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You may be wondering after reading the title of this topic, as we have just finished discussing the fact that if you suffer from excessive mental energy, you should avoid learning more and be selective in learning. But as I said, learning is one of the best habits a person can cultivate. It is of great importance and even though it may not be suitable for some of us, it is a must have virtue for most of us.

It is only through teaching and learning that human beings can pass on knowledge, from one generation to the next generation and accordingly, each generation is able to carry on from where the previous generation left. How would it be, if none of the great inventors of this world who have invented marvelous things for us, passed on this knowledge to other people and then to the next generation? If such was the case, each generation would have been trying to invent or discover the same things which were already discovered by previous generations. The reason we don’t have to go through such unnecessary pain and effort is that all this knowledge is passed on to the next generations through the process of teaching and learning.

Learning is one of the most important things we need in order to keep growing and to develop our personalities and for this reason, everyone should keep learning as much as they can, except those who suffer from excessive mental energy as they should engage in selective learning until they find a solution for the release of such extra mental energy. To stop learning is to simply stop growing and to stop growing is to simply stop living. There is no use of human life if we are just getting older but not growing at all and for this reason, everyone must keep learning as knowledge is one of the best virtues one can have.

Some people who suffer from a specific type of negative energy restrain themselves from learning much or learning at all. As a result, they lack the finish and cutting edge that a learned person has and so they start lagging behind in many spheres of life. This is because the world is getting smarter with each passing day and smartness is directly proportional to knowledge, which means that the more you know, the smarter you are. When it comes to knowing more and more, it is only through learning that you can do so and become smarter and smarter. On the other hand, if you have a habit of not learning much, many people around you or sometimes even you start finding yourself lagging far behind most people, which reduces your chances of achieving good and big things in your life, to a great extent.

Therefore if you have the negative habit of not learning much or not learning at all, it is the time to get rid of it. Start learning more and more things and concepts because without knowledge, you don’t stand a chance of achieving anything big in this world, in most cases. So start learning new things and start gaining more and more knowledge as with more knowledge, you can improve your chances of success in today’s smart world and at the same time, you can become better in many spheres of your life.

It is important to note that when you start learning new things and concepts, it is not compulsory to learn heavy or difficult topics which you may think are the only things qualifying for being learned. This is absolutely not true and each and every type of knowledge is useful and so you should always learn things you find yourself comfortable with. Never forget this golden rule – you will always give your best in the spheres where you are most comfortable and accordingly you should start learning those topics only, which interest you the most.

Some people think that one type of learning is better than the other type of learning but it is not always the case. Though some specific professions may be more rewarding in terms of money and fame, each type of knowledge has its own importance at its due place and each one of them is equally important to maintain a healthy balance of life on earth. For example, a person having vast knowledge in the field of IT generally earns more than a person who is a fitness trainer and who teaches others to maintain optimum health to perform at their peak in most spheres of their lives, and to enjoy their life in its real sense.

Even though the status of this IT person may seem bigger to some people, when you are in dire need of a fitness trainer, no one else will do and an IT professional may be the last one you want to consult as you know that many IT professionals themselves may not be maintaining good health. No offence is meant to anyone, but it is simply to point out the fact that people who are engaged in professions demanding high academic qualifications and mental work, until they consciously engage in one or the other form of fitness training, tend to be less physically fit compared to some other people whose jobs require more physical activity than mental ability.

Likewise when you need someone to teach you how to swim, you don’t want to consult a doctor or a lawyer as they are not the best choices for learning swimming even though some of them may be very good at swimming. The correct way is going to a swimming coach instead of going to a doctor or a lawyer. Even though I can quote hundred other examples, I think the point I want to convey has already been conveyed properly. Hence I will stop quoting more examples and get back to the fact that when you start learning, don’t just start learning anything that comes your way or anything that the people around you recommend you to learn. Simply keep trying topic after topic and you will find that there are some topics which your mind grasps faster and better, in comparison with some other topics that you may find difficult to understand. These most comfortable topics are the ones that you are supposed to learn and develop your ability in.

Keep gaining more and more knowledge and soon, you will start feeling that you are getting smarter and smarter and at the same time, you are gaining more and more confidence which is due to the reason that the other name of knowledge is confidence. This is why it has been said, the more you know the less you fear, because fear or confidence, only one of them can remain with you as they don’t like each other at all and therefore, when confidence comes, fear goes away.

At the first level of treating this problem, focus on learning more and more about your topics of interest and don’t bother about putting that knowledge into practice. As your knowledge about a particular topic keeps increasing and it goes beyond a certain point, people around you start noticing your expertise and they start coming to you when they need help on that topic. This is when you get a chance to put this knowledge to use and accordingly you may get a chance to earn money through this knowledge, by engaging in a profession which requires the application of this knowledge. All this will keep coming to you at the right time; without you having to bother much about how to use this knowledge, and all you have to do is to keep gaining more and more knowledge.

Learn this truth that the Sun doesn’t tell anyone that he is the Sun and that he delivers something of great value to all of us. His light alone is enough for everyone to notice and know that he is the Sun. Knowledge is just like light. When you have it beyond a certain point, you start shining like the Sun or like a star and whether or not you know or notice it, the people around you definitely notice it as they are now being continuously dazzled by this bright shining light of knowledge which is coming from you. This is when these people start approaching you whenever they need help on the topics you specialize in and this is when this knowledge starts earning you various types of rewards.


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