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More and more people have become addicted to various types of vices after 1990. One reason for this increase in addictions is that after this time, more and more such products have appeared which have the potential to damage you physically as well as mentally. Though some of them may cause less damage and some of them may cause more damage, they all do the same thing more or less. Be it smoking, alcohol, various types of natural and synthetic drugs, excessive physical indulgence in women and especially in the company of paid sex workers, and all other such things, they all cause damage to your body as well as to your mind. As your body and mind start losing their potential, your chances of achieving good things in your life keep decreasing and there is no doubt about that.

Such vices not only cause damage to your physical and mental health but they also reduce the positive energy of your aura and as a result you start losing one of the three essential factors required for achieving most good things in your life. It should be easy to understand that all such short term pleasure giving things need resources and accordingly they reduce the amount of positive energy in your aura, by spending more and more positive energy to get these resources. Hence you start losing more and more positive energy from your aura which means you start having less chances of achieving success in your life, unless you keep adding more and more positive energy to your aura by indulging in more and more good karmas and you are able to maintain the balance of positive energy in your aura.

An interesting thought may come to the mind that even though we are all told that all such vices cause damage to our bodies as well as minds and at the same time they also reduce the positivity of our auras, why is it so that many of the richest and most successful people use a number of such short term pleasure giving things? How is it allowed to them? Well, such things are not allowed to them either but many of them don’t suffer much loss through these vices due to two factors. The first one is the fact that they initially had big amount of positive energy in their auras and therefore they can afford to spend a part of this positive energy on these resources for a long period of time. The second reason is that even though such rich or successful people are spending more and more positive energy to get these pleasures or resources, they may be simultaneously adding even more positive energy to their auras than they are spending and hence they are able to survive and afford these vices with minimum losses.

To make it easy to understand, let’s take an example of three people. Let’s assume that all three spend USD 5,000 per month on various expenses. Let’s assume that the first person has a monthly income of USD 8,000, the second has a monthly income of USD 6,000 and the third has a monthly income of USD 4,000. In this case, the first person will still be able to save USD 3,000 per month though he spends USD 5,000 per month. The second will be able to save USD 1,000 per month as his income is also greater than his expenses. But the third person will end up suffering a loss. Since he faces a deficit of USD 1,000 per month as his expenses are more than his income, he is likely to make up for this deficit through savings that he may have made in the past, or through other means. As time goes by, the net savings of the first and the second person are increasing though they are increasing at a much higher rate in case of the first person whereas the net savings of the third person are decreasing and a day will come, when this person has no savings to manage this deficit.

It is the same in case of positive energy in your aura. Accordingly, people who have a large amount of positive energy in their aura or people who add more positive energy to their auras than they spend will still be able to maintain a positive balance of energy. On the other hand, the people who are spending more positive energy than they are adding to their auras are surely going to land in trouble, sooner or later. It should also be noted that even though rich or successful people with highly positive auras are able to maintain positivity by means of good karma, they still lose the chance to add even more positive energy to their auras by spending the energy in these vices.

A healthy person can eat lots of sugars but a person with hyperglycemia or high blood sugar should not eat even small amounts of sugar. The reason, once again, is that the circumstances are different in case of different people and whereas some people can do a thing without any problem, some others may land in trouble if they try the same thing.  Hence learn this moral once again that you should not compare yourself with others or copy others and you should only find out what works for you and what works against you and then act accordingly.

Getting back to the vices and looking at some possible treatments for them, there are some types of vices for which you may need to go through de-addiction courses. If such a thing is required, you must get it done. For all other kinds of vices that you can control or quit on your own, even though it may be a difficult thing to do, there are always some useful tricks which can help you reduce and quit such vices. These tricks may include different things, and sometimes, even opposite looking techniques.

For example, if you want to quit smoking, it is not a good idea to quit it all at once as it may be very difficult for you to do so as the level of resistance is more than your ability. Hence you should start by reducing the number of cigarettes per day and then keep reducing from there as you are able to do this practice from an easy level to a comparatively difficult level and so on. However, in case you are a heavy consumer of alcohol, the same trick may not work at all for you and you may need to take a somewhat different approach and here is how.

Those who consume alcohol in high quantities are likely to agree that it is difficult or very difficult to control the quantity of alcohol you consume in a session. This is because, after a certain quantity of alcohol goes into the body, you are not able to control much of anything and you start doing whatever you feel like. This happens because alcohol impacts your conscious mind and reduces the ability of your conscious mind to operate normally and control your actions. Accordingly, your thoughts and actions are not filtered through your conscious mind anymore and you start doing whatever you wish to do or you are not able to control your actions as much as you were able to do before.

For this reason, it is never a good idea to start controlling your consumption of alcohol by reducing the amount of alcohol that you consume during one session because your conscious mind becomes weak after you consume a specific amount of alcohol. As your conscious mind gets weaker, it is more difficult for you to consciously resist consuming more alcohol since you will need the support of your conscious mind to fight the urge for more alcohol and your conscious mind is not as strong as it generally is.

Hence in case of alcohol and other addictive substances that weaken your conscious mind when you consume them, it is a better idea to reduce the number of days of a week you consume such substances. So if you are consuming high quantities of alcohol and you are doing it six times a week, it is better to start reducing such consumption by reducing the number of days per week one by one in the beginning and then build up from there. This way, when you decide to reduce the consumption of alcohol from six times a week to five times a week, on the day which you are off the alcohol; your conscious mind is not under the effect of alcohol and hence it is in a better position to help you in a stronger way.

Another trick that may help beginners make this process comparatively easier is that on the day you have decided to stay away from alcohol, plan something that really interests you or that you really like doing, at the same time when you consume alcohol on that day. This will help keeping your mind busy with something else and since you like this activity very much, you won’t feel much for the absence of alcohol. You can spend your time watching your favorite movie, going out with your girlfriend, spending time on Facebook or any other internet activities, reading a book of your taste or indulging in any other activity that you like doing a lot.

Once you start feeling comfortable with having alcohol 5 times a week and you start feeling that even if you don’t engage in the special activities, it is not difficult for you to stay away from alcohol, you can move on to the next level. Reduce one more day of consuming alcohol. Make it four days a week, now. You already know which factors will help you achieve this target. This way, you can reduce and control your consumption of alcohol or other such substances and bring it to a level that is fine for you, say once or twice a week.

It should be noted that in case of alcohol, you need to control it only if you are using it in excessive quantities, many times a week whereas if you are just a social drinker or you consume alcohol on regular basis but in very controlled quantities, you may not need to bother much about controlling it further. Once again, it varies from individual to individual and you have to find out first, whether the consumption of alcohol is affecting your performance or not and if the answer is yes, start working on it and control it.

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