Mechanism of Gemstones

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Gemstones – Magic or Science? (Revised Edition).

Mechanism of Gemstones

Gemstones are among the most powerful types of remedies featured in Vedic astrology. When it comes to produce quick and significant results; they are second only to Vedic Poojas. Their use can be traced back to ancient history of many civilizations and countries. Kings, Queens and rich people used to wear gemstones to get benefits and cast away evil.

Even in the present times, many rich and famous people are wearing them. A good number of people believe that gemstones are capable of bringing them magical results though they don’t know how these gemstones bring about such magical results. So what is the force working behind the gemstones? Are they magic or are they purely scientific devices?

Gemstones are scientific devices and they work on the basis of transfer of energy from specific planets to the body of the wearer. If a planet is benefic but weak in a horoscope, it may not give proper benefits to the native due to its weakness; unless something is done to provide more strength to this planet. This is where the application of gemstones comes into the picture. Gemstones are very good when it comes to supply energy to a planet in a horoscope.

Gemstones work on the principle of absorption and transmission of some particular wavelengths of energy where each one of such particular wavelengths belongs to a specific planet. For example, a Ruby absorbs and transmits Sun’s energy into the body of the native wearing this gemstone. As this additional energy goes into the body of the native, the energy of Sun inside him increases.

Hence if Sun is benefic but weak for the native, it may gain energy through Ruby, it may become stronger and it may provide better results. Taking an example, suppose a combination of benefic Sun and malefic Ketu is placed in the third house of a horoscope in Capricorn. Sun represents the tenth house in this horoscope and this house deals with profession. The third house also deals with profession. Hence Sun may bless the native with professional success among other things.

However due to affliction from Ketu, Sun may not do this job efficiently. Hence the native may not witness good results in the field of profession; despite this good placement of benefic Sun. Depending on the placement of Sun and Ketu in various nakshatras and navamshas within the sign of Capricorn; such affliction may be strong or very strong. It means Sun may become weak or very weak.

Taking an example, if within the sign of Capricorn; Sun is placed in Leo navamsha ruled by Dhanishtha nakshatra and Ketu is placed in Taurus navamsha ruled by Shravana nakshatra; the affliction may not be serious. This is because Sun is strong in Leo navamsha and it does well in Dhanishtha nakshatra. On the other hand, Ketu is debilitated in Taurus navamsha. Hence the weakness rendered to Sun by Ketu through affliction may not be serious in this case.

However if within the sign of Capricorn: Sun is placed in Cancer navamsha of Shravana nakshatra and Ketu is placed in Pisces navamsha of Uttarashada nakshatra; the equation may change. Sun is weak in Cancer and Ketu is exalted in Pisces. Hence the affliction may be serious in this case. As a result, Sun may lose much of its strength due to navamsha placement as well as due to serious affliction from Ketu.

Likewise, Sun may be somewhat weak, weak or very weak; depending on the placements of Sun and Ketu in various nakshatras and navamshas within the sign of Capricorn. Sun and Ketu can form 81 combinations in various navamshas within the sign of Capricorn. Each sign contains 9 navamshas. Hence one planet can form 9 combinations; two planets can form 81 combinations and three planets can form 729 combinations within a particular sign.

Depending on how much strength Sun loses through such affliction; the native may witness significant, serious or very serious problems related to his profession. Since Sun is the general signifier of father; the native may also face problems related to his father’s health and wellbeing, among other problems. The state of affairs may continue like this; unless something is done to provide strength to Sun.

This is where Ruby comes handy. Hence the native may be recommended to wear Ruby where the recommended weight may vary; depending on how weak the Sun may be; due to such affliction. More weakness means more energy may be required to fight the affliction. Hence relatively more weight for Ruby may be recommended. Less weakness means less energy may be required to get out of affliction. Hence relatively less weight for Ruby may be recommended.

It should be noted that if a benefic planet gains much more than required strength through its gemstone; the native may face problems. A horoscope is all about balance and excess of even benefic energies may create problems. Considering the present case, Sun is a fiery planet. Hence it may render energy, initiative, courage, immunity, confidence, aggression and other likewise qualities to the native. The native may witness benefits due to such qualities, in many spheres of his life.

However, if Sun becomes too strong in the horoscope; the same energy may start causing problems. The native may become short-tempered, impulsive, impatient, hot-headed, egoistic, over-confident and argumentative. As a result, he may face a wide variety of problems in various spheres of his life; due to such excess of Sun’s energy. Hence appropriate weights of gemstones should be used. It means the Ruby recommend for the native under consideration should render him confidence but not over-confidence, courage but not foolishness, aggression but not too much aggression, energy but not hot-temperedness; and initiative but not impulsiveness.

Therefore, a Ruby of suitable weight may be recommended to the native. As Sun gains strength through Ruby, it becomes stronger and more capable of fighting the affliction caused by Ketu. As a result, the native may witness better results related to profession, confidence, courage, father and other spheres represented by Sun.

It is like you’re deficient in iron and such deficiency is creating a number of problems. The doctor recommends an appropriate dosage of iron supplement to be taken regularly. You do so, the deficiency goes away and the problems caused by such deficiency also go away. Taking another example, suppose you’re deficient in insulin, which means you have high blood sugar. An appropriate dosage of insulin may be recommended on daily basis. Once you start taking such dosage; the deficiency as well as the problems caused due to such deficiency may go away.

However in both these cases; if the dosage is less than what you require, you may witness part relief only. On the other hand, if the dosage is more or much more than what you require; you may face problems due to excess of these supplements. In the first case; the iron levels in your body may become toxic and they may cause serious problems. In the second case, excess of insulin can make your blood sugar drop a lot; and you may suffer. Hence appropriate dosage is as important as appropriate supplement or medicine. Likewise, appropriate weight of gemstone is as important as finding the appropriate gemstone that you need.

Lets’ look at this equation from the opposite angle. If a planet is malefic in a horoscope, wearing the gemstone for that planet may create serious or very serious problems. This is because gemstones may only provide more energy or strength to their corresponding planets and they are not capable of changing the functional benefic or malefic nature of these planets.

Taking an example, suppose in the same case, the native is advised to wear Cat’s Eye which is the gemstone for Ketu. Since Ketu is malefic in the horoscope and it is afflicting Sun; thereby creating a number of problems; wearing Cat’s Eye may aggravate such problems. Cat’s Eye may transfer energy of Ketu to this native’s body or to be precise; to his aura. As Ketu gains strength, it may starting doing its job with more strength. Since it is creating malefic results in the horoscope by afflicting Sun; the affliction may become even stronger.

As a result, the number as well as the quantum of problems faced by the native related to his profession, father and all other spheres covered by Sun may increase a lot. Apart from that, the number and quantum of other problems caused by Ketu in such horoscope may also increase. For instance, malefic Ketu afflicts the third house in this horoscope, apart from afflicting Sun. Hence as Ketu gains more strength, the native may witness more problems related to the affairs of the third house. It means that the native may face problems related to his profession, siblings, courage, teammates, colleagues and a number of other problems. Hence gemstones should not be worn for malefic planets.

There are benefic planets in horoscope and then there are malefic planets in horoscope. However, a third category of planets also exists. These planets are partly benefic and partly malefic. They are called mixed planets in general. When a planet is a mixed one in a horoscope; the key to calculate the results given by such planet is knowing the percentage of benefic and malefic part of such planet. These percentages may be different in different cases and they are important in deciding whether or not the gemstone for such planet should be worn. Apart from that, the overall theme of horoscope is also an important factor.

Another factor which should be considered in case of mixed planets is the field of impact. It means the spheres of life where the benefic results may appear and the spheres of life where the malefic results may appear due to such mixed planets; should be assessed properly. After that, the particular requirement of the native under consideration should be considered. Only then, it should be decided, whether or not such gemstone may be suitable for the native.

Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better way. Suppose Venus is placed in the seventh house of a horoscope in Aries. Libra rises in the ascendant and Venus rules the first as well as the eighth house. Venus is partly benefic and partly malefic in this case, though the benefic part is much higher.

The first thing to check is how benefic or malefic can it be. Within the sign of Aries, if Venus is placed in Ashwini nakshatra, it may be 60 to 70% benefic and 30 to 40% malefic; depending on its navamsha placements within Ashwini. If it is placed in Bharani nakshatra; it may be 70 to 80% benefic and 20 to 30% malefic; depending on its navamsha placements within Bharani. If it is placed in Krittika nakshatra, it may be 60 to 70% benefic and 30 to 40% malefic.

After that, the spheres which may witness benefic and malefic results should be checked. Venus represents the first house which deals with profession among other things. It is placed in the seventh house which primarily deals with marriage. Aries is a fiery sign and it is full of energy. Such energy may prove good for a sphere like profession as it may bless the native with the ability to do more in this field.

However, such energy may prove difficult for a delicate relationship like marriage since this relationship is not handled well with energy and aggression; and it is handled well with delicacy, care and emotions. Combining these factors; it may be assessed that the benefic effects of Venus may primarily appear in profession whereas the malefic effects may primarily appear in marriage.

The next thing to check is the requirement of the native in question. There may be a number of concerns that one such native may have. Let’s discuss one of them. Suppose due to the overall setup of the horoscope; the native is not able to achieve significant amount of success in profession. Suppose there are no other gemstones which may significantly help this native with professional growth. In this case, the gemstone for Venus, which is White Sapphire, may be considered though with due caution; and after analyzing the entire horoscope properly.

Depending on the fact that whether the native is married or unmarried; the malefic results given by White Sapphire may change. If the native is unmarried, wearing White Sapphire may delay his marriage and it may also cause one or more than one failed alliances or engagements. If the native is young or he otherwise doesn’t wish to get married for the next 3 to 5 years; such problems may not trouble him. Since the native is fine with not getting married or he may not be willing to get married for the next 5 years; this specific malefic result given by White Sapphire may not be a cause of concern in this case.

Hence White Sapphire of appropriate weight may be suggested. The native may witness better professional results after wearing this gemstone.  The native may keep wearing it till the time he has no plans for marriage. Once he decides to get married and the search for a lover or bride begins; White Sapphire should be removed at the earliest. If the native keeps wearing it, he may not be able to get married. Apart from that; he may witness failed love affairs as well as failed marriage alliances or engagements. Therefore, the native may have to remove White Sapphire in order to get married.

As he does that, the professional graph may gradually begin to drop. This is because the additional energy supplied by Venus is gone. It is like you take daily supplement of insulin for 5 years and then you stop it one day. It is easy to guess that your blood sugar levels may go up and you may not be able to enjoy the same kind of health now.

It means White Sapphire comes with a price in this case. It can bless the native with better results in profession but it may spoil the sphere of marriage. Hence the application of this gemstone should be decided according to the demand of the situation.

Looking at another probability, suppose the native is married when he reaches an astrologer for gemstone recommendation; and he is especially interested in gemstones for professional growth. In this case, White Sapphire may bless him with professional growth but the price may be high to pay. If the native wears this gemstone; he may witness good results related to profession but in a year or two; his marriage may fail. Hence White Sapphire shouldn’t be recommended in this case.

Looking at another probability, suppose the native is married, divorced and not willing to get married again. Suppose the native is suffering from professional problems and he wishes to know which gemstones may help him achieve professional growth. The equation has changed again. Assuming that there is no other gemstone according to his horoscope, which may significantly help him with professional growth; White Sapphire may be recommended with due caution.

The native may witness better results related to profession; after wearing this gemstone. However, the sphere of marriage may suffer. It means the native may not get married as long as he keeps wearing this gemstone. Since the native is not interested in getting married; this malefic effect may not prove malefic for him. Good and bad are relative and they depend on a number of factors. The malefic effect is not bad or malefic for this native since he’s not bothered about it.

However, if the same native is divorced but he’s looking to get married again; White Sapphire should not be recommended. In this case, this gemstone may block a desired or highly desired objective of the native. Hence it may prove malefic for him. Though he may be willing to achieve professional growth, he may not be willing to pay the price through his marriage. Hence White Sapphire should not be recommended in this case.

We have discussed only one benefic aspect and one malefic aspect of Venus in this horoscope. In real practice, there may be many benefic as well as malefic aspects of Venus in one such horoscope. Likewise, there may be a number of benefic as well as malefic aspects of other planets among navagraha, in a horoscope. The number and type of such aspects may change; depending on a number of relevant factors in horoscope. The collection of such factors is called the overall theme of the horoscope, or the overall horoscope.

Taking an example for one such relevant factor; placement of Venus in Libra navamsha within the sign of Aries in the seventh house may create the least serious type of problems for marriage. On the other hand, placement of Venus in Aries navamsha within the sign of Aries may create the most serious type of problems for marriage.

Therefore, the first step to be taken is to assess which planets are benefic in a horoscope under consideration; which ones are malefic and which ones are mixed ones. In order to do so, the placements of all planets among navagraha should be checked in various houses, signs, nakshatras and navamshas. Apart from that, the influences of benefic and malefic planets on each planet as well as the overall theme of the horoscope should be checked properly.

Once this is done, it should be seen which gemstones may be duly suitable for the native. In general, gemstones are most suitable for planets which are benefic, stable and which tend to create balance in horoscope. After that, gemstones for such planets may be suitable; which are benefic and which may be capable of producing specific benefic results asked by the native; though such planets may disturb stability or they may go against the overall theme of the horoscope.

In the next category, the gemstones for such planets may be recommended, which are mixed in nature and the benefic part is much higher than the malefic part. However, such gemstones should be recommended only when no other gemstone is available to improve a specific sphere of native’s life, where he may wish to see improvement. Such gemstones should be recommended with caution and their use should be limited to requirement. It means that once the native achieves his objective; such gemstones should be removed. Prolonged use of such gemstones may create serious problems in various spheres of native’s life.

Finally, there are planets which may be malefic or which may be mixed but the malefic part is higher than the benefic part. In both these cases; gemstones for such planets should be avoided, since they can cause serious problems if worn by the native. Only in some specific cases; their use may be recommended with extreme caution; for short periods of time.

There are some beliefs that gemstones for Jupiter and Venus; Jupiter and Mercury; Sun and Saturn; and for other likewise pairs of planets which may be generally opposed to each other; should not be worn at the same time. There are also some beliefs that the second and seventh house deal with death and their gemstones should not be worn. We’ll deal with these topics, in the chapters ‘Gemstones for Opposing Planets’ and ‘Gemstones for House Lords’.

Another aspect that should be paid attention to is the primary concern or concerns for which the native may want to wear a gemstone. Some natives may simply ask for suitable gemstones for them whereas some others may have specific spheres where they may wish to witness growth through gemstones. In the first case, the horoscope should be analyzed properly and suitable gemstone or gemstones should be recommended.

However in the second case, different approach is required. Though a suitable gemstone may give benefits to the native; it may not give all types of benefits. The primary effects of a benefic planet may reflect through the house it is placed in; as well as through its general significances. After that, the secondary benefits may reflect through the houses it rules. After that, it may produce benefic results through the planets it may cast direct aspects on. If what the native wishes to achieve can be achieved with the help of a gemstone; only then it may be specifically suitable for the native. The term ‘specifically suitable’ refers to specific benefic results required by the native.

Though every horoscope may dictate its own rules and accordingly; the application of gemstones may change; the general guidelines mentioned in this chapter may still help; while preparing gemstones recommendations for a native.


Himanshu Shangari