Match Making and Manglik Dosh

Match Making and Manglik Dosh Revised Edition

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Match Making and Manglik Dosh (Revised Edition)

Vedic astrology is a very old and comprehensive faith of astrology. Though some other similar faiths are like streams or rivers, Vedic astrology is an ocean which can provide resources to many of these faiths. I have studied and researched many such faiths like Numerology and Vastu but none of them holds their ground without the support of Vedic astrology. It is the faith which is the backbone of many such faiths.

The fact that Vedic astrology is among the oldest faiths of its kind, also makes it vulnerable to many types of corruptions and adulterations from time to time. Some of these adulterations may be the results of misinterpretations of various concepts of Vedic astrology from time to time. Some others may be there because some scholars may have twisted some definitions, for selfish motives. Due to such adulterations, corruptions and misinterpretations, Vedic astrology may not look as capable and accurate to a number of people, as it actually is.

With the grace of Lord Shiva, I have spent years in researching various concepts of Vedic astrology. It has been a constant effort to find out where and how much, such concepts may have been misinterpreted; and what could be the correct interpretations of these concepts. Though in their misinterpreted forms, most such concepts of Vedic astrology don’t hold ground in real practice of astrology, almost all of them hold solid ground in their modified forms. This effort has taken many years of research as well as analysis of thousands of horoscopes. The results however, have been very rewarding.

This book is an effort to create awareness among the lovers of Vedic astrology that this faith is still as capable as it was when it was born. Various misinterpretations from time to time may have caused confusions related to many important concepts of this faith. Through this book, an attempt has been made to create awareness about the concepts of Horoscope Matching and Manglik Dosh. The concepts like Gun Milaan and Manglik Dosh are given utmost importance for the purpose of horoscope matching.

Looking at the system of Gun Milaan, it pays utmost importance to Moon signs and Moon nakshatras of the natives under consideration for horoscope matching. Since Moon can build and sustain delicate relationships and it represents mind; it becomes the primary choice for marriage. Many of us may not realize but we are controlled by our minds, our feelings and our emotions; much more than we are controlled by anything else. It means if the minds of two people can be matched; the chances of these two people forming and sustaining meaningful relationships increase a lot.

Accordingly, the system of Gun Milaan was devised, to assess the success rate of marriages; based on unique attributes belonging to Moon. When this system was devised, it was believed ‘marriage is a union of two minds’.

Those were the times when people in general had different lifestyles, different needs, different societies and a number of other different attributes; compared to us. Hence much importance was assigned to the fact that the partners should be compatible on the level of mind.

It means primary importance was not assigned to aspects like education, wealth, luxuries, foreign settlement and many other such aspects. The primary goal of horoscope matching was that the partners should be compatible with each other. Those times were more spiritual where peace of mind mattered the most.

The world has changed a lot since then. Looking at the present times; we are living in the age of materialism. Accordingly, the primary needs have changed. Success, wellbeing, prosperity, resources and pleasures related to material domain have become the primary focus for most people in the present times. As a result, the primary concerns related to horoscope matching have changed.

Nowadays, the parents of a female native ask how much money the male will make, how many material resources and pleasures he will be able to possess, will he settle in a foreign country and many other such questions.

Likewise, the parents of a male native have their own questions, most of which are also related to material domains. For example, physical beauty of females has become much more important than their inner beauty which means the beauty of their minds. Hence people are willing to settle for less in the domain of inner beauty; if they’re able to get physically beautiful brides. Physical beauty falls under material domain.

Most questions asked by both sides in the present times don’t belong to the domain of the mind and they belong to material domain. Hence it is unfair to assess the wellbeing of marriage using the same system.

Our needs have changed and accordingly; different approach should be taken for horoscope matching. Whereas the placements of Moon in matching signs and nakshatras can bless a couple with emotional and mental compatibility and that too if the rest of the horoscope is supportive; it simply can’t bless them with all the things they are asking for; in this day and age.

Accordingly, we need to shift our focus away from Moon and towards the planets which are capable of blessing us with the results we are looking for. Hence different and more detailed approach is required for match making, in the present times.

Gun Milaan is still an important aspect of horoscope matching; though it is not the only aspect. Taking an example, if the process of horoscope matching is attempted like a question paper; the section of Gun Milaan may carry 10 out of 100 marks. This makes it an important section but not the only section which should be attempted. Hence Gun Milaan should be considered as a part of the process called horoscope matching and it should not be considered as the entire process itself.

When it comes to Manglik Dosh, it is believed that the placement of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a horoscope forms Manglik Dosh in such horoscope. This defect is associated with a number of troublesome problems related to marriage. However, it may not be so in reality and benefic Mars placed in any one of these six houses may not form Manglik Dosh.

Hence the refined definition for this defect is; if malefic Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a horoscope, Manglik Dosh is formed in such horoscope. Even if Manglik Dosh is formed in a horoscope, it doesn’t mean that the native should face very serious problems. In order to assess the type and quantum of problems indicated by Manglik Dosh in a horoscope; its strength, field of impact and other relevant factors should be checked properly. Only then, it may be assessed whether such Manglik Dosh may or may not cause potential problems.

The strength of Manglik Dosh is checked through the placement of Mars in various signs, nakshatras and navamshas. Apart from that, the influences of benefic and malefic planets on Mars; the overall theme of the horoscope and the running times (planetary periods) may also affect the strength of Manglik Dosh.

Vedic astrology is duly equipped with remedies to reduce the strength of every type of defect formed during Gun Milaan. Appropriate remedies may also reduce the strength of Manglik Dosh as well as other defects which may affect marriage and wellbeing of a couple.


Himanshu Shangari