Karmic Love Relations

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology
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Venus is the first planet which is checked in a horoscope by most of the astrologers when it comes to love affairs. Whether it is Love at first sight or Love after 3 months, the role of Venus is very important in deciding the beginning, nature and longevity of a love affair. There are many types of love affairs including the ones that start with physical attraction and end up very soon with the end of the attraction or with the start of a new physical attraction.  And then there are Made for each other kind of love affairs which may start at first sight or may take their time to develop, but once established, they continue to grow stronger and stronger. Then there are some attractions which are one sided and always remain that way. And though one of the two persons involved in this situation may actually start liking or loving the other person very much, but there may be no response from the other end or a cold response or at the most We can be good friends kind of response. And similarly there are many other kinds of examples, but there is only one thing common in all of them, and that is none other than the influence of Venus. The role of Venus is of utmost importance in deciding the beginning, middle and the end of a relationship. But does it have anything to do with the past lives of the persons involved in a love affair. Can most of the long lasting love relationships be called Karmic Relationships which are based on the Karmas of past lives. Does the desire to want or love someone so badly have anything to do with the past lives. Let’s try to find the answer to these questions by digging deep into this theory of Karmic Relations.

Taking the first case, suppose a person liked another person in his past life, and the second person also liked the first person very much but due to some circumstances the two of them were not able to have a relationship. The strong feelings shared by them for each other would leave a strong impression on their souls. And even after their death, these impressions stay imprinted on their souls very strongly as it was a strong and incomplete wish and it would definitely bring them back to earth giving them a chance to fulfill this wish. There are mainly three reasons due to which a soul comes down to earth again and again. And these three reasons are:

One or more strong wishes and desires possessed by a person in any of his previous lives which were not accomplished but the person wanted to accomplish them so bad that they left deep impressions on the soul of this person, which bring him back to earth again and again till the wishes are fulfilled and the impressions are removed from his soul.

A person is Karmically indebted to someone or many people due to something good done by them to this person or something bad done by this person to them leaving the impressions on his soul, which would make it necessary for this person to come down to earth again and clear those Karmic debts before proceeding towards the final journey of his soul. Similarly a person seeking revenge or repayment of Karmic debts which are due on some people  because of some Karmas done in his previous lives would make that person come back on earth.

 To claim the rewards of good Karmas which a person had done in previous lives with a strong feeling that those good Karmas would bring him good results, which means that those Karmas were results oriented and thus they marked their impressions on his soul and he has to come back to get those rewards before proceeding towards the final journey. But if a person does good Karmas with no feeling for rewards or results, those Karmas do not mark their impressions on his soul and he is free to go.

Coming back to the topic, as both of the persons liked each other very much, it becomes a binding on the system of nature to bring them back and fulfill their wish in some other life. And in this case, both of them would take birth only when the planetary combinations are such that would lead to an interaction and a strong relationship between the two of them which would start at a predestined time and place. And Venus has a major role to play in the entire episode. As the two of them meet each other, they are attracted to each other very easily due to the influence of Venus which is working positively for this relationship and as they start the relationship, their souls recognize each other and an understanding starts building very quickly. But this affair is very likely to be a physically passionate affair as both of the persons involved wanted to consummate this relationship for a very long time and now when they have got the time, nothing can stop them and you can expect a very steamy love affair. And after a time when the impressions marked on their souls for physical interaction are removed, the relationship may or may not continue depending upon the desires of the persons involved. Typically this relationship may or may not be made for each other type of relationship as the physical aspect was the first thing driving this relationship.

Considering the second case, suppose the relationship was completed in the previous life and both the persons lived a very happy life loving each other till the end of their lives. And as both of them left this world one by one, they had a strong feeling that this relationship was the best thing that happened to them in their entire lifetime and both of them wished that they had spent more time in this relationship. This would again mark the impressions on their souls and the same thing will happen again in some other life. Only this time, the relationship will be more towards understanding each other and enjoying the company of each other rather than discovering the physical aspects as both of the persons involved had already consummated the relationship in the previous life and it was mainly the company of the other person that was desired by both of them. This is a perfect case of Made for each other as both of the persons involved in this relationship understood each other very well in the previous life and were very happy with each other, which marked the impressions on their souls. Such relationships are likely to continue from one birth to another till one or both of the partners involved in the relationship desires to move towards the spiritual journey. The persons involved in such relationships can be called Soul Mates in true sense as they keep on meeting and loving each other from one life to another.

                                                                      And in the third case, suppose it is only one person who liked someone but there was no response from the second person. And if the first person had a very strong feeling for this someone, it would leave its imprints on the soul of this person. And this person will come across the second person in one of his next lives and would try to fulfill his incomplete desire or wish, which is to get the attention of the second person. But the second person may or may not pay attention to the first person even in this life as there was no interest shown by this person even in the previous life, so there are no impressions on the soul of the second person and it is only the soul of the first person which is carrying the impressions for an incomplete desire. In such cases the first person will keep on facing the second person in the coming lives again and again until either the second person shows some response and a relationship starts or the first person gets tired of the second person and decides to go another way which would simply erase the impressions marked on the soul of first person and he is free of this bond. While on the other hand if this one sided attraction continues for some lives and still there are no signs of interest from the second person, extreme cases like an attempt for a suicide by the first person or use of force by the first person on the second person to fulfill his physical desires and get rid of his frustration which has been building for so many lives, can be witnessed depending upon the general nature and progress of the soul of the first person. 

                                                                    These are just a few cases and there can be many other types of cases which are possible. But the influence of Venus is a foremost factor in all these relationships as the execution of impressions marked on a soul for the purpose of physical attraction or long lasting relationship is the field which mainly belongs to Venus in astrology.

Himanshu Shangari