Health Problems and Astrology

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Health Problems and Astrology

As the saying goes, Health is Wealth. Most of us may not realise how true this saying is, when all around us is healthy and so are we. The true value of something can be realized only when that thing leaves us or the circumstances threaten to snatch it from us. After the global outbreak of COVID-19 commonly known as Corona, most people around the world have realized that health indeed is wealth. It is often during such threatening times that we realize the need to be healthy and we also realize how little attention we may have been paying to our health.

Over years and years of my practice in Vedic astrology; people have asked questions related to many spheres of their lives like profession, love, marriage, fame, success and many other spheres. The sphere of health however, is often left untouched by most people until it starts going wrong. For the last couple of months; more and more people have been asking about their health, lifeline and overall wellbeing; owing to Corona. Whereas an alert person pays attention to his health as and when something starts going wrong; a wise person tries to ensure that he doesn’t reach such a stage. A small percentage of people proactively pay attention to their health and overall wellbeing during their consultations; and these are the ones who generally don’t let smaller problems grow into bigger ones. A step taken in time can prevent a journey of many miles. Hence everyone should pay attention to their health and the people who consult astrologers should ensure to engage in appropriate astrological remedies from time to time, in order to avoid getting into serious health issues.

Almost every type of possible health issue that a native may face in future is duly indicated in his horoscope. It means if a native is going to suffer from heart attack at the age of 45, he may start getting symptoms related to it some years earlier; where such symptoms may include high blood pressure, unhealthy levels of cholesterol and other such things. When it comes to the horoscope of this native, the probability of this heart attack happening around his age of 45 is present; right at the time of his birth; as that is when his horoscope is made. It means an astrologer can calculate this probability at any time when this native approaches him and he can tell him at any age say at 25; that he is likely to suffer from a heart attack around his age of 45. Knowing this beforehand can help in more than one way.

Firstly, the native may become aware and he may make necessary changes to his lifestyle in time; so that the problem waiting for him in far future can be dealt with, from present. It should be noted that future is flexible which means it can change. Horoscopes don’t give predictions and they give probabilities where some of them are as weak as 5% and some of them are as strong as 99%. When we are looking at a probability of 99%, whether such probability is good or bad; it means such event is extremely likely to happen; unless monumental efforts are put in to change it. Before moving forward, it should be noted that astrological probabilities work on a concept similar to the fist law of energy. This law states that a body tends to stay in its state of rest or in its state of motion, unless acted upon by an external force.

In the same way; a karmic or astrological probability tends to come true based on its percentage of strength; unless an external force is applied to counteract or neutralize this probability. As a rule, stronger is the probability, stronger is the force required to counteract it. It means if the probability of a good or bad event happening is 50% in a horoscope; significant astrological as well as personal effort may be required to neutralize this probability. For a probability with 75% strength, much more effort may be needed to neutralize it. When it comes to probabilities which carry strengths higher than 90%, which are rare to find; serious, dedicated and sustained efforts are required to neutralize them. Even if an event carries a probability of 99% which is very rare to come across, it can be neutralized if the required effort or counteracting force is applied; with the exception of natural factors.

For example, if a female is not able to conceive a child on account of various issues; astrological remedies can fix these issues and help her have a child; even if the astrological probabilities of not having a child are high in her horoscope; as long as she is within the natural process of reproducing. It means if this female is old and her menopause has happened, with no more eggs left in her ovaries; astrological remedies may not act against these natural factors. However, if she has eggs left in her ovaries and menopause has happened or some other problems have stopped her from getting pregnant; these problems may be fixed with astrological remedies in most cases; if the amount of effort required to change this probability is applied.

The future is fixed in the sense that very strong probabilities are very difficult to change and hence they are very likely to come true. However, the future is flexible in the sense that even the strongest of the probabilities can be counteracted and changed. Considering some real life examples, viral pneumonia is a type of infection that is not rated very serious these days, due to advancement of medicine. This infection is like a death probability of 50%. It means if not treated, even this infection can kill you. Then there are certain types of cancers say breast cancer which is more serious than viral pneumonia and it can be considered as a death probability of 80%. It means if not treated, it can almost certainly kill you and if treated, your chances of survival are fair; provided you are able to put in all the required effort. Then some people may develop a cancer like pancreatic cancer which is like a death probability of more than 90%. Even if you treat this cancer, the chances of survival may be around 10% and when not treated, it is surely going to cause death.

It is now easy to understand that though all these diseases can kill us, their killing strength or probability of bringing death varies. Even if you don’t treat viral pneumonia, your immune system may fight it make it go away, though not in all the cases. It means with remedies in this case, your chances of survival are very high and even without remedies, your chances of survival are there, though they may not be that high. With breast cancer, your chances of survival are fair with remedies and without remedies, it is almost certainly going to kill you. When it comes to something like pancreatic cancer, it is certainly going to kill you without treatment and even with treatment, your chances of survival are not high. But then, people do fight and survive pancreatic cancer also; don’t they. When a person suffers from a troublesome disease like pancreatic cancer; their future is certain in the sense that without remedies, they are surely going to die. Their future is flexible in the sense that with remedies, they have chances of survival.

It means even the strongest probability is bound to come true only if no effort is made to counteract it. The moment we engage in such effort, the certainty contained by this probability goes away as anything can happen now. Then there are some diseases like AIDS which are not curable, but even they can be kept under control for long periods of time; with remedies which means with effort. The fact that there is no cure for AIDS only means that at this time; we don’t know how to cure it and it doesn’t mean that there is actually no cure for it. Remember, back in time, we didn’t have cure for cancer also and even before that, people often died of pneumonia also. It means we may find the cure for AIDS also, in the coming times. We don’t have to create such cure as it already exists in nature; we only have to find it. Every disease and every problem is born with a cure and a solution; the success or failure to deal with it depends only on the fact whether or not we are able to find such cure or solution. Hence it is actually not about creating a solution, it is about finding one; since the solutions are always there, often hiding in plain sight.

Coming back to cancer, even a deadliest cancer like pancreatic cancer takes about 20 years to kill, from the beginning till the end. As a general rule; the earlier you are able to detect it; the better are your chances of survival. This is why knowledge is blessing. When you know something in advance; you can take preventive measures so that a probable event of future may be prevented. Every type of cancer has the lowest killing rate if it is detected in the early stages and the required effort is made to stop it there. As already mentioned; a step taken in time can prevent a journey of miles. Imagine what would have happened to someone who had died from a type of cancer, had such cancer been detected in the early stages and then treated? The answer as we know is that such person may be alive now. It means there is no such word as certainty; as long as you are willing to work against the probability which is going create such certainty.

Probability is the mother of certainty. It means if a probability is dealt with in time when it is still a probability; it can be prevented from changing into a certainty. Hence for people who are not willing to put in any effort; most probabilities are certainties, which means their futures are almost fixed or certain. However, for people who try their best to work against the probabilities they don’t like; their future is flexible as any probability is changeable.

Coming back to astrology, just like a pancreatic cancer covers a journey of about 20 years before it reaches its destination; which is the death of the affected person; each and every defect including all health issues covers such journey. This means that if we are able to intercept its path along its journey, it can be stopped. The earlier we are able to intercept it along its path; better are the chances of us stopping it without needing to engage in monumental efforts. A seed can be destroyed without much effort, a plant takes some effort to destroy whereas a fully grown tree takes a lot of effort to destroy, since the roots have gone deep into earth.

Whether it is the health issue or some other issue, the job of a Vedic astrologer is to detect it in the seed stage or in the plant stage, so that you may not have to deal with the tree, which lies in future. Even if you reach such an astrologer when the seed has already developed into a tree; which means your problem has worsened; much can still be done, as even a tree can be rooted out though more effort and time is needed. Whether it is some type of cancer, heart issues or any other such health issue; your astrologer can guide you in advance that there is a probability of such issue happening in future and that you should start engaging in required measures at the earliest. Let’s try to understand this concept with the help of an astrological example.

Looking at a killer disease like AIDS, the horoscopes of the sufferers prominently indicate that they may catch a sexually transmitted disease which may kill them. If one such native avails astrological advice in time; the astrologer may warn him about the fact and he may advise him to avoid unprotected sexual contacts for a specific period of time which may be a period of a year or two. In addition to this, the astrologer may prescribe some remedies which can help him stay out of such problems. For example, if a malefic combination of Sun, Venus, Saturn and Rahu is the primary cause of such probable infection and the timing of impact is any specific period of one year in future; here is what can be done to get rid of this problem. The native is advised to engage in caution during this time period and he is also advised to engage in astrological remedies to fix this malefic combination.

Taking a look at the remedial approach; if malefic Saturn and Rahu are afflicting benefic Venus and benefic Sun in this horoscope; here is what is likely to happen. During an upcoming Rahu or Saturn period which means their Mahadasha or Antardasha, the native is likely to have unprotected sex with a woman who has AIDS. Since Saturn and Rahu are causing this event; the native is likely to be under the influence of alcohol or drug; the woman may be a sex worker as this combination indicates paid sex or she may be a complete stranger who meets this native at a party type event and mates with him, since the same is also indicated. Whether the first probability is going to play or the second; depends on the running times as well as on the finer factors of his horoscope. Running time here means if a Saturn period is in effect; the native is likely to have paid sex whereas if a Rahu period is in effect; the native is likely to have sex with a stranger and both of them may be under significant influence of some type of drug.

Venus represents the sexual acts among many other things and Sun represents our immunity as well as lifeline among many other things. Hence the affliction of malefic Rahu and Saturn to Sun, when Venus is also present, means that these two planets can afflict the immunity as well as lifeline of this native, through a sexual act. In order to do so, Saturn and Rahu are likely to use some type of intoxicant since the benefic energies like Sun and Jupiter go weaker when we are under the effect of such things. At the same time; the energy of Venus is likely to be corrupted relatively easily with the help of intoxicants, even when Venus is positive in a horoscope. Once Venus is corrupted, Saturn and Rahu may use it which means they may use a woman to afflict the immunity as well as lifeline of the native; which is Sun in this case. This event is likely to happen during night since Saturn, Rahu and Venus are the planets of night whereas Sun is strong during daytime and it gets weaker during night.

This is why majority of crimes and sensual corruptions happen during night since the generally beneficial energies like Sun and Jupiter go weaker during these times. Hence they may not be able to stop us with the same strength from within us; if we are planning to engage in something not healthy or good during night. On the other hand, the elements of corruption like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu gain more strength during night time. Hence the equation is more favourable for them during the night time.

After analysing this horoscope, the remedial approach can be devised. Since Sun and Venus are benefic, the gemstones for these two planets may be recommended to make them stronger so that they may fight malefic Rahu and Saturn in a better way; provided the overall horoscope supports the application of these gemstones. Saturn and Rahu can be pacified with the help of Vedic Poojas which should be conducted at regular intervals during the troublesome phase in question. The running length of such Poojas as well as the frequency of repetition depends on the overall horoscope of the native. For instance, if this malefic combination is present in the horoscope but the life supporting planetary energies of this native are strong; the native may not catch HIV but he may catch some other sexually transmitted disease which may trouble him a lot but which may not be able to kill him. This is because the horoscope indicates a sexually transmitted disease and at the same time; it indicates a strong lifeline. It means the sexually transmitted disease this native is likely to have in future may not be a killer one but a troublesome one.

Therefore, the running length of Poojas may be kept shorter and the frequency may also be kept reasonable. For example, the native may be advised to get an appropriate Pooja performed for him, once every two months, where each Pooja runs for 7 to 10 days; during the troublesome phase which may be a year or two. However, if such malefic combination is present and there are no strong benefic planets in the horoscope of this native to protect his life, the remedial approach may change. The frequency of Pooja may be once every month in this case and the running length may be 15 to 30 days for each Pooja; depending on the gravity of the situation. In addition to gemstones and Poojas, some donations and yantras may also be advised in this case; in order to make the most from remedies. If the astrologer is able to diagnose the horoscope properly for the gravity of this health issue as well as for the timing of its impact; appropriate remedies may be used to avoid it altogether. It looks like a lot but it is not much in real practice. It is like destroying a seed or a plant, before it turns into a big tree.

Similarly, for other troublesome health problems like various types of cancers, heart attack and other such issues; as well as for relatively less troublesome issues; like some bacterial or viral infections, say COVID-19 or Corona during these times; astrological guidance and remedies can be used. Speaking of Corona, it is a special case which appears once in a while. During normal days; your health is primarily dependent on your horoscope only and the astrological factors outside your horoscope don’t have that much say in it. However during special times like this one, global negativity is triggered and it tries to affect everyone. This is an extra factor which is not there in your horoscope since your horoscope can indicate your problems but not global problems. It is like a new probability has been introduced by global negativity, and this probability has been added to your horoscope for the time being.

Though the addition of this factor of global negativity can’t be stopped by your horoscope, just like your horoscope can’t stop a storm, a Tsunami, an earthquake or any other such phenomena; how you may be affected by it can be controlled by your horoscope as well as through your horoscope. When a Tsunami or an earthquake hits a geographical region, it doesn’t differentiate between people. It means the Tsunami on its own is meaning to cause the same quantum of damage to whosoever comes in its way. However, not all people hit by it are affected in the same way as some of them may die, some may survive with serious injuries and some may survive without significant injuries or even without any injuries at all. The quantum of damage induced is controlled by a bigger geographical threat like Tsunami whereas the quantum of damage received by each individual is controlled by his or her horoscope.

It means the natives who have the strongest life support systems in their horoscopes have the best chances of surviving this disaster, followed by the ones who have relatively weaker life support systems and so on. Looking at the other end of this spectrum, the natives who have the weakest life support systems in their horoscopes are almost certain to die and they are also likely to be among the people who die first, which means right on the impact. Therefore, when a bigger phenomenon or event happens; it can’t be stopped from an individual’s horoscope but how such individual is affected by it, can be controlled from his horoscope.

Corona or COVID-19 is one such event which has been triggered by global factors, which means by the troublesome combination of planets in their transitory motions. Once this problem hits a geographical region, everyone is prone to suffer from it; though not in the same way and not with the same quantum. The people with horoscopes which show strong immune systems, strong lifelines and positive running times, are not likely to contract this virus. The people having horoscopes with strong immune systems and strong lifelines but malefic running times are likely to contract this virus but they are also likely to get out of it, which means they may get cured of it. The people with weak immune systems, weak lifelines and negative running times are likely to contract Corona virus and die because of it.

Let us be reminded that these are probabilities and they can be changed with remedies. Looking at these three groups of people, the first group doesn’t need much astrological support in terms of remedies as the horoscopes of people in this group are strong enough to protect them. The second group of people may need some remedies to stay out of the infection or to get cured at the earliest, in case one of them has already contracted it. The third group of people needs dedicated astrological guidance as well as remedies to survive this global disaster. This is how a global or bigger disaster can hit and this is how remedies and guidance are decided; based on individual horoscopes.

When it comes to various diseases; each one of them has a primary center in the body, where it is rooted and from where it spreads. This center is the most troublesome part and if we can deal with it through astrological remedies; we can get rid of the disease. For example, Corona virus makes it headquarter in the lung region of our body and it causes maximum damage from that region, which may spread to other organs and regions of our body. While treating Corona with astrological remedies; here are the points which should be considered. The general things to consider are overall immunity, the strength of lifeline and the running times. If a native has contracted Corona Virus infection; then the additional fields to look into are; the lung region as well as the throat and upper respiratory tract.

If the planets and houses representing these regions are weak or afflicted or both; the native needs attention since these regions may not heal on their own. If at the same time, lifeline and running times are also troublesome; the native needs urgent astrological attention. For example, if a malefic combination of Mars and Rahu is placed in fourth house of a horoscope in Sagittarius, Jupiter is placed in sixth house in Aquarius, Mercury is placed in tenth house in Gemini along with malefic Sun and malefic Ketu; and the rest of the horoscope is not very good; the native may land in serious trouble. The lung region is represented by the fourth house in a horoscope and it is seriously afflicted in this horoscope. In addition to that, Jupiter being the lord of the fourth house is placed in sixth house which represents diseases among other things. Mercury being the lord of the ascendant is afflicted by malefic Sun and Ketu; indicating problems with lifeline. Sun too is afflicted by Ketu, indicating weak immunity. On top of that, if Mars or Rahu period is going on; the native may not survive.

It means if one of these two planets control the running time, the infection in the lung region is very likely to spread; choking this native to death as the respiratory system may collapse. Looking at the remedial measures, we need to strengthen the fourth house meaning the lungs; lifeline meaning Mercury, immunity meaning Sun in this case and at the same time; we need to pacify the planets which are causing this infection; meaning Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun. Looking at this horoscope, the gemstones for Mercury and Jupiter should provide good strength to lungs and lifeline; whereas the Poojas for Mars, Rahu, Sun and Ketu are required. Since Sun is malefic in this case, it can’t be strengthened through gemstone and we will need to deal with it through Pooja. During Poojas, Mars, Rahu and Ketu will be pacified whereas Sun will be pacified and strengthened at the same time. Sun needs to be strengthened to improve immunity and it needs to be pacified so that it may not cause more problems for Mercury which means the lifeline.

If all these measures are taken; the affected person should get out of Corona infection without much problem. In cases where it is not possible to use gemstones due to lack of time or due to some other reasons; Jupiter and Mercury can also be strengthened through Poojas as the Poojas can be started anytime and the affected person is not needed in any sense since Poojas operate on remote basis. It means a Pooja for anyone can be conducted from anywhere in the world; as long as the Pandits know which Pooja to perform and how to perform it. The additional requirements are a picture of the native in question as well as his name and his surname. Through this procedure which involves analysis of the horoscope and then the application of appropriate remedies; most people affected by COVID-19 may be treated and cured out of it. The time of recovery and the quantum of remedies required may vary from case to case; based on the already explained factors which may be different for different natives.

Similarly, other health issues may also be diagnosed as well as treated through Vedic astrology where different approach is needed for different types of health problems. For example, in case the horoscope is indicating trouble related to heart and heart attack at a later stage; the remedies should be used to provide strength to the planets which represent the working of heart and to pacify the planets which are causing such problems. Likewise, if a female is suffering from problems related to conception and pregnancy; the remedies should be used to strengthen her ovaries, the quality of her eggs, the process of her periods and her uterus, so that she may conceive and deliver. Similarly, if someone is suffering from some type of cancer; the placement of such cancer in the body should be detected and then appropriate remedies should be done. For instance, if a female is suffering from breast cancer; we will need to provide more strength to Moon as well as to fourth house. At the same time; we will need to pacify negative planetary energies which may be afflicting the fourth house or Moon or both.

Working on the same pattern, most of the health issues and diseases can be detected and treated with astrological remedies. The quantum of relief and the amount of effort required varies for different natives; depending on their overall horoscopes, the running times; the type of problem they are suffering from and the stage of such problem.


Himanshu Shangari