Gemstones and Date of Birth

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Wearing gemstones is a practice which should be carried out with utmost care and under the supervision of an expert astrologer who knows exactly which gemstone is going to suit you according to your horoscope and what weight of that gemstone is going to suit you. However, some astrologers recommend gemstones on the basis of baseless theories and beliefs which have given birth to various misconceptions in gemstone astrology. In this chapter, we will discuss some facts associated with the theory of recommending gemstones on the basis of Date of Birth of a native.

Many astrologers believe that gemstones can be worn according to the date of birth of a person. Such astrologers state that same gemstones are suitable to all the people born on a particular day and the suitability of such gemstones is calculated from the date which falls on the day of birth of a native. For example, if a native is born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of a month it is believed by these astrologers that Ruby is the suitable gemstone for these people as Ruby is associated with number 1 according to numerology and the sum total of all the above mentioned number comes up as 1 like 1 plus 9 make 10 which again makes 1 when added.

Hence these astrologers recommend all their clients to wear Ruby who are born on any of the above mentioned dates of any month. Similarly, these astrologers recommend Pearl as a suitable or lucky gemstone to the people who are born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month as Pearl is the gemstone for Moon according to Vedic astrology and Moon is related to number 2 according to numerology. Similarly, other gemstones are suggested to different natives depending on their dates of birth and this way, all the natives born on a particular date of every month end up having the same lucky or suitable gemstones for them.

Moving ahead, a group of astrologers believes that the gemstone which belongs to the lord of Date of Birth of a native is always suitable for a native and hence these astrologers recommend their clients to wear gemstones belonging to the lords of Dates of Birth in their respective horoscopes. But in actual practice, such gemstones prescribed for Lords of Dates of Birth of the natives can give positive effects to some natives whereas such gemstones can give bad or very bad effects to some other natives. I have been told by many of my clients that they have suffered on account of serious problems in various spheres of their lives after wearing the gemstone for the lord of Date of Birth in their horoscope.

As the number of people suffering from bad effects after wearing the gemstone for the lord of Date of Birth is much more than the number of natives benefitting by wearing such gemstones, it clearly suggests that this theory and belief of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of Date of Birth is flawed and it is not an accurate theory. Looking at some scientific and astrological facts related to this theory, this theory states that about 400,000 people born during a particular period of one day can wear the same gemstone which belongs to the lord of Date of Birth in their horoscopes, which is same for all such natives.

It should be noted that the basic and most important rule for wearing any particular gemstone is that the planet for which a gemstone is being worn, should be working positively in the horoscope of the native which means that such planet should be a benefic planet for the native. Combining the results of this rule with the results of the above mentioned theory of wearing gemstones on the basis of Date of Birth, this conclusion can be easily derived that the lord of Date of Birth in a horoscope is always benefic for the native as the gemstone for this planet is believed to be always suitable for the native and only the gemstones belonging to benefic planets are suitable for a native.

This means that a particular planets continues to be benefic for all the natives born during a period of specific one day as all 400,000 natives ( approximately ) born during this day will have the same date of birth and hence they will have the same lord of Date of Birth. The working nature of all planets continuously keeps changing from benefic to malefic and from malefic to benefic and a planet can completely change from benefic to malefic or from malefic to benefic in a matter of 30 minutes which means that a planet can’t keep being benefic for all the natives born during a period of one day as it can change its nature many times during this period of one day.

All the planets keep changing their strength, working nature and many other aspects related to them with every passing minute, which makes them behave differently with every passing minute and accordingly all the individuals are different from each other as there is a continuous change in the horoscopes due to continuous change in the characteristics of various planets.

Hence the theory of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of Date of Birth is flawed and accordingly the practice of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of this misconception should be avoided as such types of misconceptions can cause serious problems for some natives. The primary and the most important rule for wearing gemstones is that the planet related to the gemstone worn by a native should be benefic in his horoscope or in other words, gemstones should always be worn for benefic planets and they should almost never be worn for malefic planets.

Vedic astrology lays many guidelines for deciding the benefic or malefic nature of a planet in a horoscope and accordingly, a good astrologer should analyze the horoscope of his client with great care in order to decide which planets are benefic for the native and then the gemstones for such planets should only be recommended.


Himanshu Shangari