Match Making for Marriage

Match Making and Manglik Dosh
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Let’s discuss some of the important aspects an astrologer should analyze before predicting a good match between two persons on the basis of Astrology. But first, let’s have a look at a couple of popular methods adopted for Match Making or Compatibility check in the western countries and India.

Starting with the West, Sun Signs are given a great importance in the west when it comes to match making or compatibility check. The concept of compatibility on the basis of Sun Signs has become so popular in the west that even common people are found talking about it and asking questions about it. Like I’m a Leo, Am I compatible with a Virgo? Are Capricorns a good match for Geminis or not? Males with which Sun Sign are the best and Males with which Sun Sign are the worst and likewise which Sun Sign females are the best and which one are the worst. So much talk about compatibility and only the placement of Sun is considered or sometimes the placement of Venus is also considered. And many people believing in this theory only depend on some set dates of every month to predict the Sun Sign of a person and do not actually bother to take a look at the horoscope and check whether the Sun is placed in the sign indicated by the dates or not. And this becomes more important when the Sun is leaving one Sign and entering another Sign. In this case the Sun Sign of a person predicted just by considering his date and month of birth may not be his actual Sun Sign i.e the sign in which the Sun is placed in his horoscope or natal chart.

 And coming back to the compatibility analysis made by looking at Sun Signs alone, this is a concept which uses a very limited scope of astrology which is otherwise a very vast science and has so much more to offer than just one sign. I mean how can you divide all the people of the world in 12 categories and then follow a very simple maths to calculate the compatibility. It simply doesn’t work this way. There are a great number of people in the world having different personalities and characters even with the same Sun Signs. So it does not make much sense to predict the nature of a person or compatibility of a person with the other person based on one sign alone. Each and every planet, sign and aspect of the horoscope should be checked  for their good or bad effects, the strength of the good and the bad Yogas formed in the horoscope and the time of impact of these Yogas should also be checked before predicting match making. I have witnessed many cases where the matches were made on the basis of Sun Signs alone and in spite of being fully compatible according to the theory of Sun Signs, they fell flat as the most important factors ruling Marriage and Compatibility in their horoscopes were not favorable for the couples and some bad Yogas like Manglik Dosh and Kaal Sarp Dosh were present in the horoscope of one of the partners or both the partners. So once again, I would emphasize on the importance of analyzing the complete horoscopes of both the parties involved and particularly check for Manglik Dosh and Kaal Sarp Dosh before predicting any matches or compatibility.

Moving on, let’s now have a look at the system adopted for match making by most of the astrologers in India which is the traditional system of Guna Milaan for Match Making. In this system the natal placement of the Moon is seen in both the Horoscopes and then points known as Gunas are assigned on the basis of matching of the following descriptions in the Horoscopes :

  • Varana
  • Vasya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Graha Maitri
  • Gana
  • Bhakut
  • Nadi

The points or Gunas are assigned out of a maximum of 36 and a score below 18 is not considered good for Match Making whereas the Match is considered better and better as the Gunas increase in number. 36 out of 36 would be a complete match according to this system, and then the Gunas from 35 to 30 are considered very very good, 30-25 is very good to good and then 25-20 is considered acceptable. The system works this way and if the Gunas are a higher number, the Match is said to be a good Match and if the Gunas are a lower number, the Match is not considered a good Match.

But in actual practice this system alone is not sufficient for predicting a Match Making just like the system of Sun Signs. It can be and should be used as a supplementary system in addition to some other very important Aspects which are to be seen and analyzed from both the Horoscopes to predict the match accurately.  We shall now take a look at these aspects of Match Making which should be given their due importance if a happy Marital life is to be predicted.

 First of all, an Astrologer should check whether there are the signs of a happy Marital life in both the Horoscopes. For example if one of the Horoscopes is indicating a probable divorce or a second marriage or in the worst case if it is indicating a long disease or even death of the spouse due to the presence of a major defect or bad yoga like Manglik DoshPitra Dosh or Kaal Sarp Yog then in spite of a very high number of Gunas, the Match is not correct. Then longevity of both the partners in general, the financial stability and future of the earning partner or partners as seen from Horoscope, analysis of any major diseases to either of the partners if there are any, the ability of both the partners to produce a child and general compatibility of both the partners are some of the important aspects which are to be verified properly before predicting a Match Making. If these Aspects are ignored or the Astrologer does not know how to check them properly, the Match Making is not correctly predicted in my opinion.

 I have seen the Horoscopes of many married couples who were assigned a number greater than 25 Gunas when they did the Match Making, yet their married life is very upset or in some cases the divorces had already been filed when one of the affected parties approached me. If the matching of Gunas alone was sufficient, then why did all these things happen. This is because of the fact that the Horoscopes were not compatible with each other on the most important grounds or Aspects mentioned above and in many cases a strong Manglik Dosh or a strong Kaal Sarp Dosh was present in the horoscope. I will explain this concept further with the help of a of a couple of case studies.

 When the parents of a Male approached with the Horoscope of both their son and a girl whom their son was in love with and wanted to marry, it was told after the analysis of the Horoscopes that all other aspects of Match Making were good but the girl should be suffering from some serious problem in the region near her Uterus and due to this problem she may not be able to conceive a child and in future she may face some serious disease in the Uterus region. It was also told that this problem could be controlled or even cured with the help of some specific Gemstones as it was still in the early stages. When the parents of the boy inquired about this problem from some relative of the girl, they came to know that the girl was currently suffering from a serious irregularity of Periods and was experiencing pain and excessive bleeding. Now the girl is wearing the Gemstones and she has recovered a great deal from her previous condition and is getting better and better as the time is going by. And the couple is marrying in the very near future.

 Mentioning one more case of a male who is around 50 and has already married 3 times, with one wife getting divorced and the rest of the two dying with serious diseases due to the presence of a strong Kaal Sarp Yog in his horoscope. And all the three Matches were made by Guna Milaan alone. This male wanted to marry for the fourth time, and was told by me to wear some Gemstones and do some remedies to reduce the effect of Kaal Sarp Yog present in his horoscope or otherwise face the same consequences in the fourth marriage in spite of passing the Guna Milaan test. His would be wife was also told to wear a couple of Gemstones and do some astrological remedies to survive the marriage as this man’s Horoscope was indicating serious troubles in married life, divorce or even death of the spouse because of the presence of a strong Kaal Sarp Yog in his horoscope which was primarily affecting his marred life and due to which one of his wives got divorced (whom I consider lucky) and the other two died with serious diseases. 

To summarize it is advised that match making or compatibility should be predicted only after analyzing both the horoscopes completely, keeping the most important factors to be checked in mind. And each horoscope should be checked for Manglik Dosh, Pitra Dosh and Kaal Sarp Yog in particular.


Himanshu Shangari