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One bad habit you need to control before you learn to control any other bad habit is to stop copying others because the things that work for people you are copying, may not work for you. In fact, doing that may even harm you sometimes. Copying someone without proper knowledge can cause you disasters. By blindly copying others, you only try your luck randomly and if this is what you want to do, purchasing a lottery ticket on daily basis is a better option. Hence don’t copy others without proper knowledge.

It is common among people to copy lifestyles or habits of certain specific people who may be successful or very successful. However in many cases, such people copying others may get into trouble because they are they and you are you. What works for them may or may not work for you and in fact, it may work against you; and cause you trouble. So don’t copy anyone blindly and if you must copy someone, learn why that habit works for them. If you are holding the same ground, it may work for you also.

For example, if you add blue to a colorless solution, the solution will turn blue. However, if you add blue to a yellow solution, it will turn green and similarly you will get a variety of different colors if you keep adding blue to solutions of different colors. Though you add the same color to different solutions, the resultant color is different in all cases, depending on the original color of the solution. Blue here signifies a habit that makes a person successful. Since you want to be blue, you add that color or that habit to yourself also by copying that habit or by starting to add blue color to you, not being aware of the fact that your original color is yellow and accordingly this blue will make you turn green and not blue, and green may be the color you don’t want at all. Green color in this example signifies problems, troubles or any other unwanted results.

Taking another example, let’s say a person who has a very fair skin, decides to tan in the Sun so that he may look somewhat tanned which gives him a better look. Now looking at this very fair person tanning in the Sun, do you think it is wise for a person with dark or very dark skin to start tanning so that he may also get the same good looks? I know many of you are already smiling while considering this whole scene and the reason behind your smile is that you already know that a tan may give a better look to a very fair person but it will work in the opposite direction for the dark or very dark person. Hence he should not tan, if his only motive of having such tan is to look better. So even though the process of tanning is the same, it can improve the looks of a very fair person whereas it can worsen the looks of a dark or very dark person. Hence what works very well for someone, may not work well for you and in fact it may create various types of problems for you. So don’t copy what other people are doing without knowing whether such an activity or habit will suit you or not, according to your personality type.

Even though I can give hundreds of such examples from practical life, I think the examples given above are good enough to make you understand that every individual is different from the other individuals. Accordingly, different things, theories and people work best for different people. It all depends on what suits you. So don’t copy the style, habit or anything else of another person without knowing whether it will suit you or not.

Before finishing this chapter, let’s take another example from real life to make you understand more and more that you should not copy other people without knowledge. A person has a headache and another person tells him that he also had such headaches and that he took a particular medicine and got well. The first person tries this medicine without knowing anything, and his headache becomes worse and he has other problems too. What has happened here and why has the same medicine caused different results? Well the first person was suffering from high blood pressure due to which he had headaches and accordingly he took medicine to reduce his blood pressure which treated his problem of headache whereas the second person was having headache due to low blood pressure and the same medicine worsened his problem as it further lowered his blood pressure. So learn the moral once again; don’t copy others without proper knowledge.


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