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In ancient times, there used to be a person named Shashipal. He lived with his old parents and he made good money from his business so there was no problem of finances. The time of his marriage came and he got married. From this marriage he got a son and he named him SatyaPrakash.

The family of Shashipal was even though financially very well off but there was still no peace and the reason for that was his wife Sulekha. She was a very ill mannered and short tampered woman and she used to give Shashipal, a very hard time. Apart from this, she did not like his old parents at all and she always found excuses to quarrel with them and trouble them.

In the beginning, Shashipal thought that his wife will adjust with time but the contrary happened. In a few years only, his wife took control of the whole household and everyone had to agree to whatever she said or whatever she did whether it was right or wrong. Shashipal had completely surrendered to his wife and her cruelty kept on increasing day by day.

And then one day, she reached her limits as she order Shashipal to get rid of his parents as she did not want to live with them anymore. Shashipal tried to reason with her but she refused to hear anything and forced him to comply with her wish. She suggested him that he should take them to a far away place and he should leave them there and then their destiny will take care of them.

Under complete control of his wife, Shashipal unwillingly arranged for a Paalki ( it was used to carry people in those times ), he arranged for the bearers for that Paalki and he got his parents ready by saying that he was taking them to Pilgrimage ( Teerth Yaatra ). The plan was to leave them at some lonely and deserted place and come back. His son who was 5 years old by then, also insisted on going with the father and he took his son with him and the journey started.

After a day or two, they reached a lonely place which looked like a Jungle. Shashipal made a gesture at the bearers which meant to put the Paalki there and to go back. He wanted to go back quietly without saying anything to his parents as he did not have the courage to face them. As they all turned around and started to walk back home, his son SatyaPrakash said to him.

” Father don’t you think that we should also take the Paalki with us as leaving it here serves no purpose”. Shashipal heard this and he was pleased at his son’s sense of profit and loss even at this very young age of 5 years. He turned to his son and said, ” You will become an even better businessman than me as you have very good sense of profit and loss even at this young age. But my son, what will we do with this Paalki. ”

” When I grow up and you become old, I will use the same Paalki to bring you and mother to this place. ” , Said the Son innocently.

Moral : As you sow so shall you reap. Do not expect your kids to respect and serve you if you do not respect and serve your parents. No matter how many good things you try to teach your kids, it will be of almost no use. Always remember that most of the kids do not learn by your words but they learn by the examples that you set for them or in other words, they learn from your character and conduct. If they see you doing all the bad things, they may very well end up doing bad things, no matter how hard you may try to teach them all the good things in the world. So set good examples for your kids if you want them to be good as your kids are nothing but your own mirror reflections and they will show you, your real image during the later years of your life.


Himanshu Shangari