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Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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The readers who have read the first part of this book already know what the disadvantages of having a highly negative aura are, and how hard it is for a person with a highly negative aura to recover from this negativity. So you have invited so many problems not only for this life but for many of your coming lives also as this high quantity of negative energy in your aura is capable of bringing various types of problems and sufferings to you in this life as well as in many of your coming lives too. All this is happening because you have a habit of being overambitious and this habit has brought to you, some of the most serious types of problems and troubles there are. It certainly is too big a price to pay for one negative habit and therefore, if you have this habit, start working towards treating this habit before it is too late and this habit takes you to a point where it becomes very difficult for you to come back.

Before looking at the treatment for this negative habit, let’s first look into the conscious activities done by a person, which develop and then intensify this habit of being overambitious, in this person. Most people suffering from this problem have a habit of looking at and being inspired by the lives of the people who have achieved so many material resources in their lives. When it comes to people who have achieved such resources, these people can be classified into two categories. The first category has in it the people who have achieved all such things through fair means though it may have taken them a long or a very long time to reach there, whereas the second type of people have also achieved many material resources and they have done it in surprisingly short periods of time, obviously through criminal means.

Since the path of the fist type of people may be long or very long and since you are already suffering from the problem of being overambitious plus you have low conscience, you get inspired more and more by the second type of people and not by the first type of people. This is because, the targets and the time required to achieve those targets are the only things that matter to you and the means used to achieve those targets don’t matter much to you, which is no surprise as you have unhealthy amount of greed and low conscience. Hence whenever you watch, hear or read about these two types of resourceful people, the following things happen at the level of your subconscious mind.

While going through the achievements of the first type of people who have achieved things by fair means, you consciously start thinking that this path is not for you because you may not have such good abilities and opportunities that most of these people have and on top of that, you don’t want to wait for twenty years or even more to reach a good level of success. Hence you send signals to your subconscious mind that you don’t want to follow the path shown by these people since you are not willing to wait much, in order to achieve what you wish to achieve. As this keeps happening again and again, your subconscious mind understands this script and it starts discouraging you from watching, hearing or reading about this type of people and accordingly, you watch, hear or read about them, less and less with passing time.

On the other hand, whenever you go through the resources achieved by the people of second type, you are fascinated a lot because they have done it in a short period of time. One thing that these people have in common with you is that they all have unhealthy amounts of greed and low conscience and you have the same too. So whenever you are inspired by this type of people, you send a signal to your subconscious mind that you like this type of people and you want to watch, hear or read more and more about them. With time and your repeated requests, your subconscious mind understands your request and it starts working according to it by bending you more and more towards the lifestyle and achievements of these people.

A very few people among this category are the ones who have lived a long life of crime, gathered so many material resources and still avoided getting caught or being punished. These people are the ones who interest you the most and they become your best inspiration because the only thing that puts fear in your mind when you want to start a life of crime is the fact that sooner or later, you will be caught and punished for it, and these people give you a solid reason to overcome that fear. These people inspire you that you can pursue a life of crime, achieve so much and even then avoid being caught or being punished. This is what triggers an inspiration so big inside you, which is capable of breaking all the barriers of fears of being caught and punished and you decide to follow this path with solid hopes that you will be able to become like one of these people.

As these changes are taking place, many other things and activities are also happening simultaneously which are intensifying this problem within you. When it comes to watching movies, you go through a variety of movie genres but you get stuck to the genre of crime and you start watching the movies in this genre, more and more. Even within this genre, your favorite movies are the ones where the hero pursues a life of crime and on top of that, he is able to avoid the punishment and life a happy life in the end, even if by suddenly quitting the life of crime after gathering so many material resources.

This is not just a movie for you and it has given you something new to follow your dream path. If the hero can pursue a life of crime and still be a hero, having a happy ending, why can’t you do the same? Suddenly, a movie has changed your world and it has made you look like a hero instead of looking like a villain, if you choose to pursue a life of crime. As a result you keep watching more and more of these movies and each time you watch one such movie with great conscious interest, you send a signal to your subconscious mind that a criminal is not always a villain and he can be a hero too. He can achieve so much through the life of crime and still have a happy ending. As you keep sending more and more of such signals to your subconscious mind by watching more and more of such movies, your subconscious mind understands that you want to pursue a life of crime and accordingly it starts motivating you more and more for pursuing such a life.

Apart from watching criminal movies, you read newspapers or watch the news with great interest, about the people who have pursued a life of crime for a long period of time and they have still been able to avoid getting caught or being punished. Such activities once again create the same effect and they send more signals to your subconscious mind that the life of crime is good. Apart from these things, you tend to watch, read or hear more and more about the best things in every sphere and you keep wishing to achieve those things. You watch programs which feature best of the cars, luxuries houses or villas, beautiful islands, top class hotels, best holiday themes, exotic places on earth, charted flights with many facilities, best of the liquors, best of the women, and all other such types of best things in different spheres of life, which provoke you more and more to reach out and get them.

As all these conscious activities keep sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind that you want to achieve all these most beautiful things and you don’t care about which path you follow, a point comes when these conscious activities send sufficient number of signals to your subconscious mind, to write on it a script, strong enough to give you the final push to go ahead and start actively engaging in criminal activities. This is the time you start walking on a new path, a path which virtually promises you all the beautiful things you want, and a path which in reality, brings a great number of problems and troubles to you and which ultimately makes you end up at a point where you are left with nothing else but suffer more and more.

In order to get rid of this negative habit of being overambitious, you will need to reduce the level of greed and raise the level of conscience, along with trying the specific remedies mentioned for this problem. Let’s now discuss some specifically designed activities which can help you get rid of this problem of being overambitious. At the first level of this treatment, start changing what you watch, hear or read since these are the biggest influences which work toward intensifying or reducing our problem of being overambitious. Stop watching, hearing or reading all such things which encourage you to be overambitious, and instead start watching, hearing or reading all such things which motivate you to have more conscience and more balance in your life.

For example, instead of spending your time looking at the lives of rich people, resourceful people and other such people who have achieved many material things in their lives, start spending your time towards knowing more and more about people who have delivered real value to the world. Instead of watching the programs featuring luxury vacations, beautiful cars, private islands, private planes and other such things, start watching programs which offer constructive ideas about how you can contribute more to the society and how you can make yourself more balanced and better in life. The history is full with examples of noble people who have served so much value to this world, who had very high levels of conscience and who set great examples to inspire many people to follow them. Get connected to more and more such stuff so that it may influence your subconscious mind to inspire you in moving toward the right path and not toward the wrong path.

When it comes to movies, stop watching movies where the hero plays a criminal and still escapes the punishment in the end, and instead watch movies in the genre of crime, where the hero is a noble character and the villain is put to the maximum punishment for his crimes. Such movies will inspire you more to be like the hero and at the same time, they will scare you with many fears that if you choose to follow a life of crime, you are going to face severe punishments like the villain in the movie.

These are positive and constructive fears and you should use them to your advantage as they can stop you from engaging in a life of crime or other types of unfair practices like excessive cheating, deceptions and other such practices in your professional sphere. I know it will be difficult to engage in practices mentioned by me as they are quite the opposite of what you are doing now, but you have to do what you have to do. In addition to that, you will find them difficult and boring to engage in, only for a specific period of time and after that, you will develop a habit of engaging in these practices and enjoying them also, as the more and more you keep engaging in them, the more your subconscious mind will start helping you in liking them.

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To be Continued

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari