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Laziness is one such negative habit which can take away all the good things from you. It goes against the basic law of success which says that in order to achieve success in life, you need three things: strong desire, effort and luck or positive energy. With laziness, one of these three factors goes away directly whereas the other two are weakened indirectly.

Starting with the direct one which is effort and which is directly affected by laziness since laziness is the direct opposite or the strongest enemy of effort. The lazier you are the less effort you put in and accordingly, the less are the chances that you will achieve success in life as one of the three essential ingredients of success goes missing. Without hard work, it is difficult to achieve anything in life. All your positive energy or good karma can only ensure that if you try a thing, you will succeed, but again, you have to try first. As laziness increases, you tend to try the least or not try at all, and so you lose most chances of achieving good things in your life.

Taking examples from real life once again, it is fairly easy to observe and understand that even though most successful people are blessed with good luck, or have tons of positive energy by virtue of their good karmas, they still have to put in their efforts to achieve success. If Al Pacino stops working in movies or stops doing anything for that matter, his money and fame will only diminish with time since he is not working anymore. Likewise, a champion player can only be at the top and earn tons of money, as long as he is playing or putting in due effort. If he stops playing even when he can, no one is going to pay him money or respect. Hence the value of your effort is of great importance. Without effort, you won’t gain anything in life.

Looking at the other two essentials needed for success, laziness indirectly affects the desire factor also, as with more physical laziness coming to you, it shifts to your mind and mentality also and accordingly, you start acting lazy even in case of putting in strong desire for something. This is because, through conscious acts of physical laziness that you have been practicing, your subconscious mind gets this message that you are incapable of achieving anything significant, as you are not willing to put in the required effort due to your laziness.

Accordingly, your subconscious mind starts preventing you from having strong desires also as it knows that there is no point in raising such desires when you can’t put due effort to fulfill them. The conscious effect of this process is a feeling or inner voice, which says, “Why wish for big things when you know you can’t achieve them”? Hence the virus has come through your conscious activities and it has affected your subconscious mind also and the antivirus in this case can also be executed through conscious mind and conscious efforts.

Moving on, the last important factor required for success is luck, good karma or positive energy in your aura and it is also affected negatively by laziness. A lazy person engages in fewer numbers of karma, whether good or bad as he doesn’t want to do much of anything. Accordingly, the amount of positive energy that he can add to his aura by means of doing good karma decreases. On the other hand, whatever positive energy he already has in his aura is continuously being spent by him to afford a lazy life, because even if he doesn’t do much, he needs basic things like food and other things of daily need to survive. Hence the positivity of his aura starts decreasing and accordingly, his chances of achieving success decrease too.

Remember that if you want to achieve significant things in life, you can’t afford the luxury of laziness and so you should stay miles away from it. If by chance, you already have this negative trait in your personality while reading this book, and you want to get rid of it but don’t know how to do it effectively, here are a few effective techniques you can follow.

Before going to the treatment, let’s get to know where this problem actually lives in your body or personality. Through conscious acts of laziness, repeated over time, your conscious mind has given your subconscious mind strong messages saying that you don’t want to do much physical work. Hence your conscious mind doesn’t want your subconscious mind’s support when it comes to putting in any effort. Your subconscious mind has stored this message and it stops motivating you to do any work and on the contrary, it starts discouraging you when you need to put in effort for something big that you want to achieve. Through your conscious senses and thinking, this message may come to you as intuition, gut feeling or fear which says, “You won’t be able to achieve it even if you try your best. So why try even?”, and accordingly you don’t try. You see, even though you think you are smart enough when it comes to following your intuition by not engaging in this, you have actually been fooled by your subconscious mind because of your laziness.

Hence in order to treat this problem, you need to send repeated messages to your subconscious mind through your conscious mind, by engaging in conscious and specifically targeted activities. Such messages will write a new script on your subconscious mind that you are not lazy anymore and you may need the support of your subconscious mind, any time in near future.

Some of you may think that you should increase your will power and start engaging in things that require a lot of effort and then you will be able to treat this laziness. But in reality, you should not do such big things as you are likely to fail miserably. This is because such big things require so much out of you and whereas at the beginning you have all the enthusiasm to do these things, three strong enemies are working against you: the first two are your body and conscious mind, which are both not accustomed to such big efforts from your side. The third is your subconscious mind which has a strong script that you don’t want to put in physical effort at all and hence it starts sending strange vibes to you.

These are the vibes of discomfort and disliking, and they may come in the form of different types of inner voices. These voices may say things like, “This activity is not going to help you much”, “You are not capable of doing it and your body is refusing to put in the necessary effort since it is not capable of it”, “You should leave this particular activity and try another activity which is more productive” and many other such discouraging messages. The last one of the above is a particularly tricky one which will tell you time and time again that even though you are capable of doing big things, the activity that you are doing is not meant for you, and that you should try another activity. You feel great discomfort and leave the activity in order to try another activity but you get the same voices again. This keeps happening and your subconscious mind makes you run from one activity to the other and each time you hear the same inner voice, saying “this activity is not meant for you”. You see how well your subconscious mind can fool you and how wrong your inner voices can be sometimes.

Many of you may have known people who start some activities with enthusiasm and then start feeling uncomfortable soon. Finally, they leave the activity and you will often hear them saying the same thing: that it didn’t suit them, or didn’t work for them or was not their cup of tea. Now you know the reason for this. Your subconscious mind is the strongest friend you may ever have and at the same time, it is the strongest enemy that you may have. Hence always work towards making your subconscious mind your strongest friend and not your strongest enemy because you won’t be able to win over it, in most cases.

After discussing this wrong approach, let’s now discuss the right approach. We know that people who want to be educated start with the first class when they start. Likewise, on your first day in the gym, you only try light exercises, on your first date with someone you talk formally most of the time, and finally a baby starts sitting first, then tries to stand, then walk and then finally he tries to run which takes him years. So why do you want to start with the maximum when you want to improve a strong negative habit? The message is very clear that you have to start from the bottom and not from the top.

Therefore start treating your laziness with the help of small everyday activities. There are two great advantages in doing this. The first is that to do such small activities, you don’t need much help from your subconscious mind as they are small things and you can do them without much will power or effort. The second is that through these small but conscious activities, your conscious mind starts sending more and more signals to your subconscious mind, saying that you have now started working and may need the support of your subconscious mind. As such messages are sent each time you do something that is the opposite of laziness, even though it may be a very small thing, your subconscious mind starts erasing the previous script of no support required and it starts writing the new script of, “be on standby as your help may be needed anytime”.

As a result, your subconscious mind starts giving you more and more strength. The same inner voices change now and they start motivating you. It may now be something like, “come on you can do it” or, “oh it is easy for you”, or “it is nothing much” and other lines like this. As a result, you start gaining more and more mental strength; and mental strength is what you need the most when you want to achieve big things in your life. Isn’t it funny how our inner voices can be both our friends and our enemies but whether they will be our friends or our enemies, is something we only control.

Another thing that is happening simultaneously is that since you start from scratch, which means you start by doing very small things which require very little effort from your body and mind, and then you build your way to bigger and bigger tasks, it is the easiest way for your body and mind to adjust and adapt. This is because you are giving ample time to both of them as you are only increasing the level of difficulty slowly. Remember all those video games which offer you the first level as the easiest one which makes you think that this game is doable and you can do it and so you start playing it. The next level is comparatively difficult but not much difficult and so you are able to adjust and then the level of difficulty is increased in a slow and steady way so that you are able to adjust to the new level of difficulty comparatively easily.

Have you ever wondered what will happen if a game features the most difficult or the last round first? Most people who try to play this game won’t like it as it is too difficult for them and they will run away under different excuses. The reason is the same in all such cases: it is the fact that when you are not familiar even with the ABC of a language, how can you start with writing essays? Remember how all those game shows featuring on television start with the least amount of difficulty and then as the game moves on, the level of difficulty increases?  Hence, start with something that offers the least physical and mental burdens and then start building up from there on.

Let’s discuss a few of such day to day life activities which are small or very small but which can effectively start treating your laziness. Once again let’s look at the root of the matter and find out what it is that lazy people like doing the most and then start the treatment by undoing those things. As most of you will agree that the favorite thing for most of lazy people is to sit on a chair or sofa, and the best thing for them is lying on the couch or bed, and so let’s start from here. It may be surprising to know that if lazy people can start moving more and more from these two positions, they can get good results in treating laziness and here is how to start doing it.

In the beginning, simply make a plan that whenever you are sitting or lying except when you are sleeping in the night, you will get up every ten minutes or five minutes and you will move a few steps under any pretext. You may do so to get a glass of water, to see if the door is locked, to check if the gas stove is turned off or simply to take a round of your house or the place you are sitting or lying in. Doesn’t it sound like a very small activity to treat laziness? Well it may sound small but it does its job wonderfully. Each time you get up and take a round, this conscious activity sends a message to your subconscious mind that you are not lazy anymore and you can get up, move and do anything, anytime you want and this is when you start erasing the old script on your subconscious mind and start writing a new one.

As you master this act of getting up and moving around every time you are sitting or lying, in a matter of weeks or even in days in some cases, you will start getting feelings or inner voices which will stop you from sitting idle or lying idle. This is due to the reason that your new script has started taking place of the old script and accordingly, your subconscious mind will start sending more and more encouraging inner voices to you and the essence of these voices may be something like, “if you are supposed to get up every 10 minutes or even every 5 minutes then what is the whole point of lying, oh it is so irritating and hence you should not do it and you should start doing something else”. And the time you start sensing that a feeling of dislike for lying or sitting idle is building inside you with each passing day and each passing moment, you should know that your days of lying idle are numbered now and accordingly you are ready for the next level which is to increase difficulty or resistance.

At the next level, choose something which is somewhat more difficult than your first task but which is not very much difficult from your first task and in order to do so, let me suggest you a few things. Start engaging in small household chores and start spending more and more time in them. One very good practice for the second level of this treatment is that you should take the job of going to the nearby market and get the grocery items and other such items of daily need. The catch with this activity is that if you have an option, you should always pick a shop or store which is at a walking distance from your house and then you should split your job in such a way that you are visiting this store, two times, three times and even four times a day.

As you start moving more and more and as you start doing more and more constructive things, your body is accustomed to an increased level of physical performance and accordingly the laziness decreases. At the same time, your subconscious mind is getting more and more messages that you will now need more support as you engage in activities that are tougher than the previous ones. As a result, you won’t only get moral and motivational support from your subconscious mind, but you also start getting some guidance.

Once you master the activities in this level, your subconscious mind starts motivating you for the next level again through the inner voices, which once again, irritate you in a positive way. The essence of such voices may be like, “if you are worthy of putting this much physical effort, why don’t you do something better with your life? Why don’t you start putting in all this effort at places where it matters most, so that you may get better results”? This is where the wheel of making efforts starts setting in motion and you are ready for the next level.

In the third step, start doing more things at work. Start spending more time with your girlfriend or wife and do more to help her out. Start engaging in physical activities like brisk walking, running or any other such activity. Start learning something valuable, and start developing a talent or start polishing a talent if you already have one. Engage in whichever one of the above mentioned spheres is the one that you like the most and the one you want to improve first; and you will see considerable progress and gains in that sphere. Remember, for the same effort you put in, in different spheres of life, your gains will be the maximum in the sphere that you like the most.

The reason for such gains is fairly simple. When you have a strong desire to do something, you are more likely to succeed in it since strong desire is one of the three essential factors required for success. Hence it is always helpful if you can get your efforts supported by a strong desire, because now, you will have two out of three required factors, working in your favor. Accordingly, your chances of success are better. When you reach this level and are ready to work on a practical sphere of your life, don’t just randomly choose any sphere of your life and always start with the sphere, that you love the most.

Even though I have given you some specific activities which are likely to help you the most as well as in the fastest possible manner, you have now got the sense how these activities work and treat your laziness. You know that you have to start from the easiest level of resistance and build up from there. So feel free to choose any type of activity for various levels of difficulty which you may find fit for you; depending on the circumstances you are living in.

It should be noted that when I mentioned that in the second step, you should walk to a nearby store instead of going by a car or other vehicle, the basic reason for it was that not all of us have the same luxury of affording such expenses which the vehicle may require in doing these jobs 3-4 times a day. Accordingly, I suggested an activity that requires no cost so that you may not have to leave it on account of unaffordable costs. However, if affording expenses is not a problem for you at all, you can go to the nearby store by your car also.

Throughout this book, I will try to suggest the activities that need minimum resources so that anyone may do them. The second reason is that using more resources only means that you are using more and more of your hard earned positive energy.  For example, when you walk to the store, you use little or none of your positive energy as you are not using resources; but when you start using the car, it does needs resources and accordingly, you have to spend some of your positive energy now, to pay for these resources.


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