Leaving Things Incomplete

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The reason I have taken this topic right after the topic of laziness is that having a negative habit of leaving things incomplete is a specific type of laziness and that is why we are dealing with it right after laziness.

Many of you may have observed that there are some people who are not as lazy as it needs to be called lazy in general, but they have a habit of leaving things incomplete. These people have a habit of doing things in a not very polished and furnished way. They are just happy with doing the core part of most things and then they don’t bother for polishing and furnishing of such things or jobs. For example, you may have seen some people who start a project on work, complete it as much as 70% to 80% or even more and then let it hang for a comparatively longer period of time or they complete this project but they don’t submit it for a comparatively long period of time or when they submit the project, they don’t present it in a very organized way even though they may have made a good project.

Similarly, you may have seen people who are good or very good at cooking delicious food but they don’t bother much about how to serve it properly and in a decorated way like this food deserves to be served, the people who set 2 Km run on the treadmill and then stop at 1.8 or 1.9 Km, the people who get off a machine when the calorie reading is 295 or 395 instead of completing 300 or 400, the people who take up the job of mountain climbing but return from 70% or 80% of the way, the people who have a beautiful house but they don’t maintain it properly and hence things can be found here and there instead of being in their proper places, the people who wear good clothes and shoes but don’t care much about cleanliness and condition of their clothes and shoes, the people who many times leave some of their food uneaten and then thrown to the bin, the people who often forget to carry some very important things with them like a driving license and regret or suffer later, and many other such people.

These people suffer from a specific type of laziness which can be called careless attitude, not finishing their jobs properly or by some other names also. Due to this negative trait in their personality, they become less dependable in many cases and in some cases, it becomes very difficult to deal with them if this habit reaches its peak and you see them doing most things in an incomplete or in an irresponsible manner. Even though some of you may think that this habit is not likely to cause much damage to a person but in many cases, it alone is capable of breaking a good relationship, preventing big things or big achievements from coming to you and causing many other losses in many other spheres of your life. Therefore it is important to take care of this negative habit in due time as otherwise it can cause serious damages in the long run.

Looking at few more examples in order to understand this problem in a better way, most of these people start doing such things right from the comfort of their homes. For example, whenever these people come home from job or from someplace else, they throw their clothes here and there instead of putting or hanging them at their proper places and these clothes keep lying here and there for many hours and sometimes for a couple of days and likewise, they also throw their shoes around and not bother for them until they need them next. If you look into their bathrooms, you will find that many such clothing items are hanging there, which are not worn in bathroom and which have no job in bathroom. You will also find that, there are probably many toothbrushes including old and damaged toothbrushes which have not been thrown out, many bottles of shampoo and other such products where once again some of them look too old to be used and you can simply understand that all such products are waiting to be thrown to the bin, but they are still in the queue.

Now move to their kitchen and you will find that many of the grocery items have not been categorized properly and some of them are not even in the right places. Unwashed dishes are waiting in sink at a time of the day when they should not be there. Some partly eaten food items are still lying here and there in kitchen, which should have been put in refrigerator after eating a part of them, and many other such scenes may be observed. Look at their house and you will find that even though it is being managed and taken care of, but not as often and not as well as it should have been, their car keys are in the wrong place, their cell phone, TV remote and other such things are lying here and there and many such scenes are easy to observe.

As such a person starts engaging more and more in such practices of leaving things incomplete, with each one of these activities, his conscious mind starts conveying message to his subconscious mind that it is not important to complete things or do jobs in their due or proper manner. Once this script is written on his subconscious mind, this problem starts becoming bigger as his subconscious mind starts sending him various types of inner voices whenever he wants to complete a job or task. Such inner voices may once again contain a message like, ‘leaving the taken off clothes on sofa for a while is all right and there is nothing wrong with it’, ‘what is the point in washing the dishes at once when you can do them later on in a much relaxed way’, ‘why do you need to put the TV remote at a proper place when it is just a remote and nothing important’ and many other such messages which tell him not to bother much and to chill, chill and chill more.

Accordingly this person starts to chill more and sooner than he knows, he is unworthy of doing anything big or taking big things to their proper end as he has now developed a habit of not bothering much about how to give a proper finish to all the jobs and he is satisfied with simply completing a part of the job. As a result, this person will start suffering on the professional front as well as on the personal front. For example, if such a person is a tailor and you have given him a suit to be made and then you go to him on the date given by him, you will most likely get a reply like, ‘the suit is almost finished but the buttons and zips are left and that you should come tomorrow or the day after’. This type of answer certainly irritates you and when such things happen again and again, you may decide not to go to this tailor again as in your opinion, he is not a dependable person and rightly so. It is interesting to note that this tailor may have actually finished about 80% of your job by the due date, but just because of his habit of leaving things incomplete, he has lost a client.

Likewise, if such a person is your car mechanic and has promised to deliver your car by 5 in the evening, even if you go to him at 6, he will tell you that either the washing is left or some other small job is left and that you should come back in 2-3 hours. If such a person is a tuition teacher, you will find his students complaining that mostly, he skips one thing or the other from a chapter or a topic and even though he teaches all right, he always delivers less than 100%. It should be noted that most of these people are well capable of delivering good results by virtue of their physical and mental abilities but they have simply developed a habit of delivering less than 100%, which means a habit of leaving things incomplete. This habit makes them less dependable and sometimes not dependable at all. Accordingly, they start losing out on various fronts of their lives.

Looking at the root of this problem in order to treat it, the root as well as the treatment for this negative trait lies in the very house of such people, as this is where it all started from. Hence the same golden rule applies – if you want to improve on big things, you have to start from small things. Start sending signals to your subconscious mind and tell it that you are no longer all right with leaving things incomplete. You know that you can send these signals by consciously engaging in small but specific activities. To start with, make sure that each time you get home from anywhere else, you always put your clothes, shoes, watch and other such things at their proper places before you take rest, or even before you eat your meal, of course if you don’t have a habit of eating your meals in your formal clothes which is one more concern on subconscious level.

As you start writing a new script on your subconscious mind, through this conscious and specifically directed activity, you will start feeling more and more comfortable in moving on to the next level of difficulty as your subconscious mind has now received the new script and it will now start motivating you. Accordingly you are ready to move on to the next level of difficulty. In the next step, start engaging in practices which require that you put or hang the car key on a specific place and accordingly you will choose one or two specific places to keep your cell phone, TV remote as well as the other remotes. You will wash the dishes or organize the kitchen at proper times and from there on, you can start building yourself by completing more and more of such small but very important jobs. Each time you do such an activity, your subconscious mind receives one more positive signal and accordingly, it is willing to put more power behind you when you want to complete your next job and believe me there is no friend more powerful than your subconscious mind, as already mentioned earlier in this book.

As you keep doing these small jobs, and as you keep increasing the level of difficulty at proper intervals of time where the best timing of moving on to the next level of difficulty is when you start feeling that the jobs or tasks of the current level don’t require much conscious effort now, and are being done properly without much of your conscious effort. As you keep doing more and more of these activities, a time comes when you will find that you now have what it takes to give proper finish to big, bigger and even the biggest of the tasks which come your way, whether such jobs are in your professional sphere, personal sphere or in any other sphere of your life. This is when you have got rid of this negative habit.


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To be Continued

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari