused by various planets among navagraha are important and they should be studied properly in order to monitor the working of the gemstones for different natives.

When we wear some gemstones, the planets corresponding to the gemstones as well as the planets involved in a combination with the planets corresponding to the gemstones become more active than the usual in our aura and such planets can try and influence us in various possible ways. One such way through which such planets can influence the native wearing some specific gemstones is by giving him messages through some specific kinds of dreams, by approaching the native wearing such gemstones, through his subconscious mind. These dreams are very important in studying the nature of planets as well as the factors influencing the working of some specific planets in a horoscope, in a positive or negative way.

Let’s try to understand this theory with the help of an example and let’s assume that a native wears a Yellow Sapphire upon the recommendation of some astrologer. Yellow Sapphire as we know, is a gemstone related to Jupiter among navagraha and accordingly, Jupiter will become more active in the aura of the native wearing this gemstone and this planet can try and influence the native by means of dreams and other signs in order to convey certain specific messages to the native. Let’s assume that the native wearing a Yellow Sapphire experiences a dream shortly after wearing this gemstone, and in this dream he sees that he meets a saint or a spiritual person who is wearing Saffron colored clothes and the saint gives him blessings and the native finds himself happy in the dream.

This dream is a clear indication that the Yellow Sapphire worn by this native is suitable for him as Jupiter is the lord of this gemstone and Jupiter is also known as a saint in Vedic astrology. Hence, Jupiter approaches the native through his dream, in the guise of a saint and it blesses the native which means the Jupiter is conveying a message to the native that I have become stronger now and I will bless you now with more power and accordingly, you will see good things in future. Hence this native should safely assume that the gemstone worn by him is suitable for him and that he will benefit by wearing this gemstone.

The above mentioned dream is an easy to understand dream and many natives themselves can reach a conclusion that some saint has blessed me after wearing the Yellow Sapphire, which means that this gemstone is suitable for me. Now let’s consider another dream in the same case and let’s assume that the native wearing such Yellow Sapphire experiences a different dream after wearing this gemstone. In this dream, the native again sees a saint but this time the saint is not happy with the native and on the other hand, the saint is angry with the native or the saint scares the native about some bad things or events which are heading his way and then suddenly, the native finds himself in some kind of trouble.

This dream conveys a message different than the message conveyed by the first dream and this dream may mean that the Yellow Sapphire worn by the native is not suitable for him and that the native may have to face bad consequences after wearing this gemstone and hence the native should not continue wearing this gemstone. Let’s consider another possible dream in the same case and let’s see what message comes out of that dream. Lets’ assume that the native after wearing a Yellow Sapphire, experiences a dream in which he sees that big, scary and ferocious dogs are running after him in order to attack him, the native is running with his full strength in order to save his life and he is looking for every possible way to save himself from such ferocious dogs.

Suddenly, the native finds a temple or the Aashram of a saint and he takes shelter in the temple or Ashram and surprisingly the dogs do not enter that temple or Ashram but they stand outside the temple or Ashram and they continuously keep barking on the native and scaring him as if they are committed to hurt the native once he comes out of the temple or Aashram.

On surface analysis, this dream looks like a horrible dream and the native experiencing this dream after wearing a Yellow Sapphire may become scared and he may remove his gemstone after this dream which he may experience again in a few days after wearing this gemstone. However, this dream is quite contrary to what it looks like as it is a positive dream and it gives a message to the native, which is for the benefit of the native. This dream means that the native wearing the Yellow Sapphire is likely to have a combination of malefic Ketu and benefic Jupiter in his horoscope, thereby leading to the formation of Guru Chandal Yog in the horoscope of the native.

It means that Ketu is afflicting Jupiter and accordingly the native is suffering on various fronts of his life. Now, as this native wears a Yellow Sapphire, Jupiter gains strength through this gemstone and it becomes stronger and more capable of fighting the affliction caused by Ketu and hence such positive and stronger Jupiter can give more benefits to the native, through his gemstone. Ketu on the other hand, carries the same strength as before and the increased strength of Jupiter makes it difficult for Ketu to overcome Jupiter, like it did previously and hence the net equation of control starts shifting towards Jupiter in a gradual way.

The dream experienced by the native means that Ketu is chasing the native in the form of ferocious and killer dogs in order to harm and hurt the native but the native finds shelter in a temple or an Ashram both of which are the places ruled by Jupiter. It means that Jupiter blesses the native in the nick of the time and the native is saved from the potential threats and problems indicated by Ketu, due to the interference of Jupiter. This means that the Yellow Sapphire is suitable for the native and the native will be able to overcome losses and problems indicated by Ketu, after wearing this gemstone.

Let’s consider another dream in the same example to understand the messages as well as illusions created by various planets among navagraha, after wearing certain specific gemstones belonging to different planets among navagraha. Let’s assume that the same native, after wearing his Yellow Sapphire, experiences a dream, in which he sees that a 5 to 10 year old young boy comes and meets him and this boy may be wearing torn or ragged clothes or this boy may claim to be a Baal Yogi meaning child sage or saint.

This boy tells the native that something very horrible is coming his way and that the native should remove his gemstone (Yellow Sapphire) at the earliest otherwise the native may have to face serious consequences. Such young boy may even show some miracles to the native in order to make the native believe in his power and entity. Now this is an interesting as well as a complex dream and some astrologers may not be able to interpret this dream in its proper sense.

This dream is an illusionary dream and it again means that the native should continue wearing his Yellow Sapphire, as Ketu is again trying to make the native remove this gemstone but this time with a different technique. In the previous dream featuring dogs, Ketu tried to scare the native whereas in this dream, Ketu tries to influence the native with the help of its Maya and this planet wants to convince the native that a Yellow Sapphire is not suitable for him and that he should remove it. It should be noted that if the native removes this gemstone after such a dream, he is likely to face problems in the future and his situation is not likely to improve.

Planets are very skilled at causing illusions and creating Maya and they can influence a native through dreams and they can convince him to remove a suitable gemstone by indicating that the gemstone is not suitable for the native. However in reality, the gemstone is suitable for the native and some malefic planet has been finding it difficult to trouble the native after he has worn this gemstone, due to increased strength of some positive planet for which the gemstone has been worn.

This concept can be understood in a better way, by considering the example from Ramayana where demon king Ravana comes to goddess Seeta and asks her to cross Lakshman Rekha drawn by Shri Lakshmana, stating that he being an exalted sage will not accept alms or food which is bound by any restrictions or boundaries. Bhagwati Sita first refuses to do so and she says that she can’t cross Lakshman Rekha drawn by his brother in law, which has been drawn for her safety, upon which the demon king Ravana says that if she does not cross Lakshman Rekha, serious troubles will fall upon her husband and brother in law who are out in the Jungle, in search of a golden deer.

Ravana convinces Bhagwati Seeta with the help of his Maya that he is an exalted sage and that she should follow his advice. Bhagwati Seeta does so and as she crosses Lakshman Rekha, demon king Ravana kidnapps her, appearing in his original guise. In this reference, Lakshman Rekha can be considered as the safety provided by the gemstone worn by the native and Ravana can be considered as the malefic planet which tries to convince the native with its Maya that he should abandon his Lakshaman Rekha (gemstone). If the native is blinded by the illusion of malefic planet and he removes his gemstone, he may have to face serious problems in future as he has himself abandoned his cover of protection.

Similarly, a native can experience various other kinds of dreams after wearing a Yellow Sapphire as mentioned in the above example or after wearing various other gemstones belonging to different planets among navagraha. These dreams can supply very meaningful and relevant information about the working of various planets in the horoscope of the native as well as about the future course of events, reserved for the native. A good astrologer can always interpret certain relevant dreams and he can then provide proper guidance to his client regarding his future.

Vedic astrology has blessed the mankind with immense knowledge and a great vision which can look into many spheres of a native’s life and even into the dreams of a native. For this reason, the natives experiencing various kinds of strange looking dreams after wearing some specific gemstones should contact their astrologers in order to provide them with feedback about their dreams, in order to know about the relevance as well as the meaning of their dreams and in order to know about the message or future indication that was hidden in a dream.

The above mentioned dreams are merely a few dreams among millions of possible dreams and different natives can experience different types of dreams after wearing their gemstones. Sometimes a similar looking dream experienced by different natives, can convey different or altogether opposite messages for different natives depending on the working nature of various planets in the horoscope of various natives.

Hence, the interpretation of the dreams should only be done by the astrologers who are expert in the field of Vedic astrology and who can provide proper guidance about such special dreams. The guidance of an amateur or an astrologer with little knowledge on the subject should be avoided as such an astrologer can easily misinterpret a dream and he can ask the native do something that should not be done at all by the native.


Himanshu Shangari