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Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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This journey has once again reached a point where we have to stop it for the time being, and hence I am going to put an end to this book, though it should not be considered as the end of this journey, as this journey will continue, with the grace of lord Shiva.

As I have already mentioned in the first part of this book that reading this book any number of times alone is not sufficient to bring good results for you, and you have to start applying this book to your life so that you may get rid of some negative habits that you may have and you may start living a life which is better in quality and which offers more for other people too.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank all the readers who have not only given so much love, appreciation and support to the first part of ‘Heaven and Hell Within’, but who have also given me ideas for the second and present part of this book, by supplying me with the habits they want me to write about. All the habits and topics covered in this book have been supplied to me by readers of the first part and hence, I thank them for their support, involvement and suggestions.

Though I have covered many major negative habits in this book, I still could not cover many of them as the length of this book didn’t allow me to do so. Many readers have suggested that I should elaborate each topic more than I did in the first part, so that they may have even more detailed understanding of the topic. Acting on their suggestions, I have taken up fewer topics this time and I have elaborated them much more with the help of many more examples from real life.

I may not have been able to cover some habits and some topics in this book, but this is just a temporary stoppage in the course of this journey and it is not the end of this journey. With the grace and permission of Lord Shiva, I will resume this journey in the coming future and I will see you with more valuable content on many other topics.

Till then, enjoy both parts of ‘Heaven and Hell Within’ and apply them to your life to make your life more beautiful and this earth, a better place to live on.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari


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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari