Vedic Astrology and Black Magic

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Black magic has interested some people and at the same time it has scared many people since time immemorial and even today black magic is a topic which many people want to know about due to either being interested in it or being scared that someone has cast a black magic spell on them in order to make things go wrong for them. Many of my clients keep on asking me as to whether Vedic Astrology recognizes black magic and if yes then can it be told from a horoscope whether a particular native is under the spell of black magic at a particular point in time and if yes then does Vedic Astrology suggests any remedies to overcome the spell of such black magic cast on a native. Therefore, in order to cast some light on this topic due to repeated requests from many of my clients and readers, in today’s article we will look into this matter and we will try to find out as to whether such thing called black magic exists and if yes then how can Vedic Astrology deal with black magic and cure someone suffering from such spells of black magic.

                         In order to understand this topic in a better way, let’s first look at the concept of black magic. As we know, Vedic Astrology deals with the study of horoscopes through navagraha, 27 nakshatras, 12 signs and 12 houses of the horoscope and accordingly a Vedic astrologer studies various combinations of navagraha, nakshatras, signs in various houses of a horoscope and then it calculates the past, present and future of a native. Black magic on the other hand, does not have anything to do with the study or application of navagraha, 27 nakshatras, 12 zodiac signs and houses of the horoscope and it deals with the realm of paranormal worlds which may include some spirits which may be advanced on different levels and accordingly their names or titles may be different like, Bhoot, Pishaach, Raakshas, Bramha Rakshas, Nat, Pret, Baitaal and many other such types of titles.  Apart from these spirits, some faiths of black magic may deal with some other paranormal powers of the dark worlds which are considered even more powerful than the ones mentioned above. The practitioners of black magic gain access to one or more of these powers of paranormal worlds and through these powers they try to get certain jobs done for their clients. The more is the power of paranormal entity mastered by a practitioner of black magic, the more is the power of such black magician and accordingly more is the number of tasks that such black magician can accomplish through such paranormal powers. Hence the faith of black magic does not have anything to do with navagraha, nakshatras, zodiac signs and it deals directly with the spirits and other paranormal powers.

                    From the above mentioned discussion, it may seem as if the practice of black magic is completely free from the influence of navagraha and Vedic Astrology but this is not true all the times and black magic may be connected to Vedic Astrology, more often than one can think and here is how. Most of the spirits mastered and used by the practitioners of black magic come under the significances of one or the other planet among navagraha which means that such spirits belong to and they can be controlled through these planets among navagraha. This may seem a bit strange but it is not very difficult to understand if one understands the power of these spirits as well as the power of navagraha and compares these powers. It should be noted here that some very powerful paranormal and supernatural entities may belong to the realms superior to that of navagraha but such entities are very few in numbers and at the same time it is very difficult to master such entities and hence the masters of such powerful entities are extremely difficult to find. In addition to most of the spirits, all the black magicians and other such practitioners who master such spirits and powers, come under the significances of navagraha which establishes a direct connection between them and the horoscope of the native suffering through their hands.

                       It may seem difficult to tell from a horoscope on the basis of Vedic Astrology as to whether or not a native is actually under the influence of a spell of black magic, but it is actually not very difficult to tell it from the horoscope of the native if the astrologer reading the horoscope has a expert knowledge in Vedic Astrology. A very important thing to note here is that most faiths and concepts of nature do not contradict each other and they rather complement each other which means that if a native is supposed to suffer on the hands of black magic, for a particular period of time, such indications will be present in his horoscope which can be interpreted with the help of Vedic Astrology. Some horoscopes give indications that the natives may have to suffer from the spell of black magic or other such practices and accordingly such natives are prone to become victims of such practices and the timing of such events can also be explained by analyzing the horoscope of such natives and by determining the times of influence of some particular planets which tend to victimize the native on the hands of practices like black magic. In the same way, indications can be found in the horoscopes of the natives who themselves engage in practices like black magic or who may use some professionals to hurt or harm someone. In this way, Vedic Astrology can be applied in order to know whether or not a native may be under the spell of black magic and also to know as to whether or not a native himself may be using black magic to hurt or harm someone.

                        And once we know that a particular native is suffering from some kind of black magic or other such things, the next step to be taken are the remedies to cure it and Vedic Astrology offers a wide variety of remedies in order to get rid of most of such spells of black magic. For example, the natives suffering in the hands of simple spirits can be cured merely by performing pooja or poojas for some particular planet or planets among navagraha as the spirits on basic level are far inferior to each planet among navagraha. Each planet among navagraha possesses powers equivalent to those of gods and it is not very difficult for them to clear a native from some spirits and all that needs to be done is to identify that particular planet from the horoscope of the native with the help of Vedic Astrology, which can ward off such evil spirits for the native. It should be noted here that such planet can be different for different natives and it can be found through the horoscope of the native by analyzing the horoscope of the native properly, with the help of Vedic Astrology. Whereas most of the paranormal entities troubling a native can be removed with the help of one or the other planet among navagraha, there are still some very powerful entities which are beyond the powers of navagraha and the native under the spell of such entities cannot be cured merely by performing poojas for some planet among navagraha. Vedic Astrology uses the poojas like Shri Chandi Paath, Shri Durga SaptShati, Shri Kaal Bhairav Pooja, Shri Hanuman Pooja and other such poojas in order to cure the natives suffering from the attack or spell of such powerful entities.

                        Hence Vedic Astrology can be used both to detect black magic as well as to cure the native suffering from black magic and if the astrologer has expertise in the matter and he knows what kind of influence may be troubling the native according to his horoscope and what kind of remedies should be done to ward off that malefic influence, most of the natives suffering from black magic can be cured successfully with the guidance and remedies of Vedic Astrology.

Himanshu Shangari