Being OverAmbitious 02

Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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Hearing this, Yudishthara requests the god to take the dog also to the heavens as the dog accompanied him through his entire journey, and though all his brother left him by virtue of their deaths, the dog remained faithful and kept following him till this point. The god rejects his request and says that such great heavens can’t be granted to a dog and Yudhishthara will have to go there without the dog. Hearing this, Yudhishthara replies humbly that if such is the case, he doesn’t want those heavens either if the dog is not granted such heavens.

The god is surprised and he asks Yudhishthara why does he want to leave such great heavens for a vain creature like the dog? Yudhishthara replies that the dog has followed him throughout his journey no matter what came, with such undivided faith in him, as he had for his lord. He further says that just as a god can’t forsake a devotee who has undivided faith in him, he too can’t forsake this dog who has followed him throughout this journey with an undivided faith. Since they both have covered the exact same journey, it is fair that they both should be given the same results. So either the dog goes to heavens with him or he too doesn’t want to go there. This is once again an example of extreme levels of conscience and spiritual awareness. Needless to say, the dog was granted heavens too J

Coming back to the practical word of today, I know that such levels of conscience are not only very difficult to have and practice nowadays, but they are also hard to imagine even. The good news though is that in order to keep doing good things in our lives, most of the time, we don’t need such extreme levels of conscience and we can do with much less conscience. The above examples were mentioned just to give you an idea of what a person with extreme levels of conscience can achieve. Hence conscience as we were discussing, is the virtue which guides us in telling the right from the wrong, and lack of conscience is one reason for being aspired too much and that too, irrationally.

This is because, a person with good levels of conscience will always know the difference between healthy and unhealthy, rational and irrational levels of aspiration and hence he won’t be carried away by irrational aspirations. On the other hand, a person having low conscience wishes and tries to achieve each and every good thing he aspires to achieve and he doesn’t bother much about whether or not he should try to achieve that thing or even keep wishing for that thing. This is where the problem of this person lies as he doesn’t have much conscience to tell him which wishes are right or rational, and which wishes are wrong or irrational.

So we have established this fact that the conscience level is low or very low in a person suffering from too much ambition and now let’s look at the second reason called greed which also works in co-ordination with the first reason. Though greed is overall not a good virtue to have, it doesn’t cause much damage until it crosses a certain level and once it cross that level and becomes high or very high, it is alone sufficient to get a person into a variety of problems in many spheres of his life. Unhealthy levels of greed are once again possible only when the person having such high levels of greed has low conscience since conscience always stands against greed just like it stands against too much ambition.

Hence a person suffering from being overambitious lacks conscience and he has unhealthy levels of greed as well as too much irrational aspiration. Due to greed and irrational aspiration, such a person aspires to achieve a number of most luring things around him and then he tries to achieve them, whether doing so is just and sane or not. As he sets his eyes on best of the best things he comes across, and as he keeps wishing for those things, it becomes very difficult for him to settle for anything less than what he wants, as there is not enough conscience to guide him that wishing for the best things is one thing, but not accepting anything less than the best is another.

There is absolutely no problem in wishing for the best things and in aspiring to try for them, but if you get so much fixed on them that you start comparing everything you get, with what you really want to achieve and then you start rejecting or finding faults with everything you get, it certainly is a big problem. Such a negative habit will make you feel dissatisfied with almost anything you achieve and accordingly you start making complaints about most things and people who come your way. As you keep wishing for the best and you don’t settle for anything less, you start being more and more restless because what you want is not coming to you and what is coming to you is what you don’t want.

So, you’re trapped in a vicious circle and the only way out of this problem is to actually achieve what you want, this is what you may be thinking now, if you have this problem. But this is not true and in reality, you are not going to feel much satisfied even when you get something you really wanted for a long period of time. This is due to the reason that as you keep feeling dissatisfied with more and more things and people and as you keep complaining more and more, a strong script of complaining too much has been written on your subconscious mind, through all these dissatisfactions and complaints, over a long period of time.

Hence, by the time you achieve something that you really wanted and tried for, if you ever achieve that thing, you simply don’t have a habit of feeling satisfied, enjoying and complementing and you have the opposite habit. As a result, your subconscious mind will give you many reasons to feel dissatisfied with that thing and start wishing for something else which may be even more difficult and more irrational to wish and try for. This keeps happening and no matter what you may achieve, you will never feel satisfied and even if you do feel satisfied with something after achieving it, this satisfaction is short lasted and it is going to disappear soon, only to be replaced by dissatisfaction and complaints.

But even the above mentioned scenario is not the worst this habit of being overambitious can do to you, and the worst is yet to be discussed. Since your greed and aspirations are very high, you wish for achieving the best things in all spheres of your life regardless of whether such wishes are rational for you according to your present circumstances or not. This is because too much aspiration and greed will always provoke you to set your eyes on the best of the best things and since you don’t have the company of much conscience to guide you, you are going to set yourself targets which are too high and irrational, compared to your present status.

As you try to achieve these targets, the chances are very high that you won’t be able to achieve them through fair practices because there is a very wide gap between those targets and your present status, abilities and resources. You understand this fact sooner than later that if you try to achieve those targets through fair practices, you may not be able to achieve them in your entire life. At this point, you are left with two options only; be realistic and quit trying for those targets or use unfair practices to achieve those targets. The choice you make is easy to guess and it is to use unfair practices to achieve your targets, since you don’t have much conscience and your greed levels are high. Hence you start using unfair practices to achieve your targets and this is where the worst this problem has to offer, comes to the scene and here is how.

Let’s consider that among all other best things, you aspire to have a beautiful villa at a good location and such villa costs way too much to be achieved by saving money from your current salary or business, and hence you choose to engage in unfair practices or so to say, criminal activities, so that you may raise the amount of money required to purchase your dream villa. As you start engaging in criminal activities, two things can happen. The first of them is that you may get caught and punished for them even before you have made much money and realized some of your dreams whereas in second case, you may make good money for some time and you may realize some of your previously set targets before getting caught, punished and being pushed to a point where your status and resources are even lower than what they were at the start.

Hence in both these cases, you end up being punished and pushed to a far lower level of resources and status and all this has happened mere due to your negative habit of being overambitious. In addition to suffering the losses already mentioned, when you engage in more and more criminal activities, you practice more and more bad karmas since all types of criminal activities are bad karmas and some of them are the worst type of karmas. These bad karmas bring and add more and more negative energy to your aura and accordingly you are destined to face a variety of bad things and punishments in future. But it doesn’t end here and it goes even further.

Most people who engage in criminal activities, develop many other negative habits which may come to them because such negative habits are a part and parcel of life of crime. For example, smoking, drinking, consuming drugs, gambling and indulging in the company of paid sex workers are the most common types of negative habits or vices which are a part of life of crime and accordingly most people indulging in criminal activities are likely to get some or most of these negative habits. This happens because most people around you in criminal circles engage in these activities and as you already know through the first part of this book that the kind of company you keep is very important in giving you good or bad habits, many such negative habits are passed on to you by these people.

Most of these people have highly negative auras filled with a wide variety of negative habits and accordingly they are in a commanding position to influence your aura with their highly negative auras and add specific types of negative energies to your aura. As a result, you start adding those negative energies to your aura whether you want to do so or not, which means that their company influences you so much that you also start engaging in the vices already mentioned, whether you want or not. As more and more of these negative habits get added to your personality by virtue of more and more negative energy continuously being added to your aura, you are only inviting more and more problems for you in future, and you are also pushing your soul to lower and lower levels.

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To be Continued

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari