Too Much Complaining 02

Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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Likewise, whenever this child wanted to wear clothes, he didn’t have good clothes most of the time and he had to make do with whatever was available which was far below the mark in most cases, and which caused dissatisfaction again and again. Through all these conscious acts of dissatisfaction while wearing clothes, messages were conveyed to his subconscious mind that wearing clothes is what causes dissatisfaction. All the while this child ate his food again and again, and he wore bad clothes again and again, he kept complaining about such food and clothes and these continuous and conscious complaints kept sending messages of making more and more complaints, to his subconscious mind.

Similarly, this child had to suffer a lot due to lack of resources in many spheres of his life or due to other reasons and hence he felt dissatisfied many times and he made conscious complaints many times. Whether it was; being sent to a bad school; not having all the required books and stationary; no pocket money or little pocket money most of the time; little enjoyment or entertainment like going out for holidays or picnics; being ignored by parents due to most of the attention going to another sibling; being ignored or undervalued by schoolmates and playmates while taking part in studies and playing; always having used cycle, scooter and other vehicles as the new ones were given to elder siblings; wearing old clothes and shoes which were already worn by the elder sibling or many other such reasons, all of them made this child feel dissatisfied and complain again and again.

Such conscious dissatisfactions and complaints towards most spheres of his life kept sending more and more messages to his subconscious mind that no matter what the circumstances or the situations might be, he was only going to be dissatisfied and make complaints in the end. Such great number of conscious messages which came through dissatisfaction and complaints in many sphere of this child’s life, wrote a strong script of dissatisfaction and complaints on his subconscious mind. Accordingly, he started apprehending that most situations were only going to bring dissatisfaction to him and he would only end up suffering and complaining in most situations. As this script becomes stronger and stronger, this child starts finding reasons to feel dissatisfied and complain in most situations because this is what he apprehends, is going to happen to him.

Gradually this child grows old and even though he may not consciously know the root of his problem now, or even the problem itself, he has developed a subconscious habit of feeling dissatisfied and making complaints in most situations. It may seem strange to some people why this person is finding one reason or the other to make complaints about some food item when that item is good, but it is not that strange if you look into the subconscious patterns of this person. He has been finding dissatisfaction in food for a long period of time which wrote a subconscious script that the food brings dissatisfaction, and even though the limited quantity of food or the bad taste of the food suffered by him is gone now, the subconscious habit of feeling dissatisfied with food has not gone.

Hence this person tends to find one fault or the other with food because he has a subconscious habit of finding fault with food items and even though the faults have gone now, the habit has not. Similarly, this person will find faults with most clothing items and complain about them as his subconscious dissatisfaction with clothes is strong and even though the clothes are good now, this habit makes him find some faults and complain about the clothes. Similarly, his behavior of complaints in most other spheres of his life can be explained on the same basis and though an average person may think that this person is making complaints for nothing, this person has actually suffered a lot and the impressions of those sufferings are very strong on his subconscious mind. These impressions are what make him complain in most situations whether or not there is anything to complain about.

It should be noted that this person has to be a weak and overall negative personality in order to suffer from this habit, and this weakness and negativity accompanies him right from his childhood or even from his previous life. This is due to the reason that if this person was strong and positive as a child, though he might have faced many of the above mentioned trouble causing situations during his childhood, his reactions towards these problems, final interpretations of such situations and the messages sent by him to his subconscious mind would have been different than they were in case of a child with weak and negative personality.

This means that a strong and positive child would not have suffered in many such situations and he would have sent different messages to his subconscious mind in many of these situations. For example, this child would either have refused to wear used clothes or shoes retired by his elder siblings and he would have strongly demanded for these items to be new; or he would not have bothered much about wearing these used items and he would have been happy with them. In both these cases, this child had ended up in a situation where he was not left dissatisfied as in the first case, he got what he wanted and in the second case, he liked what he got. So there is no place for dissatisfaction and accordingly there is no place for complaints.

Hence the messages sent to the subconscious mind by this type of child are not the negative ones but they are the positive ones where the first type of messages said that he would not settle for something he didn’t like and the second type of messages said that he was willing to enjoy what he had instead of crying over what he could not have. Similarly, this child would not have allowed his schoolmates and friends to ignore him as he was a strong child and he knew how to make his own place among people and even more than that, how to make people respect him and follow him.

In the same way, this child would have found ways to feel satisfied and happy, even in most of the above mentioned seemingly bad situations and accordingly, he would not have had developed this habit of complaining too much as he didn’t feel dissatisfied many times during his childhood. On the contrary, this child is likely to develop into a person who is positive and strong enough to change many of the seemingly unfavorable situations, to his favor and make the most of these situations even when there is nothing much these situations can offer. This is because this person has put up many fights against the situations he didn’t like and he has won many of these fights by gaining through many of these situations due to which, he has developed a subconscious habit of not being bothered even by unfavorable looking situations as he knows how to make the most of these situations.

Therefore, it is the weak and negative child who is likely to suffer from this problem because he does not have either of the two gifts that a strong and positive child has. He can’t take a stand against things and situations he doesn’t like since he is not strong enough to put up a fight and win, and he is not positive enough to enjoy whatever he is getting instead of crying for what he wants to get. This child is weak and so he doesn’t protest in many such unfavorable situations due to which he ends up getting something he doesn’t want, and this child is negative due to which he feels dissatisfied and ends up making complaints whenever he gets something he doesn’t like. Hence weakness and negativity must be a part of the personality of this person in order for him to suffer from this problem as a strong and positive person is good enough not to feel dissatisfied in most situations.

Apart from this reason of a person suffering a lot during his childhood, another reason due to which a person can suffer from this problem of complaining too much is that, this person may have tried to do many such things in his past, which he didn’t feel much comfortable with and which didn’t end well for him. Due to these repeated failures and repeated feelings of dissatisfaction, this person may have written a script of being dissatisfied and making complaints, on his subconscious mind and hence he makes complaints in many situations.

For example, this person might have been very good at some subjects of arts during his studies but he chose the subjects of science as he saw more professional scope for the subjects of science, due to which he failed miserably in higher studies and these failures left marks of dissatisfaction and complaints on his subconscious mind. This is not just one failure and it is a chain of repeated failures as every time this person feels uncomfortable in understanding science or performing at an exam, a feeling of dissatisfaction and a sense of complaint is sent to his subconscious mind.

Similarly, he might have done very well marrying a girl who had a good nature but instead he ended up marrying a girl who was more beautiful than this good natured girl but who was ill-natured. This marriage might have caused him many troubles due to ill-nature of his wife and he might have got divorced after suffering long lasting mental torture inflicted on him by his wife. All these sufferings and bad experiences send messages of dissatisfaction and complaints to his subconscious mind from time to time, and these messages contribute in writing a script of dissatisfaction and complaints on his subconscious mind.

Likewise, there might have been many other such situations in his life where this person made wrong choices and he suffered due to those wrong choices. These sufferings sent multiple messages of dissatisfaction and complaints to his subconscious mind and they all helped writing a subconscious script of complaining too much. Accordingly, this person develops a subconscious habit of feeling dissatisfied and making complaints in many situations as this is what he has been consciously experiencing and doing for a long period of time.

It should be noted that this second type of person suffering from the same problem of complaining too much is different from the person of first type because the first type of person has suffered problems due to his weakness and negativity whereas this second type of person has suffered problems primarily due to his ability to make poor choices in many spheres of his life. Accordingly, this type of person is likely to cause him more dissatisfaction and make more complaints by virtue of making wrong or unsuitable choices in many situations, instead of suffering due to circumstances or other people.

For example, this person may choose to consume a premium brand of liquor in high quantities just because such premium quality liquor is offered to him free of cost at a party, when he already knows that he can’t handle much liquor and it hurts his health. He still consumes it in high quantities and for the next few days, dissatisfaction and complaints are the only things that follow as he falls sick. Similarly, he may decide to engage in a stylish looking exercise at the gym when he knows that this exercise is too much for him at this stage as he is a beginner and this exercise demands an advanced level of gym training. In this case also, a minor or a major injury may follow and this person has once again given himself reasons to feel dissatisfied and make complaints.

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