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Heaven and Hell Within
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A saint was passing by a lake when he saw a Scorpion struggling to get out of the muddy water but all in vain. The saint took pity on the scorpion and tried to get him out of the water and put him on dry ground. As the saint picked up the Scorpion, the scorpion bit the saint and in a fit of pain, the saint had to leave the scorpion which again fell in water and started struggling to get out.

The saint again tried to get the scorpion out and the same thing happened again. The process went on and by the time, the scorpion had bitten the saint 8 times and the saint was again going to get him out of the water, the saint heard a voice. He turned around and saw a passer by saying to him.

“Baba ji ( Respected Saint ), I have seen the whole act. This scorpion has bitten you 8 times causing so much pain to you. Then why are you trying to save him, just let him die. A thankless creature like him deserves to die. He is stinging you again and again. When you already know that stinging is in nature of Scorpion then why are you trying to save him ? ”

“For the same reason”, replied the smiling saint. “It is the nature of a Scorpion to bite, and it is the nature of a saint to love, save and protect. If a small creature like scorpion is not quitting its nature, then how can I being considered a wise saint, quit my nature. We are both acting our nature, he is doing his job and I am doing my job and we are both fine with it “.

Moral : Just because the others are not doing good to you, does not mean that you should also stop doing good to them. Just be good and stick to your nature.


Himanshu Shangari