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If you have read this book thoroughly and have started following it so far, most of your job is done. All you need to do now is to engage in more and more specifically designed activities mentioned or suggested in this book, in order to get rid of whatever negative habits you may have, so that you may start achieving better things in life and at the same time, you may start improving and growing more as a person as well as a soul.

The essence of this book is to spread awareness about the fact that in order to achieve more and more in this life and to be better equipped for the coming lives as well as for the journey of your soul, there are three essentials which you must have. These three essentials are: strong desire to achieve, effort required to achieve and sufficient positive energy in your aura to achieve what you wish to achieve, where such positive energy can be gained by doing more good karmas, by engaging in company of positive people and by visiting positive places.

So if you wish to achieve bigger and bigger things in your life, you need to learn about these three essentials and you also need to master all three of these essentials. Keep reading and following this book again and again as it will keep raising alarms as and when you may develop a harmful negative habit and at the same time, this book will also keep guiding you how to get rid of that negative habit.

Only reading this book once, twice or any number of times is not sufficient on its own and you will need to follow this book practically, in order to get better and better results. I have already mentioned in this book that actions speak louder than words and hence, merely reading this book and getting motivated for some time is not going to do the trick for you. Instead you will need to engage in more and more positive activities as they are the only ones which can bring better and better things to you.

With these lines I will now wish well for all of you and take a leave for the time being. If Lord Shiva allows me, we will meet once again in near future with a new book to serve more value to you, with new guidelines and tips to improve some specific spheres of your life and to make this earth a better place to live. In the meantime, keep doing and spreading good and that good will surely find you. This has never been proved wrong and this will never be proved wrong and the converse also holds, which means if you keep doing and spreading bad, that bad will finally find you or come back to you. So start engaging in good karmas and then nothing can stop you from achieving whatever you want.


Lord Shiva Bless You                   





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