Navagraha Gemstone Pendant

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Navagraha Gemstone Pendant

This theory states that wearing a pendant that contains gemstones for all planets among navagraha may fix all problems of any native. The theory operates on the basis that the energy provided by all gemstones will strengthen all planets in horoscope. Hence balance may be restored in the horoscope and the native may witness benefits in every sphere of his life. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner.

Suppose a malefic combination of Mars, Moon, Venus and Rahu is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Sagittarius and a combination of debilitated Sun and Mercury is placed in the eleventh house in Libra. Malefic Ketu is placed in the seventh house in Gemini, benefic Jupiter is placed in the fourth house in Pisces and Saturn is placed in the second house in Capricorn in Leo navamsha of Dhanishtha nakshatra.

The first house is seriously afflicted by four malefic planets. Moon being the lord of the eighth house is seriously afflicted by Mars, Venus and Rahu. Though this type of horoscope can literally cause hundreds of serious problems; the most serious one of them is caused to the lifespan of the native. It is only due to strong placements of Jupiter and Saturn that the native may survive beyond his age of 20 years or else; such native may die any time after his birth; depending on the finer factors.

As the native wears navagraha gemstone pendant; malefic Moon, Venus, Mars and Rahu gain strength along with other planets. As a result, the quantum of problems posed by this malefic combination may increase further; and the native may not be able to survive beyond his age of 15 years; assuming he wears such pendant around 10 years of age. If the native wears such pendant around his age of 20, he may not survive beyond the age of 25.

Let’s look at the balanced approach in this case. The native should wear Yellow Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald to provided strength to Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Since Saturn is partly malefic in the horoscope, Blue Sapphire should be avoided. These gemstones combined with other astrological remedies may add 10, 20 or 30 years to this native’s life. Hence he may live up to the age of 55 or 60; despite having such troublesome horoscope.

As already mentioned, gemstones can only provide strength to their corresponding planets and they can’t change their functional nature in horoscope. In order to reduce negativity of malefic planets in a horoscope; remedies like Poojas and donations are used. Stronger and more malefic a planet is in a horoscope; more effort and more time may be required to significantly reduce its negativity. In general, it may take 5 to 15 years to significantly reduce negativity of a malefic planet through Poojas and donations.

Back to the main topic; Navagraha Gemstone Pendant is one remedy which may create problems for almost every native in the world. This is because everyone has malefic planets in his or her horoscope. As these planets gain strength through their gemstones fitted in this pendant; they may start causing problems with more intensity. Hence such pendant should not be worn.


Himanshu Shangari