The Basics of Numerology

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Numerology is considered as the science of calculating a native’s future, nature, characteristics, goals, challenges and many other important aspects of his life with the help of numbers which are primarily derived from his name and date of birth. The science of numerology had initially fascinated western astrologers and numerologists more than Indian astrologers and numerologists but it has caught up very fast with Indian astrologers and numerologists and as a result many practitioners and experts of this science can be found in India also. Many rich people, powerful people, movie stars and other celebrities are now paying visits to numerologists in order to know their lucky numbers and in order to know their future with the help of certain numbers which are drawn from their date of birth and their prevalent names and many of such celebrities and famous people change their names according to the advice of their numerologists in order to achieve success or more success  in their respective professional spheres as such celebrities and famous people are told by their numerologists that present name corresponds to a number which is not suitable for them and if they make certain changes to their name or if they change their name in such a way that a specific number can be got as a resultant, their chances of success can be improved many times. Similarly, there are many other spheres of a native’s life which can be predicted with the help of numerology and which can also be improved with the help of numerology and accordingly many people seeking better results in such spheres of their lives, take advice from a numerologist.

                      When compared to Vedic Astrology, numerology has a comparatively limited scope as Vedic Astrology can go deeper and deeper in many spheres of a native’s present life and it can even give the native an idea about his past life like what possible good or bad karmas were done by the native during his past life and what problems will the native have to face as a result of those bad karmas. The scope of numerology however is limited to only a few spheres of a native’s life and it more likely gives an approximate idea of how things can happen related to that sphere of native’s life and it generally does not gives minute details of the events like Vedic Astrology can do. But at the same time, one good thing with numerology is the ease of learning this science compared to Vedic Astrology as it is comparatively far easier to learn numerology than learning Vedic Astrology as latter is a very complex and difficult form of astrology to learn, practice, master and apply, due to which many natives find it better to learn numerology than Vedic Astrology as numerology is much simpler and easy to learn. Some astrologers practice in both astrology and numerology at the same time and they combine the guidance of both of these sciences in order to predict the future of a native.

                        The science of numerology is based on numbers which are calculated from the date of birth and name of a native whose case is under consideration for various aspects. The date of birth of a native is added up to obtain a 1 digit number by adding up all the numbers in the date of birth of the native where the day, month and year of birth of the native is considered for this calculation. If a native’s date of birth is 14 December 1995, then the resultant number of his date of birth will be calculated in 4 steps where the date, month and year of birth are reduced to 1 digit numbers by adding up the numbers mentioned in them, in the first 3 steps and the resultant number of the addition of these 3 numbers is obtained in the 4th step which is the final resultant number for date of birth of a native. In the given example, the total of date comes out as 5 by adding up 1 and 4 in the date, the total of month comes out as 3 as December stands for number 12 being the 12th month of year and we get 3 by adding 1 and 2 mentioned in 12. In case of year of birth which is 1995 we get 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 which is 24 and we add up this number again to obtain a single digit number which comes out as 6 by adding 2 and 4. Hence we have got the three 1 digit numbers as 5 for the date, 3 for the month and 6 for the year and in the next and final step we will add these 3 numbers to get the final 1 digit number for date of birth. Adding up 5, 3 and 6, we get 14 which is a double digit number and by adding up the digits in this number again, we get 1 + 4 = 5. Hence 5 is the resultant number of date of birth of a native which is called as the Life Path Number, Talent Number, Birth number or the Birth force number and it is considered as the most important number in a native’s life and many predictions are made about the native from this number.

                     Apart from the talent number, the other most important number for a native is obtained by adding up the digits corresponding to the English letters used in his name. Numerology assigns the following numbers to each one of the English letters :


A, J and S = 1

B, K and T = 2

C, L and U = 3

D, M and V = 4

E, N and W = 5

F, O and X = 6

G, P and Y = 7

H, Q and Z = 8

I and R =       9

                  The digits corresponding to each letter are taken according to the above mentioned table and then the digits are added in order to obtain a single digit number. For example, if someone’s name is Rakesh Kumar, then his digital name will be 9 for R, 1 for A, 2 for K, 5 for E, 1 for S, 8 for H, 2 for K, 3 for U, 4 for M, 1 for A and 9 for R and adding up all these numbers namely 9, 1, 2, 5, 1, 8, 2, 3, 4, 1 and 9 we get 45 which is a double digit number and adding up 4 and 5 in this number we get 9 as the final resultant single digit number which is the number obtained for the name of the native. The number so obtained by adding up digits assigned to all the English letters used in a name is called Expression number, Destiny number or name number in numerology and it is believed that this number has got a lot to do with the way your luck works and your efforts bring result. For this reason, many natives are suggested by various numerologists, to alter or change their name in such a way that more suitable and desired destiny number or name number can be obtained which is supposed to enhance the luck of the native and accordingly the native can achieve success in a particular sphere of his life.

               Apart from the above mentioned numbers like talent number and destiny number, there are many other numbers in numerology which are calculated from the name and date of birth of the native under consideration for a numerology reading, by using various combinations of numbers used in name and date of birth of the native and then such resultant numbers are studied in order to predict the chances of success and failures in various spheres of a native’s life. This way numerology can be used to provide broader guidelines to various natives in many spheres of their lives and though this science has not proved itself to be as precise and detailed as Vedic Astrology but it can still provide value to people in many spheres of their lives and the fact that numerology is easy to learn and practice, makes it more desirable for many people. In my opinion, numerology can be and should be used in the cases where the practitioner does not have proper knowledge or any knowledge of Vedic Astrology, so that he can guide his client to some extent, in various spheres of his life whereas an expert Vedic Astrologer does not need the support of numerology as Vedic Astrology is much detailed and vast science compared to numerology and it can tell everything that numerology can tell plus a lot and lot more than that.

               In the coming articles of this section, we will discuss about various concepts used in numerology and we will also learn as to how to make predictions based on those numbers and concepts.

Himanshu Shangari