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As you start posting more and more such comments, with each one of these positive comments written after conscious effort of finding good in people, places and things, your conscious mind will start sending messages to your subconscious mind that you now want to see the good in people. Hence slowly but surely, your subconscious mind will start replacing the old script of finding bad in people or negative attitude, with the new script of finding good in people or positive attitude. As this script starts getting stronger with your continuous conscious efforts, your subconscious mind will start coming to your help and at this point you will be able to see that it has now become easier for you to notice good in people, things and places and now you need far less effort.

Another good thing is that when you start posting beautiful and unique comments about your friends, sooner than later, they will start recognizing that your comments are quite different from the other usual comments and that you have taken your time to find beautiful things about them and then write them. When it happens, you will start receiving positive vibes of thankfulness from these friends and such vibes will give a big boost to your confidence as you witness that you efforts are being recognized. All you have to do from here is to gain more and more positivity.

An interesting fact about energy which has already been mentioned by me earlier in this book is that if you send negative energy from your aura to other people by means of various activities, you will receive negative energy in return and if you send positive energy from your aura to other people by virtue of various types of positive activities, you will get positive energy in return. So as you start sending positive energy to your friends, they will send back more and more positive energy which will certainly improve the net energy equation of your aura and hence you start having better and better energy equation or improved aura with the passage of time.

After some time, you will feel that you have mastered this first level or you have become comfortable with this first level and you will start feeling that in order to put a beautiful comment on a picture, you don’t have to work hard now and you don’t need much time now since it has started coming easily to you. This is the time when you are ready for the next level and as you already know that even though the next level will be more difficult, you now have the support of your subconscious mind and you have also received much positive energy by virtue of positive activities that you did in the present level.

In the next level, start dealing with real life situations and try to find the good in people, things and places. Since you have already developed a habit of giving complements and finding good in people, places and things, it should not be difficult for you at this stage. Start with simple but true comments that appreciate the people you meet. For example, you can say, “Oh Ana, this red dress looks really good on you and by the way, red is my favorite color too!” or “Mr. Smith, this new hair style gives you quite a different look, in a good way!” or “Your apartment is really impressive and I especially like your living room!” or “Oh, you’re going for a vacation to Europe? It’s beautiful and you’ll surely love it!” and other such complements which are honest and positive.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind while engaging in these activities is that your complements should involve conscious effort and they must be honest. For example, if you don’t like red, don’t say that red is your favorite color just in order to make the complement more pleasing and in this case, simply say, “Red looks really good on you”. Always remember that sooner or later people will get to know whether your efforts are real or fake and hence always make real and honest efforts. As you keep telling good things to other people and especially the good things or qualities they already had in them but you couldn’t see and likewise many other people didn’t see, you will find that the people you are complementing will start being more friendly with you. Some of them will also start doing small favors for you, which will start increasing your faith in them and you will start trusting people more and more as you start finding that there are many good qualities in them and they really want to wish well for you.

A very important thing to note is that while you are consciously working to get rid of this habit of negative attitude, you should absolutely stay away from such people around you who may have the same habit of negative attitude. This is a must follow rule and it is so important that even if your own mother, father, brother, sister, best friend or your spouse is seriously affected by this habit, start avoiding their company as much as you can until the point you have gained a fairly good amount of positive energy and you know that you can only grow more positive from here. As already mentioned in the first section of this book, people with negative attitude or negative energy will keep sending more and more negative energy to you through their speech, body language, touch and through other means. At the early stages, negative energy coming in high quantities to you is the last thing you want if you wish to get rid of this habit of negative attitude.

Once you have achieved a good level of positive attitude, you can choose to be with selective people with negative attitude like your close relatives or friends but even at this stage, you should avoid people with negative attitude whom you can afford to avoid. The kind of company you keep on regular basis or the kind of people you deal with on regular basis is a very important factor in making you a positive or a negative person and accordingly you should choose very wisely who will you spend your time with as it is a very important factor in giving you more good habits or more bad habits.

While going through this treatment of negative attitude, as much as you benefit by staying away from negative people, you get even more amount of benefit by keeping the company of more and more people with positive or strong positive attitude. More time you spend in the company of such people more positive energy will come to you and accordingly you will find it easier to get rid of your habit of negative attitude. The company of people with strong positive attitude is really very helpful in such cases as these people provide you with lots of positive energy and motivation. At the same time, you will get to engage in more and more positive activities in their company, because engaging in more and more positive activities is what people with strong positive attitude do, most of the time.

As this practice of finding beauty in people continues and as you start doing it more often, you will find that a stage has reached where you don’t have to do much conscious effort to spot the beauty or good in people and then complement them. Now the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a person, thing or place is a beautiful or good thing about them which is exactly the opposite of what it was before; and which was negative things coming to your mind whenever you saw people things or places. This is the point where your negative attitude has been treated and you can build up from here, more and more.

Always remember that most people, things and places have good as well as bad traits in them as no one or nothing is perfect in this world. However, whether you find more good things or more bad things about them, depends on whether you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Isn’t it a small but surprising example of the mindset of different people that if you keep a glass half filled with water and then ask different people what does the glass look like, some will say that the glass is half filled whereas some others will say that the glass is half empty. In reality, the glass is half filled as well has half empty but the ones who see this glass as half filled have positive mindsets and they only want to see the good about this glass whereas the ones who see this glass as half empty have negative mindsets and accordingly they only want to see the bad about this glass.

Hence people, places or things won’t change in most cases. It is you who has to change and this change means the change in your attitude or mindset. Yes, there will always be some people or things which won’t work well for you or which won’t suit you even if you have a strong positive attitude but such people or things are not many in numbers or in percentage and once you have a positive mindset, you will find that you are now happy in the company of more and more people and things.

Remember that in most cases, you will always find what you really want to find. If you really want to see the bad in people, most people will always look bad to you whereas if you really want to see the good in people, most people will look good to you. When your attitude changes, those that seemed negative or bad to you will now appear positive!

They are the same people who were bad for you when you had negative attitude and they are the same people who are good for you when you have positive attitude. This situation is the exact opposite now, but none of them has changed. The only thing that has changed is you. This is why the title of this book is “Heaven and Hell Within, Which one do you want?” All heavenly pleasures come from within your mind, they start motivating you to do more and more good, so you do more and more good and accordingly, you start getting more and more good things in return.

On the other hand, all bad things also rise from within you, they motivate you to do more bad, so you do more bad and accordingly, you start getting bad experiences in return, from the outside world. Even though you have received good things in one case and bad things in the other, one thing is common in both cases: you have only received what you really wanted to receive. By now, all of you must be fully aware of the strength and power of your mind and you may be wondering how everything in the outside world can change merely if we change ourselves.

When a drop of water falls into the mud, it becomes mud, but if the same drop of water falls on a lotus, it shines like a pearl and if the same drop of water falls into the mouth of an oyster, it actually becomes a pearl. Though the drop of water is the same in all cases, the result is different in each case, depending on who receives this drop of water.

People in this world are like this drop of water and in most cases, it all depends on what you want to get out of them. If you choose to be mud, you get mud in return. If you choose to be a lotus, you get bright shining results from people and if you choose to be an oyster, you get beautiful results in the shape of pearls from the same people. Though such a stage is difficult to reach, and it may take you a long time to reach this stage, it can finally be reached. Hence you should start walking towards this goal of having a highly positive aura or a highly positive attitude. Once you start covering more and more distance on the path of positivity, more and more beautiful and amazing rewards will be delivered to you and accordingly you will be in a better position to enjoy life to the fullest, by spreading good things and getting good things in return.

Most people in this world are a mixture of good as well as bad and they will serve as a mirror to you. Hence if you are beautiful yourself, you will see a beautiful picture of yourself in them whereas if you are ugly yourself, you will see an ugly picture of yourself in them. In simple words, if you choose to do beautiful things to these people, they will return them with beautiful things and hence the picture looks beautiful. Even though you may think that this beautiful picture is theirs but in reality this picture is yours because these people are only reflecting the same beauty that started from within you and hence this is your own beautiful picture. On the other hand, if you choose to do ugly things to these people, they will return them with ugly things also and in this case your picture looks ugly when seen in the mirror of these people.

So stop blaming or cleaning the mirror if you are not able to see a beautiful picture of yourself in it and stat recognizing the fact that in order to look beautiful in this mirror, you will actually need to be beautiful and by this time, all of you know how to do it. So start doing it and all the best for this beautiful journey.

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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari