Moon Characteristics/Traits

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Moon Characteristics/Traits

Moon is considered as the most important planet in Vedic astrology. Its importance may be assessed from the fact that a number of majors concepts used for various types of calculations are based on placement of this planet in various signs, nakshatras and navamshas. Such concepts include Birth Signs or Raashis, Birth Nakshatras, Moon Charts and Gun Milaan (used for horoscope matching). Apart from them; the concept of Mahadashas (planetary periods) also operates on the basis of Moon.

Moon is considered as a cold, moist and female planet in Vedic Astrology. Looking at its characteristics/traits/significances; it represents mother and the mind among other things. The importance of mother as well as mind may probably never be overstated; since love of mother and health/peace of mind may be two of the most important factors in everyone’s life. It also represents emotions, feelings, care, nurture, love, service, psychic abilities, healing abilities, all bodies of water, nurses, doctors; professionals engaged in hospitality sector and healthcare sector, peace of mind, emotional wellbeing, mental health, family, traditions, agriculture and a number of other things and people.

Moon rules Kapha (water) element. Hence it controls the amount of water in body. This element is necessary for rest and relaxation among other things. Natives who have weak Moon may suffer from problems related to mother, mental health, relationships, emotional wellbeing, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, dry skin, ulcers, anxiety and restlessness among other things. On the other hand, strong and well placed Moon may bless the native with good mental health, rest as well as relaxation; the ability to form and maintain relationships; emotional strength, wellbeing of mother, healing abilities and a number of other things.

If Moon is very strong in a horoscope and Venus is also strong; the native may face problems. Such native may become very emotional and sensitive. He may gain weight and he may suffer from health issues. Such strong Moon in the ascendant can make the native suffer from problems related to water retention. Hence such native may become overweight as well as lazy and he may suffer from frequent coughs and colds. If this planet is afflicted by more than one malefic planet; the native may suffer from serious psychological disorders; along with other problems.

Natives under strong influence of benefic Moon may be loving, caring, emotional, creative, calm, peaceful, charming, sensual and charismatic. Such natives may achieve a lot in their lives; primarily because of these qualities. Female natives may utilize the energy of strong Moon better than male natives. When strong and/or healthy Moon rises in the ascendant in the horoscope of a female native; she may be beautiful and charming. Such female native may easily influence people without much effort; due to charm and charisma rendered by this planet. She may be especially good at influencing male natives.

Taking an example, suppose benefic Moon is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Libra in Sagittarius navamsha of Swati nakshatra. Moon rules the tenth house in this horoscope, Libra is ruled by Venus and Swati promotes marriage among other things. Hence such female native may be beautiful, sensual, charming, charismatic, romantic, creative and emotional. She may achieve success in profession relatively easily and she may especially do well in the sphere of marriage. Such female native may naturally attract good and wealthy males and she may get married to one such male. In this case, Moon casts direct aspect on the seventh house which rules marriage.

The native may witness good results in many spheres of her life and she may not have to work hard for most of them. Moon tends to bless with good results which may come without much hard work. It is considered as the Queen among navagraha and a Queen simply enjoys luxuries and pleasures by virtue of her status. On the contrary, a King (Sun) may have to work hard in order to achieve and/or maintain/expand his kingdom. Hence strong influence of Moon may render good or very good results without much effort; provided the overall horoscope is supportive.

Since it rules emotions; natives under strong influence of Moon may be emotional or very emotional. Hence they may have tendency to get hurt easily; especially by the ones they care for. However, they tend to forgive easily; just like a mother does. Natives under strong influence of this planet may succeed in various types of creative fields. They may also excel in fields like astrology, spiritualism, religion and psychic fields. When such Moon is supported by overall horoscope; the native may be very good at calming, soothing, healing, guiding, influencing and channelizing people.

Moon may be strong or very strong in Taurus and Cancer; depending on its nakshatra and navamsha placements within these signs. Taking an example, it may be very strong in Cancer navamsha of Punarvasu nakshatra within the sign of Cancer whereas it may be strong but not very strong in Scorpio navamsha of Pushya nakshatra within the same sign.

It may do well or very well in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces; depending on its placements in various nakshatras and navamshas within these signs. It may do well or it may perform poorly in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius; depending on its placements in various nakshatras and navamshas within these signs. It may perform poorly or very poorly in Scorpio; depending on its placements in various nakshatras and navamshas within this sign.

Taking an example, if it is placed in Aries navamsha of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius; it may become troubled. On the other hand, if it is placed in Taurus or Cancer navamsha of these signs; it may perform well. In case of Sagittarius (zodiac sign); it may perform better when placed in Libra navamsha of Poorvashada nakshatra. Taurus and Cancer navamshas are ruled by Moola and Moon is not comfortable in this nakshatra.

Affliction to Moon from malefic planets may result in formation of various types of defects. Among them; Grahan Yoga is a prominent one. On the other hand, conjunction of Moon with benefic planets may result in formation of good yogas. Among them; Gaj Kesari Yoga and Chandra Mangal Yoga are prominent ones.


Himanshu Shangari