Manglik Dosh in Twelfth House

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Match Making and Manglik Dosh (Revised Edition 2020).

Manglik Dosh in Twelfth House

The twelfth house of horoscope represents foreign lands, hospitals, ashrams, refugee camps, prisons, sleep, bedroom affairs, dreams, imaginations, fantasies, perversions, mediation, spiritual growth, liberation, paranormal, supernatural, the occult, mysteries, illusions, losses, delays, addictions, vices, confusions, secret missions, investigations and many other things.

Since the twelfth house is a difficult to handle house, the formation of a defect like Manglik Dosh in this house may create problems which may be higher in quantum than the ones created by Manglik Dosh formed in many other houses of horoscope. For example, when Manglik Dosh is formed in the seventh house of horoscope, only Mars may create problems related to the significances of the seventh house and the seventh house may not create any problems for malefic Mars. However, when Manglik Dosh is formed in the twelfth house; this house may also create problems, apart from those created by Mars as well as other planets which may be placed in this house. For this reason, Manglik Dosh formed in the twelfth may prove much more troublesome than the same formed in many other houses of horoscope.

Once the formation of Manglik Dosh is confirmed, the next thing to check is its strength. The strength of Manglik Dosh is checked through the placement of Mars in various signs, nakshatras and navamshas. Apart from that, the influences of benefic and malefic planets on Mars; the overall theme of the horoscope and the running times may also affect the strength of Manglik Dosh. Let’s look into these factors.

Moving on, the influences of benefic and malefic planets on Mars in a horoscope; as well as those of the overall theme of the horoscope and running times should also be checked properly, before predicting the results of Manglik Dosh. These are major factors and they can change the results; significantly or completely. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner.

When malefic Mars forms Manglik Dosh in the twelfth house of a horoscope in Aries; there may be no benefic planet which may reduce the strength of such Manglik Dosh by virtue of its placement with Mars in the twelfth house; without causing side effects or other types of problems. This is because the twelfth house is a difficult to handle house and any benefic planet placed in it; along with malefic Mars in Aries, comes under double attack. Mars as well as the twelfth house may trouble such planet. Hence the overall horoscope should be strong enough to control the damage caused by such Manglik Dosh.

Such Manglik Dosh may create various types of problems related to marriage of the native. Hence the seventh house, Jupiter and/or Venus should be strong and healthy in order to fight such problems in effective manner. Taking an example for a male native, suppose a benefic combination of Sun and Mercury forms Budhaditya Yoga in the seventh house of this horoscope in Scorpio in Anuradha nakshatra and exalted Venus is placed in the eleventh house in Pisces. In this case, the problems related to marriage may reduce a lot. The native may get married at proper age, he may have good understanding with his wife though the couple may argue and fight at times; and he may be able to save his first marriage.

Such Manglik Dosh may also create problems related to addictions, vices and extramarital affairs; among other things. Let’s see how the damage may be controlled through the overall horoscope. Suppose benefic Saturn is placed in the first house of this horoscope in Taurus, benefic Sun and Mercury form Budhaditya Yoga in the seventh house in Scorpio; Venus is placed in the ninth house in Capricorn, Jupiter is placed in the tenth house in Aquarius and Moon is placed in the second house in Gemini in Taurus navamsha of Punarvasu nakshatra. Suppose benefic Rahu is placed in the second house in Gemini with Moon; and Ketu is placed in the eighth house in Sagittarius.

In this case, the overall horoscope may be well equipped to control the damage indicated by such Manglik Dosh, on most fronts. The native may get married at proper age or with some delay (both male and female) and he may be able to save and enjoy his first marriage. He may not fall victim to addictions and vices; and the tendency to engage in extramarital affairs may reduce significantly. Even if the native engages in one such affair; it is likely to be a short term affair and it may not threaten the marriage of the native.

Let’s see what may happen when malefic Mars in the twelfth house is joined by other malefic planets. Suppose malefic Rahu is placed in the twelfth house in Aries along with Mars; and Angarak Yoga is formed. The addition of malefic Rahu may increase the number as well as quantum of problems created by such Manglik Dosh. Hence the native may suffer much more in this case.

Suppose Venus is also placed in the twelfth house along with Mars and Rahu. In general, Venus works as a partly benefic and partly malefic planet for Taurus ascendant type horoscopes; though the benefic part may be much higher. However in this case, Venus may turn significantly malefic; due to strong afflictions from Mars and Rahu. The hostile as well as no-limits environment of the twelfth house may further aggravate problems and it may increase the malefic part of Venus; even more.

This malefic combination is a potential and problematic yoga; which may cause damage in many spheres of native’s life. The involvement of Venus in this combination makes it especially troublesome for marriage (for male natives), health and lifespan. Venus rules the first house and it is afflicted by two malefic planets; and that too in the twelfth house. Hence the scope of damage caused by this malefic combination is vast. Let’s look at some of the problems that his malefic combination may create.

The native may get addicted to harmful drugs and he may develop a number of other vices also. The native may often seek the company of sex workers. He may lose money, health and reputation through these practices and they may break one, two or three marriages of the native; if the native is a male. Such malefic combination may also make the native interested in various types of crimes. Hence the native may become a drug dealer, a woman trafficker, a smuggler or some other type of criminal. The native (male) may not witness much delay in marriage but such malefic combination may break two or more marriages of the native.

Apart from these, Manglik Dosh formed in the twelfth house of horoscope can trouble the native in a number of other ways. Billions of combinations are possible in a horoscope and a change in any factor may change the overall results. Therefore, each and every aspect in a horoscope should be checked properly; before concluding the formation of Manglik Dosh in a horoscope or before predicting the type and quantum of malefic results indicated by it.

Vedic astrology mentions various remedies to reduce malefic effects of Manglik Dosh. Since the type and quantum of problems indicated by Manglik Dosh as well as the type and strength of planets which may try to reduce the intensity of this defect may be different in different horoscopes; general remedies may not bring satisfactory results in most cases. Hence the remedial approach should be specially chosen for the native under consideration. Therefore, appropriate and comprehensive remedial measures should be implemented; only after thoroughly analysing the horoscope.


Himanshu Shangari