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                   Sometimes a planet becomes extremely negative in a horoscope and keeps on bothering and troubling the native more and more in spite of the native wearing Navagraha Mantrasthe gemstones for the positive planets and doing remedies for the negative planets. In such extreme cases, the Mantra for the extremely negative planet is prescribed. Chanting the Mantra of a particular planet for a specific number of times in a given time frame helps reducing the negative effects of the planet. And though I put a great deal of emphasis on gemstones and the magic done by gemstones, I would like to mention here that the Mantras are by all mean superior to gemstones and there is no doubt that they are the Supreme remedies available in astrology. There is no remedy in astrology like chanting of Mantras.

                    And one more good thing about them is that unlike gemstones, the Mantras only give positive effects and there are no negative effects for the Mantras, though there may be sometimes some minor side effects due to the excess of energy of some planet for which a person is chanting the Mantras. So in case you are chanting Mantras for a planet which is positive in your horoscope, the planet will start gaining strength as the Mantras will transmit the energy of the planet into your body in the same way the gemstones do, though the mechanism of gemstones and Mantras are different. And if you are chanting the Mantras for a planet which is extremely negative in your horoscope, the negative effect of the planet will start reducing as you keep on chanting the Mantra for that planet. So the Mantras can be used for both the positive and negative planets without any negative effects. But the use of Mantras is still very limited in astrology in spite of so many benefits and no negative effects.

                     This is mainly due to the reason that chanting of Mantras for a planet only shows its effect if the Mantras are pronounced with the exact proper rhythm and in a daily routine for the prescribed period of time which may be 1 month to 19 years depending upon the horoscope. And apart from the above mentioned things, there are some codes of cleanliness and disciplines which should be strictly followed while chanting the Mantras. Due to these reasons people are generally not willing to chant the Mantras as it requires a great deal of effort and discipline on their part. That is why gemstones and other remedies are prescribed as they are simple to do and do not require any discipline or very little discipline. For example, once the gemstones are worn, they work automatically for the native who is wearing them as gemstones are devices and keep on working once installed. So it is comparatively very easy for a person to wear gemstones rather than chanting the Mantras for the positive planets. But in case of an extremely negative planet in a horoscope, only the Mantra for that planet can give satisfactory results. And in case you are interested in chanting Mantras for some planet, first ask an astrologer which Mantra should be chanted as per your horoscope, for how many times a day and for how long a period of time. And the foremost thing is to learn the exact rhythm of the Mantra. Mantras are like voice passwords and are not likely to work properly or at all if not chanted with the exact proper rhythm. Let’s now go ahead and have a look at the Mantras for different planets.

Here are the Basic Mantras for Nine Planets or NavaGraha according to Vedic Astrology.

Soorya (Sun) Mantra :           Om Sooryaay Namah

Chandra (Moon) Mantra :      Om Chandraay Namah

Guru (Jupiter) Mantra :          Om Gurve Namah

Shukra (Venus) Mantra :        Om Shukraay Namah

Mangal (Mars) Mantra :          Om Manglaay Namah

Budh (Mercury) Mantra :        Om Budhaay Namah

Shani (Saturn) Mantra :          Om ShanichRaay Namah

Rahu (North Node) Mantra :   Om Raahve Namah

Ketu (South Node) Mantra :    Om Ketve Namah

                     Apart from these Mantras there are short Beej Mantras, Detailed Beej Mantras and Stotras for NavaGraha or Nine Planets and specific Mantras for Kaal Sarp Dosh, Manglik Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Dasha Dosh etc. in vedic astrology. But Chanting of Basic NavaGraha Mantras for as many times a day as is prescribed by an Astrologer is generally sufficient. But in extreme case, chanting of Beej Mantras for NavaGraha are prescribed. The Beej Mantras for NavaGraha are :

Soorya Beej Mantra :      Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Sooryaay Namah

Chandra Beej Mantra :    Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandraay Namah

Guru Beej Mantra :         Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah

Shukra Beej Mantra :      Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraay Namah

Mangal Beej Mantra :     Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaay Namah

Budh Beej Mantra :        Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaay Namah

Shani Beej Mantra :        Om Praam Preem Praum Sah ShanichRaay Namah

Rahu Beej Mantra :        Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Raahve Namah

Ketu Beej Mantra :         Om Straam Streem Straum Sah Ketve Namah

                                        Following are the Veda Mantras or Vedic Mantras for each one of 9 planets among navagraha :

Sun or Soorya or Surya Vedic Mantra

Om Aakrishnen Rajsaa Varttmaano Niveshyann Mrittam Mtarya Cha

Hiranyen Savitaa Rathenaa Devo Yaati Bhuvnaani Pashyan.

Om Sooryaay Namah.

Moon or Chandra Vedic Mantra :

OM Imam DevaSpat Na Gwwam Sudhvam Mahte Kshatraay

Mahte Jyeshthaay MahteJaanRaajyaayendrasyaIndraay

ImamMushya PutraMushyai PutraMasyai Vish Esh

VomeeRaajaa SomoSmaakam Brahmanaanam Gwwam Raajaa.

Om Chandraay Namah.

Jupiter or Brihaspati or Guru Vedic Mantra

Om Brihaspate AtiYadaryo Arhaad DumDwiBhaati KritMajNeishu,

YadDeedYachhwas RitPraJaat TadasMaasu Dravin Dhehi Chitram,

Om BrihasPatye Namah.

Venus or Shukra Vedic Mantra

Om Annaat PriSruto Rasam Brahmanaa Vyapivat Kshatram Payah

Somam Prajaapati Riten Satyam Indriyam Pivaanam Gwwam

ShukraMandhasIndrasyaIndriyaMidam PayoMritamMadhu.

Om Shukraay Namah.

Mars or Mangal Vedic Mantra

Om AgniMurdhaadha Divah Kakupati Prithvya Ayam

Apa Gwwam Retaa Gwwam Si Jinvati.

Om Bhaumaay Namah.

Mercury or Budh Vedic Mantra

Om UdBudhaySwaagne Prati JagrahitavMishtaaPoorte

Sa Gwwam Srije Thaamyam Cha, AsminTadhasthe AdhuttarAsmin

Vishwedeva Yajmaanashch Seedat. Om Budhaay Namah.

Saturn or Shani Veda Mantra

Om Shanno DevirBhishtya Aapo Bhavatu Peetye

ShanyoRabhistraVantu Nah. Om ShanaiChraay Namah.

Rahu Vedic Mantra

Om KyaanshChitra AaBhuvDwati Sada Vridh Sakha

Kyaa ShChinshThyaa Vrita. Om Raahve Namah.

Ketu Vedic Mantra

Om Ketum KrinVann Ketve Pesho Maryaa ApeshSe

SamushdBhirjaa Yathaa. Om Ketve Namah.

                    Kindly pay particular attention to the pronunciation of the Mantras as this is the most important part while chanting a Mantra. I am mentioning a few things about the pronunciation of these Mantras. Kindly note them carefully to get the maximum benefit.

               The right way to pronounce Soorya in Soorya Mantra is Sooryaay and not Sooryaya. The original sound of “A”  in the part Yaay in mantra is supposed to sound like the “A” sound in Car and Far and adding an additional A at the end is not the right thing to do. So it should always be Sooryaay and not Sooryaya. And the same is true in case of other Mantras like Chandraay, Bhaumaay, Shukraay, Budhaay and ShnichRaay.

                   Kindly note the capital R in case of ShanichRaay. There should be no A after Ch like Shanicharaay or Shanicharaya. They are both wrong pronunciations. The Ch sound in ShanichRaay is pronounced only half, so there should be no A after Ch and the Raay part is accentuated and that is why I have capitalized R in the Mantra.

                   Kindly note that in the Beej Mantra of Soorya, the sound of AU in the world Hraum is close to the sound of O in English word “Long”. The O sound should be extended in pronouncing the Mantra. Kindly pay attention to all the details mentioned above to get maximum benefit out of NavaGraha mantras. 

Himanshu Shangari