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One thing we can’t bring back is the time that has Passed.

After conquering most damaging negative habits like negative attitude and lack of confidence, let’s now move on to another negative habit called lack of discipline, a habit found in a relatively large number of people nowadays as people tend towards indiscipline more and more, these days.

Though the negative habit of lack of discipline is not even nearly as damaging as habits like negative attitude and lack of confidence, it can still cause problems for you in various spheres of your life, from time to time. You may be able to manage your life with occasional bumps and hurdles, even if you have this negative habit, as long as you aspire to do or achieve things only up to a level which may be called the middle level or at the most the upper middle level if you are loaded with many other positive qualities. So if all you want to do and achieve in this life belongs to the middle level or at the most to the upper-middle level, like a good job, a good car, a comfortable apartment, a good looking life partner and other such things and people which match this level, you may not want to bother much about improving this habit even if you have it, because most of you can get all the above mentioned things even without much discipline in your life.

However, if you are aiming for the very top in any field of life, lack of discipline is one negative habit you can’t afford to have. Search through the history of mankind and you will find that all the great achievers in various spheres of life have had a great sense of discipline. All the sports or games you play, the competition at the top level is always the toughest and in order to survive such competition and register a win, you can’t afford to have too many weaknesses or to be precise, any weaknesses, and lack of discipline can prove to be a very big weakness when you compete at the top levels of your life in various fields.

Look into the lives of all the self-made and successful people. You will find that in most cases, these people have managed all their affairs with great discipline and management. Simply try to look into the day to day lives of these people and you will find that they have made rules for eating, working, meeting others, relaxing and for performing other important activities which are compulsory to manage their lives in the best possible way. Seldom will you such find self made successful people who don’t have most things in their day to day routine sorted out and managed in a very impressive and timely manner.

And speaking about time, the management of time is undoubtedly one of the most favorite things among successful people. Effective time management is one of the best forms of discipline and it is very important if you want to reach and stay at the top. Look into the schedules of the most successful people and you will find that most of them have already prepared a schedule for the coming 10 or 20 days, or even longer, depending on their nature of work and on the level of success they have. This is because, at the topmost levels of competition, time is of great value and if there is one thing that all these successful people have less than the average man, without any doubts, that thing is time.


It is simple to understand that most of us love that thing the most, which is our favorite and which at the same time, isn’t available as much as we want. Have you ever wondered why billions of people wait for, watch and enjoy a football world cup or a cricket world cup event? This is because they love football or cricket very much and such an event comes after four or five years, and during this wait of four or five years, the hunger or thirst reaches its peak level. After that, when we get the treat, who would want to miss it?

If one of us gets to be in the company of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt or any one of our favorite stars for a day; throughout the day, it will be one hell of a feeling of joy and pleasure. We will feel like we are flying in the sky. However, if Brad and Angelina spend a day together in the same manner like we did with one of them, their level of joy will not be the same, though they may have a very good day. The reason is that even though they may like each other much more than any of us likes anyone of them, they get to meet each other a lot and accordingly they are not as hungry for each other as we are for either of them, because their hunger and thirst for each other is taken care of, on regular basis.

Hence the things or people we like very much and at the same time don’t get much of them or as much as we want, are of utmost value for all of us and almost no one in this world is an exception to this rule. This rule holds true even in case of a divine hermit or a divine saint who wants nothing else but a vision of his respective lord because his lord is the only one he loves and wants the most and at the same time, his lord is the only one, he doesn’t get to see often, much or at all.

Coming back to the original topic, if there is one thing that most of these successful people operating on top levels don’t have as much as they want, that thing is time without any doubt. For this reason, all these people love their time more than anything else. If you ask a billionaire for help in the form of money, he may not be bothered much but if you ask him for a week or even a day of his life, you are likely to catch him speechless. Likewise, if you ask the Prime Minister or President of your country for a decent job or an election ticket from his party, he may be able to manage it but if you ask him to give you a week of his time, you will find him speechless too.

This is because most of these successful people have so many abilities and talents in them that they can achieve much more than they are currently achieving, if they had more time to do many more things. Since they don’t have that time, they have to make the most of the time they have on their hands. Time is of utmost value when you want to reach the top levels as well as when you want to maintain yourself on those levels. Hence you can’t afford to waste much time if you want to reach and stay on the top levels in many spheres of your life.

Therefore, effective time management is a must have habit if you want to succeed at the top levels of various spheres of your life and if you don’t have this habit, it means you have the other habit which is the opposite of this habit and which is called lack of discipline. This habit is most of the time accompanied by one more negative habit called ineffective time management, little time management or no time management. If you have this negative habit of lack of discipline and low value for your time, you will need to get rid of this habit as you simply can’t succeed at the top levels without getting rid of this habit.

As far as effective time management is concerned, it is not a very difficult habit to develop and most of us can develop this habit without much difficulty. In order to develop this habit, simply start maintaining a schedule for your important day to day activities and you will start having this habit right away. For example, if you are doing any type of job which allows you only two hours of free time in the evening and Saturday and Sunday as free days, start planning your non-official tasks in a way that you may do them effectively in your free time. Hence, instead of avoiding some compulsory home shopping on Saturday or Sunday and then taking a leave or half day on the next Tuesday or Wednesday, for the same shopping, learn to do this shopping during Saturday or Sunday and save yourself from taking an unwanted leave.

Always remember that if you want to succeed in your profession and you want to achieve at the top levels, you will have to put your work before most other things, most of the time in your life. Hence you should not stay away from your work or profession for much time and for reasons which you have created yourself due to poor management of time and due to lack of discipline. A strong sense of discipline in the same situation will tell you to get up and complete the shopping on Saturday, relax on Sunday and then go back to your job on Monday, with no pending house jobs which may affect your performance at work since it is your performance at work alone which is going to decide the level of success you reach in your professional sphere, in most cases. Hence learn to develop a habit of effective time management by planning your tasks and by planning the other important events in such a way that you engage in them in your free time so that they don’t affect your performance at work, in a negative way.

Coming to the habit of lack of discipline, some of you may have this habit of lack of discipline which is nothing else but failing to comply with some sets of rules or codes of conduct in your day to day life. Such rules are generally not very difficult to obey and you can obey most of them without much trouble. Not obeying these rules will certainly keep you away from success on top levels and hence you should start doing conscious effort in order to get rid of this negative habit of lack of discipline. You should instead make friends with the habit of discipline which will come to you automatically as the habit of lack of discipline goes away because only one of these habits can stay with you at a time. Hence, as the negative habit of lack of discipline leaves you, the positive habit of maintaining discipline will reach you or in other words, as discipline reaches you, lack of discipline will leave you.

In order to find some activities for effective treatment of this negative habit of lack of discipline, let’s first look into the root of this habit as the effective solution for this problem will come from its root only, as always is the case. People start developing this habit of lack of discipline when at a point of time they consciously start avoiding some simple rules or codes of behavior which are called discipline.

For example, coming home at night and parking your car on the road outside your house when you have a proper parking place in your garage and you don’t have a plan to go anywhere before the next morning.  Similarly, taking your shirt off and then leaving it on sofa instead of putting or hanging it in the cupboard or other one of its proper place, having your dinner sometimes at 9, sometimes at 10 and sometimes even at 11 in the evening even when you return home from your office at 8 PM on daily basis, leaving the gas tank of your car empty at night when you could easily get it filled on the way home and when this is the only car you have and you may need it at midnight in case of an emergency, not emptying your garbage bin for days even when it is full of junk and you only need to go a few steps to empty it, not polishing your shoes in the evening when you know that you need to leave early in the morning for an important job and you will need to wear those shoes, not reaching for most of your appointments on time, not completing your tasks on time, not arriving at your job on time, spending more than your income, not following a proper daily routine of eating, bathing, working, relaxing and many other such things will all be classified under lack of discipline.

In order to treat this problem of lack of discipline, start once again from the bottom and build your way up from there. At the first level of treating this problem, start putting conscious effort in making sure that you do all the small activities like the ones mentioned above with proper discipline and you will soon start seeing good changes in you. This is once again for the reason that each time you do conscious effort and obey these small codes of discipline, your conscious mind sends a message to your subconscious mind, a message which says, “I am disciplined now”, and accordingly your subconscious mind starts registering these messages. With the passage of time and with the help of conscious efforts, these messages will finally take shape of a new script which will be written on your subconscious mind and from there on, you won’t have to do much effort in order to be disciplined.


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